Bump in the night

This is my Ginger, A rescue cat. When things go bump in the night here, it is usually (but not always) her. laugh

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Where is her soul mate?
You seem to give him less "price".
Herb sleeps. When Ginger is feeling playful he just snores until she pokes him. Then he opens one eye, looks at her, then closes that eye and resumes snoring. So she chases imaginary butterflies instead..

Someone at work suggested a cat from a breeder...700 dollars apiece...wow

I think that is totally outragous but she paid for two kittens 700 dollars apiece...

Like the idea of a rescue cat...like Emmy...not free but more of a challenge to love because my gal had issues...I am looking now at the spca for black cats who need a home...my house is too quiet...sigh
you are a lucky person to have her. she is very lucky to find you. That's all we want


Cannot stand the quiet...lol...laugh

Looking soon...a bump in the night...thumbs up


Lovely addition...

laugh Wonder what it is if it is not her. confused laugh
That Colt Peacemaker (1902 manufacture) is for the times it may not be hee. :)
laugh Ken.
Hi Ken,
I won't blame Herb. He learned it from his master! laugh
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