I am so tired of women who claim they want a nice guy, but they are willing to sit on their hands and not do anything about it. They get contacted and written to, but do they strike up a conversation? No. This is just my opinion, ladies, but if you're going to play "hard to get", you'll never get "got".
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I can't agree with you more. I know they get a lot more emails than we do but why not just send a little "No thanks" or something else. I get some that write me first then, after I answer, they don't respond. Guess women are just meant to drive a man crazy. lolfrustrated
Don't dump us all in one basket please.

I respond to every contact, even the scammers laugh

Perhaps you should ask yourself...

What am I writing that warrents no response.


If what you're writing gets you nothing, then unless you change something... You'll keep getting the same response (nothing!!!)

Good luck guys. There's a world of people just waiting to meet you bouquet
I would like to say the same about some guys on here. I want to chat, I dont believe in games, I left High school along time ago and thought that was the end of those games. Just know your not alone, these stupid games seem to be played on BOTH sides of the fence
a f*cking men brother
ive sent out like 20 mails, they never reply back
I only don't like it when a guy just messages "you're hot" or stuff like that, or if they randomly give out their number and email, but I still try to reply
It works both ways ,but I did not realize that men can have the same problem I reply back to everyone but when they give there phone numbers and emails to go off the CS site I might not even bother some I do answer and let know that I am not interested in leaving a perfectly good site just to go to another site and chatconversing and I dont hear from them anymore dont take it personal when people dont reply back you will wear your self outteddybear
What are u suppose to say if some1 isn't ur type and they seem like nice ppl? it would b mean just to say.. "u seem like a nice guy but ur not my type" if ur gpnna get a response like that isn't better to not get a reply at all? if it was the other way around i kno i'd prefer to not get a reply at all!
there is no nice way of doing it really cos some1's feelings will always get hurt :(
im trying to find the right girl one day that can only happen if they write back to me wtf is wrong with women were all best off logging off gettin rid of this account on here and meeting some in person
Try not writin' messages like hey sweety,beauty,cutie,hottie and all such words or a blunt flower to jus' let know that you are interested.... instead relate it to the profile a bit and try talking out.

May be that will work. 'cuz i hadn't replied for xxxxxxxx no of messages 'cuz nothing really seemed to be responded and i chose someone thinkin' to get to know better but 'am discouraged as the person might thing that he's pretty old or may be didn't like to be friends.... Crazy Dynamics but try the profile-relating talk. It might cheers
I take the time to write back to every single e-mail. It wears *me* out.......but I do it because I am honored and humbled that someone would take the initiative to write to me. Sure, they may be writing to 100s of others, but at least I was one of those 100! LOL!

Ladies, here is what I write. It has served me well:

Thank you for your interest. It appears we are not a match. I wish you all the best.

Oh..........and just a caveat........under no circumstances should you say why you are turning the guy down. You will only get some dumb butthurt response. Apparently men don't like to be told they are too short. roll eyes
I think most of the MALES here ,almost 98% of them- at least all that I tried to contact DON'T WRITE BACK .I think it's a point of GOOD -MANNERS;CULTURE,CIVILIZATION.BUT point of the same is exchanging only 1-2-3 messages and .................quit after that. It'd be logically & well-mannerd to respond at least (as an example from me)"No ,thanks you but intellectually you are not my match" or " You are not as beatiful/wellmannered as I wished for my match".....................

From the other side I think that lack of good-manneres is a characteristic of a Scammer also...........confused dunno

This is a really nice and short response!!!.. well thought out girl! Thanks a mill!
If they send msg back asking why they're not a match, can u not respond to that, cos that can lead to some hurt feelings, like u said before ppl dont like to hear that they're too short or whatever?
good points

surely there are etiquette principles to suggest a mere response that 'we are not a match' (as previously suggested above) should offer enough closure

however, contact me & i will respond & I will tell you straight the what & why. (but do not expect timely responses as I am busy)

i would only wish both men and women would be able to have strength to offer clarity and valued closure
Just let me say that any guy who says "you're hot", or "Hello, Cutie", and so forth on a first e-mail (especially if he leaves his phone number or invites you off site), DESERVES a non reply.

That's not what I am complaining about. As some have already said, it boils down to plain common courtesy.

I didn't realize that a lot of women are having the same problem. So I learned something. Guys, gals, show some class. I always write something based on a person's profile, without the pickup line. It shows you are trying to get to know someone. Understand, though, if someone is arrogant enough not to reply, it means that he/she is either meat-market shopping, is on this site because they are bored and not really serious, or simply thinks they are the neatest little trick ever to come down the pike.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.
x1xangelx1x, she as the best reply on the question.
They are telling you no but in a discreet way.
There's nothing discreet about a "no Reply" It's a slap in the face as far as I'm concerned.

Don't worry - it happens here in Oz too.

Like many of the other female posters, I reply to all my mail. Whether with interest or with a "Sory.......wish you well in your search" It's sheer common courtesy as far as I'm concerned.

Go Well, Homeboy!
90% of the women I have attempted to contact never bother to respond. A continuing problem with no easy answers.
I used to reply to every email...and flower, even if it was just to say thanks. However, as the other girls/ladies have remarked, if someone addresses you as "Sweetie", "Honey", etc, even when you've provided your name, I take it that he can't be bothered to learn my name. If this continues, I may not bother to respond again.

I also do not respond to comments like "you're hot", "you're sexy" or "interesting profile" when you have not even looked at it. Comments like this don't warrant a response. Nor do I normally respond to guys who tell me to email or IM them on other sites the first time they write as I suspect they're scammers.

And if you contact me saying you see I'm online so we should chat, or why am I not answering the email you sent 15 minutes ago, forget it!!
lol. please refer to my blog on similarities between dating and interview!!!
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