Ode To Emmycat

My best friend Emmycat wasn't feeling well...so I took her to the vet clinic...

She had a mass on her heart and lungs...so I agreed with the vet to euthanize her...

Emmy may you rest in peace and I will never forget you...I truly miiss you and love you...

The joy pets can bring is infinate...and Emmy was a joy to hang out with and loved to snuggle

and play fight...and she loved her kitty treats




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Hi LouLou,. Sorry to hear this, animals can be a real part of our lives.

Hope you have peace soon hug
Iam just very sad at the moment but it is the cycle of life...it sucks...

I thought she was having digestion problems...although her breathing was rapid...lung and heart problems...due to a mass...


Time will heal all wounds...

Thanks Wen...

I'm sorry! To hear about Emmycat..... sad flower
Sad to hear that. I have been faced with similar situation... so I can totally understand.

All the best to you.sad flower

sorry to hear about your cat. I know pets can become very close to us, and it hurts when they pass.

Just keep in mind the good years you gave her and joys she brought you. She had a nice life with a caring wonderful owner.. you.

Thanks...feeling a bit lost without her mooching my food...and play fighting...a great friend indeed...


I am a cat person...and will rescue another black cat again...but it is tough losing a pet...so unexpected...

Thanks for your comment...



I know you lost a pet recently...it sucks to say the least...thanks for your support...it means alot...hug

Scotties kleenix is making alot of money today...just saying...lol...laugh

loulou I won't say I know how you feel but I've had to make that tough decision too.But I'm so sorry about Emmycat.

Thanks for your comment...I chose to end her suffering instead of medical treatments that I knew bore no real hope of survival...sad but sometimes euthanasia is the best option...blues

To Emmycat...she was a dear...

sad flower
So sorry for your loss. I do know how you feel

Yes! The Tissue Companies Makes big bucks Daily. From The Front To The Back......rolling on the floor laughing

sad flower Emmycat
loulou Sometimes we have to do what's best for the ones that we love not what is best for us.

It sucks but I am not the only one out there who lost a pet but writing about her is extremely helpful...cathartic really...my blues will diminish with time...



hug hug hug

No shit...lol...laugh

Emmycat will be cremated and the urn in mother of pearl...she will be placed with the rest of my rescue black cats...love all of them dearly...bouquet

We should invest in the tissue business...wine
Writing is both therapeutic and preserves her memory beautifully

Good to see you...

Light a candle for Emmycat...for her I wish a cat heaven with lots of kitty treats...angel
thumbs up thumbs up
Lou, I remember your cat. You posted a picture to convince me to get one.

sad flower sad flower

Feeling sad is okay but yes...her memory is preserved and I want people to know how much she meant to me...



Yes I love that picture...her in the sink...beautiful black lady cat...she ruled the roost sort to speak...

Cats are great pets...and have a great personality...

Helping homeless cats is good...and they are great company...


Could you send me ken's number by chance?...lost it...

That's Good To Hear! All Of Them Will Be Together.

" We Should Invest Into That Tissue Stuff."

Since That Last Investment!

roll eyes Didn't Get But! $10 and $20, From Robert and Johnny lazy Azzes

My cemetary is growing...but a peaceful and pleasant one...angel

We have to work on our buisiness savy for sure...lol...laugh
You have my condolences, Lou rose
It's incredible how the critters can make a place in the human heart.

The neighbor lady across the alley had a little Scotty.
Duncan was her dog, but he liked to hang 'round with her hubby & me.
It was a guy thing, I suppose.

Sometimes she'd bring sandwiches or such out to the garage when we were in some sort of mid-project.
Dunc mooched. We shared.

He was along in years but very active - seemed kinda puppy-like.
Probably also on account of his small size.
He went very abruptly.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a few tears for him crying

And it goes both ways.
Wife had an exceptional cat...very expressive.
When she was gone, Bart knew the time she'd be coming home and sit in the window watching for her.
One day she didn't come home.
He sat in that window at that time of day for weeks.
I really felt for him. sad

Goodnight, Emmycat. Wherever you are.

Nice 'do, usha love
Very softening & flattering wink


It always hurt when your pets die...hard to get back to being happy...she was my world...a wonderful companion...

But her death was inevitable...and reality of it slaps you in the face unexpectedly...but in my heart I knew it was bad...breathing rapidly...decreased energy and no happy meows at the door when I came home...a drastic change of behaviour...sad but again the cycle of life...

Emmycat will be in cat heaven with those kitty treats...and one day I hope for a reunion...hug
Thank you Mic.bouquet I took your advice.grin
Might be the universe is lining up for you, Lou.
Serendipity, if you will.

Tonight on Coast to Coast am...

"Second Half: Board certified hypnotherapist James Schwartz shares how to use hypnosis to enhance communications with other realms. He's been able to get answers about many fascinating subjects from clients in touch with their guides."

Emmycat might be closer than you think.
I think it'll come on @ midnight your time.

Search - Coast to Coast am
I b'lieve you can stream it if you can't get it on a local station.
It's a call-in program; you might get some help giving her a final farewell.

I am very sad to learn of your loss. You did the right thing. It is a horrible shame that we usually outlive our pets because we love them so much.
Lou, she was gorgeous indeed. I don't have Ken's number. I will write to him and get it for you if you want. hug comfort stay strong. I feel your pain.bouquet
Oh Ken, you saved yourself from a mail.grin bouquet
applause Heyyyy! Ken19
Lou.. sorry for your loss.. sad flower

I'm a cat person too and have some similar memories from childhood.. but the good thing is usually you forget the painful memories and remember the pleasant ones.. hug
Hi Lou,
I'm truly sorry to hear about your cat. sad flower

They are such affectionate animals. It's always easy for people to say Get another cat but no two cats are the same. how old was it?
sad flower
Sorry for your loss L.L. sad flower

Very sorry for your loss....i know how close we can get to our pets.
It must be heartbreaking.

You gave her a good life and a nicer ending than most animals get...you did ur best for her...take peace from that.

sad flower

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