Casting spells....real?

About a year ago a friend of mine introduced me to one of his friends. This gentleman approached me first by saying he was a Wiccan. I try not to be a judgemental person and have not heard a lot about Wicca so it really was no big deal. I asked him a little about what exactly that is. He went on to explain that it is even himself he explains, that he can see spirits and read people.

He then asks me if I would like a reading. Thinking that this should be interesting, I agreed. He grabs my hand and sorta rolls his eyes up. Then he precedes to rattle off about five things about me. He was spot on with his analysis. I ended up being rather surprised and thinking to myself, is there really anything to this stuff?

So recently, I decided to do a brief search on Wicca to find out more about this religion. First I heard was it is the fast growing religion in Europe (if I am recalling correctly). Next I hear it is a religion where people do what feels best for long as it harms nobody. Then I heard that "magick" is involved....and most Wiccans are particular with spelling magick with a k. The lady I was listening to said that the magick was to be used for the good. She also said that there is not one particular Wicca religion and means different things to different people.

It is said that Wiccans are able to cast spells. When I was in college, a literature class of mine has us studying Voo Doo in the Caribbean. Also in Voo Doo, it is said that people can cast spells. That is two different religions that believe that spells can be cast.

Is casting spells real?



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Johnny, as Greg said... "The power of suggestion", yes it is indeed very powerful!
Like the Placebo effect! thumbs up
Johnny, do you mean are religions real, or a supernatural entity real or what?

People are naturally both curious and also needed, especially in the past, to make sense of things that didn't make sense.
For them in the past, it would have been natural disasters; weather phenomena, etc.

If you can't explain it rationally, and you need an explanation, then blaming it on the supernatural always works

A great additional explanation. And, it adds additional support to the fact that religion has been around for a long time...and for why?

Is it possible that during ancient times...and perhaps into the present...there have been visits to this planet and the people on it? Hence, these visits has allowed us humans to develop "religious beliefs."

Science cannot explain the nature of spells and magic(k).

As well as, science cannot explain a lot of physical things that exist on this planet from ancient times.

A lot of what you say about being dark and dangerous, holds true to what I have been hearing from areas I have looked at about these certain religions. Although, Wiccans claim to use their supernatural powers for the good.

Thank you. :)

Some people dance in my birthday day smile

We know so little... Our minds and our knowledge are so limited. smile

Maybe there are realms that exist parallel with ours or even at the same time and place, but on another 'frequency' and we know nothing about them as well as they know nothing about us. Who knows what kind of creatures live in our universe... Or in parallel universes... There are so many possibilities... If you keep your mind open - you might imagine so many of them. smile

It's the same with 'God'. Humans try to understand 'God', but how can the creation understand its creator? And then - being unable to understand - human mind simplifies or discards the idea altogether.

These are all very very complex topics we can talk about for days and days. smile I don't even want to start! laugh
Totally agree Daniela. thumbs up

Some religions incorporate spells in their religion. So, are spells real?


....otherwise, why incorporate them?
String/Crun.....very interesting.

Very good points. Some say we are products of evolution, while others believe we are products of intelligent design.

We only know and see what we are suppose to. I believe anyway. :)
I think, to a degree it is like a prayer. Some prayers are granted instantly some aren't. So sometimes it's hard to believe. wave

That is a good way of looking at it. A great comparison.

Johnny wave

(Women are more natural when it comes to magic and witchcraft. hmmm )

I hope we continue this interesting topic once I come back from the break. smile

I have seen some disturbing things in Africa. So I won't be too quick to say no its all BS. cheers
I look forward to it Maya. :)
Very intriguing Luke. If it is not real...and I say IF....there certainly is something out there where people in fact do believe it does exist.

I believe in a few the energy left behind when someone dies...lots of spooky stuff in the shadow people...or the grim reaper...I actually saw it...not sure what it was but it was no

Not too sure about casting spells...too scary for me to dabble in never know what your getting into...uh oh

Thank you for sharing your experience in the hospital. I can imagine that would be a prime place for supernatural activity. I have heard of an experiment once in a hospital emergency room where they prove that out of body experiences do happen. dunno Great info L.L.. thumbs up

As far as you do not know what you are getting involved in with spells....I agree.

If it is true, that could be a dangerous and dark path to go down.

If not true, the power of suggestion could have one living a self-fulfilled prophecy.


Even my great aunt got a visit by her deceased husband...probably knew she was needing to see him...6 months later she died...lost without him...she deteriorated quite quickly...

She told my dad about her experience...he told her that life has many mysteries and he did believe her...after that and a few other instances where she lit matches to gain attention...we hired a companion to stay with her...and my older sister stayed with her at night...

Tough to be on your own...experiencing that myself now that Emmycat is dead...blues

Not lighting matches but like to smoke
I think I will be visiting the SPCA soon to adopt another rescue cat...

Smugging is okay energy...with sage and making sure windows are open to allow the soul to not stay trapped in a room...lots of good we can do to help...but no board games conjuring up spirits...uh oh
Lou, I smudge with sage too.

Mainly because I love the smell of it
Spells, blessings, curses, hopes and dreams, it is all the same stuff.

I prefer this version of the song.


It does 't hurt...

Karma I believe...,thumbs up peace

Good idea with the board games. ...from what I hear.

I know how it is to lose a loved pet. Another great idea, there are so many cats in shelters disparate to find a new home. thumbs up

Thanks for sharing L.L.

Thanks for the song Ken. grin


When in

It does smell like potpourri...


Leave those board games alone... wow

Promote good energy...

Good energy is good. grin
Spell casting is very real and is at least six thousand years old, and the general, but most used activities like dancing, music bands singing solo artists etc all originate from spell casting. Lets take the american indians for example. As we all know well is the story of how they did a dance to call upon the sky to create rain.

Well lets break it down there were 3 different spells being casted in unison to help create rain, lets start with the dance. This required a series steps in a certain order and arrangement and the caster was careful to know where to stand. How this was known was by the caster was able to see beyond this world and could clearly see where he needed to step as is passed down from generation to generation because he watched the previous guide who also did this same rain dance. He was once an observer now he demonstrates. So the sequence and arrangement was crucial to the spell, even more important being able to see beyond this world was the base of the cast or otherwise it just becomes another dance routine.
2nd was the drum the sound of it and the pounding of the drum did not need to be in rhythm but it did have a sequence and arrangement also that was parallel to the dance once again the caster was able to see the drums affect beyond this world so he knew how hard to hit it when to hit it and when not to to get the desired affect like binary code of computer programming the same structure applies.
and thirdly there was the chant which harmonized to the cast and not harmonized to a tune that we call in modern terms singing in pitch and rhythm, once again he could see all this occurring in a certain state of body and mind seeing beyond this world.

I know this because I am learning this, however I am only a beginner, an observer.
Very interesting Tame......very happy you shared that.

I just seen a show about magic and it is speculated that it might be part of an ancient knowledge.


spells are an energy vibration they only work if someone can feel them
jimboace1: "will you "(meet us in the ecards)

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