Happiness is like a butterfly,
the more you chase it, the more it will elude you.
If you capture it against it's will, you will kill it.
But if you set your mind on other things, it might just come and sit gently on your shoulder.

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I've discovered that happiness is most readily obtained by scraping it from the windshields of cars.
And radiators. Especially radiators.

Nice ...i agree.....the same as meeting someone....when u least expect it or look for it is when it is likely to happen.

When I was a kid I chased butterflies a lot. Unlike you, Gentlejim, I found the more butterflies I chased, the more I tended to catch, the law of averages in action, I suppose. One thing I did learn, during those days, is that it is highly unlikely that a butterfly will just come and sit on your shoulder. So. my advice, for anyone looking for happiness, is, don't try to find it using an insect related analogy.
Mic,thumbs up
Mic,thumbs up

I agree with you!

This analogy is as good as any! I have had butterflies land on me!

I might add that happiness can be very fleeting!

Well adopting Emmycat was not planned so fair to say it was a good decision...the pain of loss lets you know how much you cared and loved them...


heart beating
I can only assume you use a floral aftershave. Obviously, as a child, I didn't.

Get a life...lol...laugh

What is with the argumentative behaviour?...

Take a break from the keyboards...scold
This is my life. Without it I have nothing.

An electric blue & purple butterfly daydream I like that.
Well said Lou!wine cheers

Why are you such an a--?

Stay off my blogs!

I am glad that your cat was a special gift!wine

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