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You do realize without takers prostitution would have died out generations ago?

Most people employed by most companies are human and fallible when away from home on company business. Why, some of the leaders of the free world have paid again and again - Berlusconi being one example where I won't be attacked by half of CS since he was relatively honest about it.

Not sure why you are so angry .... okay, hit me.
We live in a evil and disgusting world.
Biff, with all respect and no malice, sometimes I find you so gentle almost unusually innocent, I certainly envy that. Anyway....all of this happen during/after earthquake-ravaged in Haiti, they were supposed to help (an ONG FFS) and no to take advantage....but they saw their perfect time & opportunity. Google a little please.

We do Track. Haiti will never recovered from that event ....but what the hell, let´s go there and f*ck those b*tches, they are veeeeery needy now! Malditos sean!
Unfortunately, I can't take back what has already submitted at their charity shop in the UK.
Cach, don't confuse "gentle almost innocent" with being a realist and recognising most people are flawed.

As a general rule I reserve my anger and energy for the things I can change and leave the huffing and puffing to the self-righteous Smugs who adore tutting at the world through twitching net curtains.

You're really angry that individuals paid money to those desperate for money to supply something they supply for a living. My question was why?

I could ask why on a recent blog you were enraged by a guy who dated a woman, having told her there was no future in it, and then didn't contact her again. For all we know he realized the date had meant more to her than he intended, and quietly slipped away. She was regretful - you were raging. So - why?

Being volatile and angry feels invigorating because it is hauling up adrenalin but long-term adrenalin is a fight-or-flight survival mechanism. If there is no fight and no flight it has no way of burning off and starts poisoning our systems. More anger, more poison, tighter and tighter patterns, kaboom.

None of my business. Obviously. But I don't understand why anyone would thrash themselves into self-destructive rages unnecessarily, so I asked why you were so angry. No need to reply and you could delete this comment, I won't be offended.

Stargazer, seriously? you would stop all support of an international charity which has done sterling work in disaster areas throughout the world because they employ people not robots? Because their staff didn't abuse their situation to give food and aid for sex but paid for it?

One day the world will be filled with saints. Unfortunately I won't see it because I don't qualify and will already have been terminated.
Yes, seriously 1000% , I will not be giving anything to Oxfam from now onwards for the exact and same reason that, "senior aid workers" following the investigation into the allegations were dismissed and "country Director" was found by the charity to have resulted in serious breaches of the Code of Ethics or Conduct the "country Director" agreed to be abided by and follow as part of the specific job role.

The same goes for the rest 3 members of the specific charity organization who along with the "country Director of it, were allowed by the charity to resign before the completion of the investigation that led to the dismissal of the previously mentioned " senior aid workers"(4 in total based on the specific article that Crunia made a reference to in this blog).

Not "because their staff didn't abuse their situation to give food and aid for sex but paid for it" as asked by you as the reason of my "withdrawal of all support".

Crunia was just trying to protect another young woman in the specific blog you mentioned. That's how I see it and this should be my only and past comment as far the specific past blog is concerned.

It's best, in my opinion, if we stay within the subject of this blog, so within the subject of this blog I would just head to your last comment in regards to the "saints".

" Saints" as far as I know, performed and were able to perform miracles. I haven't seen or witnessed anyone doing any miracles or any miracles in general happening in this world.

Have you? confused
Biff, you are absolutely right, I'm overreacting I don´t know what I was thinking ....people from an NGO visiting a devastated country and taking advantage from people to organize orgys and USE others in disadvantage, is something shouldn´t provoque any reaction in me, it´s totally understandable....we are humans right? LOL

I must learn to be more realistic and tolerant, accept everything I can´t change and grow some lettuces in my garden...Ommmmmmmmm

Oh! and "smash an anonymous girl " who was looking for understanding after believed a guy who talked to her about a new start and a new relationship with her but avoided all contact after kissed her, deleting everything he told her before...yeah! Sugar happens ....I shouldn´t feel anything for her either.

Maybe we read different Biff, that´s it. The world is big enough for both of us. If being the way you are works for you...go ahead, but please, do not insult my intelligence, do not even ask why do I react ....
Thanks Stargazer, I do not have words but ....I would never allow that to stop me.
I won´t give anything to them either...there are so many NGO I can give my 2 cents to, maybe they are the same and I don´t realize about that ever ...or maybe not, but in any case, this shouldn´t have happened in Oxfam as they are supposed to have more resources and better organization to pursuit their goals ....

I followed Haiti event when it happened, I´m not naive and know very well that even in those situations the rotten take a slice but what these people did it was just ...evil.

