Yogya. A Rogue's Life. 11/02/2018

Yesterday I found myself so preoccupied with the intent of improving my photography, I came away from it all disappointed without a single shot and the feeling I hadn't really enjoyed myself because of the belief my pics should be constantly improving by the day. And with that, I realized I would rather take travel snaps and have a carefree outing than get all consumed by the attempt to take great photos with becoming anxious and dejected in the process. Today I would just ride for the hell of it and be damned the quality of the photos..

Rice Rice Baby. And so it was this morning I mounted my trusty metal steed and took to the rice fields for a
breezy few hours with no idea in mind other than to relax and enjoy the freedom of the ride and not having to be anywhere, anytime for anybody. Hold all calls, I may be gone for quite some time.

Elvis the Indonesian Pilot Assassin.Remember the Nicknackatory guy that lives around the corner who nails doll's heads to boards and other cool stuff? I had to pass his place on the way to the rice fields and noticed a new addition to his porch.

Back Breaking Work. I am at this point up to my knees in mud with bystanders again scratching their head wondering why a westerner would jump into a rice paddy to watch two women plant rice. It was damn hot today on the bike, and even hotter knee deep in the mud. These women must have felt it but they pressed on at lightning speed in the mid morning heat to earn their $3 a day. They were cackling away to each other laughing seemingly having a gay ol' time of it. I would have been face down gurgling in the mud after thirty minutes of this work.

Creepy dude. You just get a feeling about some people, don't you? I may be way off on this guy, but he had this weird way about him. He just came and stood alongside me silently without talking, just standing there looking at me, my attempts to ask politely where he was from, what he was doing today....you know, normal socially lubricated open ended questions, that evoked nada, nix, nothing. I can only assume some disability, or he was indeed one creepy dude.

Wonka Coklat. Did I say it was hot? The entire back of my shirt was pasted to my body and backpack. Seeing this milkshake stand in a village between the rice fields was was a welcome relief. I had the Wonka Coklat Classic and it was delish.

Benz Art. Of course you would expect to see a Mercedes Benz in the rice fields parked out the front of a house covered in air brush paintings. Indonesia is full of surprises.

Uncle. I stopped to get some bits and pieces back in town when I asked a guy to get a pic because I liked his hat. This guy has one of those faces that welcomes you in. He reminds me of that Uncle everyone has that they see at family gatherings who is so much fun they wonder why they don't make an effort to see him more often.

Comments (25)

Any food you found strange so far in wherever you were, TokyoRogue?
Kal - still can't eat chicken feet.laugh

Sweet Ride.

Just as Sweet.
I always follow your blogs with interest. smile

Keep having fun! wave
Maya - Hey Maya. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.wave
The moustache doesn't help his creepiness-factor.

Take pics as you see them. Trying to get them technically right iven ruins the moment.
Recently my route into town has been closed for repairs, so taking the long way round I couldn't help but notice a Merc parked outside a fruit packing factory, painted completely in army camouflage wow

Yesterday looking for a secondhand car locally I saw a Vespa very similar to the grey one in your pics, 6,995 euros wow they've got up a bit since the 60's.

Don't think you need worry about your pics, that paddy field one to me is perfect, summing up the soul destroying length of the field moping help
My niece cannot eat chicken feet either. She is a midwife. To her, the feet look like new born baby fingers. grin
"Don't think you need worry about your pics, that paddy field one to me is perfect, summing up the soul destroying length of the field"

Thanks, Z for getting it.
Very nice blog. Good pictures too. Reminds me of my last trip to the Caribbean a decade ago. I cheated and put a 32 gig SD chip in the camera so I didn't have to worry about composition, under the theory if you take enough pictures, some of them will be worth keeping. Electronics has really liberated things since the film days. I remember lugging my Bronica with only 3 rolls of 120 out to West Virginia coal mine country once with each photo taken balanced against the budget available for development of the image if I took the shot. Very restricting. So much nicer when we don't have to deal with the headaches of film and development costs.
Thanks Ken. I agree technology is now at the point where even a fifty dollar smartphone like the one I'm using will occasionally give up a reasonable pic to a newbie.
Hi Tokyo....
Regarding the guy "I can only assume some disability"....check his eyes, he was not there Bro, he was lost somewhere else. Good, bad? who knows but I´m sure he was unattainable when you took your pic....
Going to get another coffee, read your blog slowly and get back to mine (don´t want but...have to)
Smooches smitten
crunia - I tend to agree with the disability prognosis. It was still a bit creepy. Enjoy your coffee and tend to your blog garden. They're like little social gardens of social CS potential thumbs up
Your blogs are my Nirvana, Toks-io.

Dee - It gives me enormous pleasure to think you are given to a transcendent state of being because of my simple ramblings. Between you, non and Gertrude (Molly) a man might have to make Ireland high on his priorities for his next destination.

When is this all coming to an end so i can prepare myself??.
Flying back to Australia on March 14th, so i guess that will be the end of this blog jaunt. Then I have 12 weeks or so to scrape some cash together before six months in India. I'm sure you'll be sustained by those that come after me until then.
Nothing has sustained me on here like your blogs and Cats blogs....

Wish u continued health happiness and safety.

thumbs up bouquet
I don't want safety. I want adventure.

"... throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." That rather persistent mark Twain, again.
How true that is.

I was thinking more like...the ability to run faster than a hungry Lion safe....

Ya know. wink
Having you on one's a** would be intimidating, I think.
Gotta sleep. The heroine's kicking in.
Intimidating is a new word.

Theres plenty more u could have used that would suit better

Ngt Tokyo
Stop calling me Gertrude, ya eejit mumbling

jarred1: "Life Is Life ("(meet us in the blogs)

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