Posted here the link as it was news in my timeline. No comments and blah blah blah. It was just FYI. Anyway ....

You have a nice day wave
@ Crunia,

If you want to thank me the best way to do it in action is, not to stop.

So, looking forward to reading your new blog whatever the subject or purpose of it(bring awareness/information forward, ask questions and to receive information, sharing of any experiences, opinions etc.).

Nothing should stop anyone from pursuing a good cause, action or purpose whether that is to bring awareness or information about a topic forward or taking any action against any behaviour that they condemn or disapprove of.

A blog is a personal matter more than this, a personal space for each individual & person to express themselves, their beliefs, opinions even their feelings towards a particular situation or topic in a respectful way and manner and, they should feel safe to do so.

Same goes in general , for the comments and, all comments of others.

Well, you definitely received comments...

Just for information purposes or FIY,

Next time, you publish a blog FYI only purposes and don't want others to comment on it, you better disable all for your blog prior to saving and publishing this so , nobody can comment on it.

If you want to disable the comments after you published this, you can edit the blog from the blog settings. head banger

Does not surprise me at all what has happened.

Too many organisations working in third world countries and areas that have been devastated in the extreme are prone to this and far worse.

But if an organisation that tries to cover up this kind of behaviour then you have to ask yourself why? And the answer is not necessarily about losing donors money, or thre fact they have been exposed and found out.
I have no issues with comments, I just didn´t expect "that". I listen to everybody but I certainly do not like everybody and it is not related to agree or disagree, it´s more a matter of common sense and then, afinity.
I´ll always bring my best of me to the table Stargazer wave
Hi Tanqueray joy
I´m sure you have more info than me, I´ve been reading since yesterday but truth to be told I never had any contact with Oxfam, I used to be in contact with small local organizations, Human Rights (Amnesty International) and The Missionaries of Charity, long time ago.
I did read today Oxfam didn´t inform Haiti goverment because they "thought" they could not take any action on that ....
Yeap, as it sounds, I don´t really know how they have "courage" to say something like that.

Thanks for your visit wave
Crunia: I´ll always bring my best of me to the table Stargazer

Stargazer: applause applause applause cheering cheering head banger
peace peace peace
Now i know what you sponsor when you buy the fairtrade chocolate. rolling on the floor laughing

It is always a complex story.
bosses and power almost always have some s*xual edges.

People on paid company trips like to hang loose.

Prostitution is give and take. I don't really think that oxfam people were hiring in the streets or blackmailing against food, but were offered.

If i feel prostitution should be decriminalised here, then i also think it should be there.
Maybe if there service ladies were abused or forced, but i didn't see any proof of that.
I don't get it but some people find it a clean easy job.
No victim, no crime dunno
It is not unusual and it happens wherever there are disasters or refugees. One person has food or the power to arrange things like better shelter, electricity or running water, schedule a doctor appointment, etc. and someone else wishes to jump to the head of the line. A mutually acceptable accommodation is then negotiated and an agreement made.
Hi Len,

I understand those privileges some executives may have, artist used to have it too. There was a time I worked for XXXXX ( the world's leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry) my first week at work my french boss told me about a party (? years of something) a charter fly would come with tons of Moët & Chandon for all of us, he told me I should not miss that party for anything of this world because it will be another one in "petite comité". I did and quit the job.

One night after a show, the most perfect man on earth told me about another party just for a few of us, it would take place at his suite, I went, I saw a big white mountain over an small table, a group of beautiful people (I was a shrek in there...why did he invite me????), it was like if I were in a movie (where the hell they get all of this and I didn´t notice? I was on charge of the show production) ....I winked his bodyguard (I was who hired and paid him) so we both went out of there. Lesson learnt.

It happens, sure it does, those sort of things exist and will exist probably for ever, but NGO, earthquake, poor country, almost 2 million people suffering, no services, etc etc etc and this? come on!!!!!

Proofs? what kind of proofs can we have, you and me, mortals reading newspapers? there is an investigation, some people quit their jobs, we have this info because from all people involved one of them has concious, and it seems his demons were playing with him at nights....

I visited Haiti once, as part of a Cruise for the Caribbean I´ve also spent most of my life in LA....

Girls are asked to let men touch their breast for a piece of chocolate .... once you do that at 10 ...
People taking advantage from others. Using others. Period.
Thanks for your comment wave
Thanks for your comment Ken,
I guess it´s all said in previous comments.
There is a lot more to come creeping out of the woodwork regarding this story. Thanks Crunia.wine
Hope we learnt from it Tanqueray.
My pleasure wine
Man is weak....sigh
Humans are ignorant frustrated
these were not girls of 10 years old.

I dislike prostitution.
But women are responisble for their own bodies. and they have also a right to sell it.
I don't think it was something new after the catastrophy, it was present before that.
Or should people with these lines of profession starve?
And suddenly these buyers are the scum of the earth.

If you have issues with Haiti, then first look angry at the Dominican Republic. They are acting racist and not opening up the borders .... Or just protecting what they have
I have been to Haiti 3x. Admittedly the first 2 don't really count. On the first trip US Marines wouldn't even let anyone off the boat except those involved in getting supplies. On the second trip I was with my parents and they had no interest in heading up into the mountains. The last trip I was bigger. Baby Doc was still in power and your could buy anything, and if it was not for sale you could maybe go see someone Vodou, make a donation, and usually a few hours later some guys in straw hats and sunglasses would drag them kicking and crying to your hotel room. Things are rougher there now.

This is a rough planet, set up as strong eat weak. One can refuse to play the game, become 'meek' but doing so should come with the knowledge strong entities often use the same word for meek ,as they do for food.

Even in the US taking advantage of those in need is not that uncommon, from women routinely forced to have sex with guards in prisons in return for simple things like shower sandals or sanitary pads, to similar abuses in refugee camps and greatly overcrowded immigration detention centers.

I hear tales of the refugee camps on the Syrian border where the suicide rate among women ashamed of the things they have been forced to do simply to get food is high.

In Congo and other areas there have been arrests of military peace keepers for having paid sex with anything over 4 or 5 and younger than 50.

There are indictments of Priests and religious leaders around the planet for taking s*xual advantage of children in their care.

Even Olympic coaches turn out to not be immune to the temptations of female flesh in their hands.

In the US, school teachers and student aides of both sexes sometimes take advantage of the opportunities placed before them. It is safe to presume in other countries too, it is just there, no one talks about it.

I was asked to go with the UN Police detachment during the Balkan troubles (i.e.,, Kosovo, Bosnia, etc.), I declined. I am glad I did. Quite a few of that bunch were later involved for participation in, or running forced prostitution rings where women were literally kept as slaves..

I kind of agree with Len. The women in that news article were not physically chained to a bunk bed in some back street brothel with plaster falling off the ceiling (as Fawn Hall was in Thailand), but made choices. The sex drive in healthy young males is terribly strong. Put them in a position of authority and they will often follow their biological imperative to spread as much seed as is possible.

There exists zero point in complaining about a single organization in a single country with a few bad apples when the problem is both totally species wide and world wide.
Nobody is saying they were 10 years old girls. In fact we don´t know their age, being minors involved is a possibility, not a fact. I said about girls in third world temped with chocolates because that´s how it works some times, I saw it, once you cross that barrier, that´s it. Yeap, we all can do with our bodies what ever we want ...under same conditions, it´s called: choice.

I don´t need to look at Dominican Rep., either any country there, I lived there, visited quite a few. So, ok Haiti, let me ignore you because there are others worst than you?

If you think a charity’s workers indulging in s*xual exploitation and then using its apparatus to shield them from scrutiny doesn’t sound just a "bit" corrupt? it´s ok. I think it´s pure evil. handshake
"The women in that news article were not physically chained to a bunk bed in some back street brothel"
I´m glad you can judge other´s chained level by a comparative from the couch of your house. I certainly can´t do that.

"There exists zero point in complaining about a single organization in a single country with a few bad apples when the problem is both totally species wide and world wide".
Yeap....sugar happens. Let´s give them a prize and don´t talk about that....maybe if we do not complain, inform, protest, making them know we condem this sort of acts speaking our minds up as much loud as we can, all of this sh*it dissapears one of those days ...

It´s ok Ken, you and me are just, different. handshake
Evil is what humans do. That is why the Djinn and Angels protested when God placed them over the Angels and Djinn (Cherubim and Seraphim to the Christians). There exists zero impetus for humans (hairless apes really) to suddenly change their behavior.
I'm still missing the exploitation part. in this dossier.
Oxfam is also not the army.
In the army R&R has to be kept in check.
As an employee of oxfam you are free after working hours.

But a similar thing happened in Tsaad with the same Belgian manager involved. but more a subscription base

My few on prostitution changes after the Berlosconi bunga fiesta. Where 16y or 17y old earned a decent paycheck with the activities with politicians.

People on holiday or work trips can't have sex unless it is by a traditional pick up in a bar?
If a saudi prince uses an escort service in London is that also abusing the lower class?
@Ken, sorry I don´t know anything about Djinn and Angels (in any equivalence) I´m refering to humanity and intelligence. Countless stuff we all have.

@Len, seriously, if prostitution is a choice I don´t have aaaaaaaaany problem with that, all of us sell something, but place yourself in that scenery, check their conduct agreement signed before join the organization, and then have a look at the way all of this was organized....
Cachuchi, I am overwhelmed at the extent of the evils these people has done to a poor country. I agree, though with the philosophy invoked by Elegsabiff that cutting off these needed aid because of the immoral and evil conduct of these people will only hurt the recipients of the aid. However, voicing out our anger and disgust with the way these aids distributor will definitely help in solving the problem.

At the end of the report, I learned that it is being investigated and hopefully it was resolved. That is to punish those culprits and jail them.

Prostitution is of course, a way of life. In some states of the US, Nevada for instance, prostitution is legal. Not that I would ever want anyone to do this for a living, considering the dangers it poses to the prostitutes but that making it legal is far safer than having it done without the law to protect them.

Anyways, going back to your blog, I gather that you are mad, and I am, too. Because it is like these people who were employed by the organization that distribute the aids are the ones who committed these evil acts. Imagine the director has his own hotel room for that purpose. Very unfortunate that there are always those who take advantage of the situation and it seems this is the case.

Very sad.
Thanks for your comment Lindsy, I wish you would have the chance to look at a Burbowski image I shared in my other active blog (What doesn´t kill you ....).

People highly sensitive, emotionally complex (emotions, both positive and negative), feelers, passionate, etc etc etc ....need to manage and understand their emotions but no repressed, ignore or avoid them. Neither let them get into their heart without control because it could have terrible consecuences for themselves.

We are primary mind or heart, for all of us there is a side of our brain that naturally perceives first than the other. Mine is mind, does it mean I do not feel? no, not at all, it means I tend to rationalize emotions, not good since people like me are in risk to lose their "soul" becoming some sort of cold machines but for cases like this (Oxfam) and the way world is, I think it´s a useful safeguard, If it´s managed cautiously, I´m trying, learning ....

I'll say it again, we live in a evil and disgusting world.
Did you watch the video? like it? I love that stuff Track applause
I will go and read it Cach.

I want you to know I am most fascinated by your posts. It is just that I am still working full time, although I would have been retired 10 years ago.

I do learn a lot from you and I will go now and read it.

Track. Yes this is a cruel, evil and disgusting world, but we can improve it, don't you think?

On the other hand, I would surely want us to be more positive, after all life is too short and we can definitely contribute to make it better. I believe, the purpose of Cach blog is for that reason. To be aware of these evils that are correctable, do something about it and voila, a better world.

Thanks Lindsay, I can´t not tell I haven't learnt from you either. I do, constantly, grateful for that.
That´s all about ...today we are here, tomorrow ....who knows, better keep the good stuff we find on the road, grin
but the belgian manager involved in haiti and tsjaad, was already sacked somewhere else for action outside of normal boundaries in another company/NGO.

It doesn't take away my opinion about the bedroom being private.
And people in a state of dire poverty is not about one individual doing an transaction for a day, but about the society/government and also the person self.
handshake Len "the society/government and also the person self"
Crunia, thanks for the fast intervention.

isn't it.
if you are poor here, it is often either of bad luck, bad willingis, or bad gamble, or laziness.
maybe bad partners as well. or other factors a bit bigger than luck.

Haiti is bad because of history in general, but also because of today rulings.
But organising or disbanding the cheap prostitution or getting the 10 year olds of the street is doable in these day and age.
A guy passing a few days there is certainly not any victim, and similar he is not to blame for the entire field, he was never responsible for that, he is certainly not in the right state of mind or field to start questioning if his prostitutes are ethical with fairtrade labels. (at least we now know what fairtrade chocolat means)
We don't even know if he was paying lowest of the low and partially slavery.
I do wonder if he frequents hookers here in Belgium.

but i still believe women should be able to trade their thingys. or men should be able. If i see how women work in advertisement, i can believe a stripper can make easily better income than I.
and in some places and circumstances the person chooses the 'lazy' life.

In Belgium minimum income is about guaranteed and still you find plenty.
some as extra, some as illegal, some pimping for drugs, some for the kick,
and some are not motivated to do anything other to sustain themselves. or to live a standard lower.

Demand is there, supply follows.
In my country handicaps are demanding s*xual favours, paid by state funds.
State should guarantee their human being, sexuality is part of being human.
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