Some People!

I’m very even tempered; always the same. When somebody or something pissed me off, I don’t take it out on the next person and I cannot understand why some people are like that.confused

My neighbor's wife is one of those. Generally she is very sweet and we get along well. I have entertained them a few times and go there sometimes as well. I think we can consider us friends. But every now and again she gets into a bad mood and then she is the unpleasantness in person. very mad

Yesterday afternoon when we came from the beach, my neighbor's wife was in the garden and when I greeted her, she ignored me. I repeated my greeting but she promptly turned around and went into the house. I opened my house door for my guests, asked them to excuse me for few minutes and walked around to my neighbor's place. mumbling

She opened the door and I spotted her husband standing a few yards behind her making some gestures towards me that I translated as ‘run for the hills’. I was not going to take such advice. uh oh

I greeted her again and asked her why she does not want to greet me. She said that she can greet whoever she wants. I agreed with her but added that then she should be consistent so I don’t waste my time greeting people who don’t want to greet me. Her husband still stood at the back grinning and covering his head with his arms as if expecting a nuclear detonation. I had trouble keeping my face straight. Sorry, she said, she’s not feeling well. I’m sorry too, I thought but left it at that. To rub my misgivings in a bit, I greeted her again and she managed a weak smile and greeted me back. Fourth time lucky!applause

Later, after my other two guests have departed, I relayed the story to my girlfriend and she suggested PMS. I have heard a lot of this ‘evil spirit’ that possesses women at times but cannot always understand it. I can understand that it leaves the host irritated and frustrated but is it really reason to be rude to people who you have a good relationship with?dunno
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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy it!wave

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Art will tell me, " Honey, I know the time of the month is near so........."

He's good at tracking them dates!! laugh
Hi Mimi
Are you telling me that your Arty reminds you that it is getting time to be nasty again? No, I don't believe you can get nasty. Not all women are like that. Maybe it affects some women more than other. But we don't even know if this was a case of PMS. Maybe she just gets nasty some times.laugh
Hi Catfoot..
Whenever I am single, I don't have that PMS-Syndrome. But I don't know why, when I was in relationship, somehow I had it. I became sensitive when my man provoked a certain issue. We usually had a fight then. laugh
Hi Kal
Maybe it is not PMS at all. Maybe you just like to fight with men.hole

It would explain your normal behavior when you have nobody to fight with.rolling on the floor laughing
Whenever I'm being unreasonable, bitchy or cranky, he'd remind me that it's the time of the month agin and he then said, "That's ok, I understand...."


Kal laugh laugh laugh
Drama queen!! grin
I have company this morning and I'll be on and off all the time. Now I have to make breakfast.

Don't be shy to comment, Tell me what is bothering you and I'll tell you how to do without it.laugh
There goes my bubble. I thought you never goes bitchy.laugh
Catfoot!! rolling on the floor laughing

MiMi's a blardy mean b*tch!

Art realised that too late, wayyyyy too late! devil
I only fought with my man, not with other men. I don't know, maybe because I expected him to stand by side when someone tried to offend me which coincidentally happened usually around that time. grin
Or maybe because he and I are from different cultures so we have different view points. I don't know. hug

Mee? Drama Queeeeenn??
No waaayyyy!! yay laugh
That is the problem! We normally realize it too late. But that is our strategy, Lower the shoulders, shout 'Cover me' and charge! Think about it later and hope there is a woman around to dress our wounds.laugh
Hi cal
But you can't expect him to lay his neck on the block because you are oversensitive at time. I mean we are also just flesh and bone. Very delicate creatures we are. rolling on the floor laughing
@ Catfoot,

Who knows why's that really? Believe me Catfoot, you don't want to go through any hormonal changes and, PMS. They can definitely drive a woman mad that's for sure and, you should definitely "run for the hills" in this case.

It has nothing to do with "possessed by evil spirit" but, hormonal changes but, is it really the case?

Maybe she got possessed by the evil of jealousy about your new girlfriend, you being able to find one and you being happy.

The "evil spirit" of jealousy is definitely much worse and more long lasting than the "evil spirit" of PMS.

devil innocent
confused What is it, with you and neighbors?
A neighbor thinking that you are homeless person. And a neighbor that didn't want to speak to you.conversing:
Hi Star,
No, she's 20 years my junior and not interested in me at all. A woman with me is not a too unusual sight and has never triggered something like this. She was just plain and simple rude.

I don't really think it is an evil spirit; that is why I put it between quotes but I still don't think it is a reason to be rude. It cost nothing to return a greeting, especially when it comes from somebody you talk to every day.
Hi Angel,
Hmm, it makes one think. Mind you, I have once been described as eccentric. There may have been something to it.laugh
It's A Sign!.....rolling on the floor laughing
Yes, the end of the world is near.grin
Oh well, I better stop talking about he and I and our relationship and our expectations right here. It will go no where anyway. grin

Have a good day, Catfoot. hug
Hi Kal
Ok, bye then.wave

Oh I still wanted to ask if this was the Turkish guy you mentioned a few times in the past; well is it?grin
Hi Catfoot,
Just as a matter of interest, how old is the lady next door?

It’s a delicate subject to talk about here, but PMT has been a feature in my relationship(s) for quite a long time and has really created tension and no doubt contributed to my marriage split.

However, another key factor has also been the big M..the menopause. This has been hell for me and unfortunately it seems that with some poor ladies, it can go on for years.
It is obviously hard for ladies to deal with it and control it and I sympathise with them.

When it becomes a combination of PMT and menopause together, it really can be a hard time for a couple and friends and family involved too.
It is often said ( usually by women) that us men are lucky, we don’t have to go through the monthly cycle and we don’t have the emotional ups and downs from all the hormonal changes of both PMT and Mp. True enough, but I wonder in some cases, who actually suffers the most inside a relationship or family?

And the good news? Having dated one or two ( ahem) post Mp ladies in recent years, it seems that the s*xual desire comes flooding back in waves.....hahaha

Lady bloggers, please don’t be too hard on me from this comment...I love you all blushing
Hi Robbie,
She must be in the region of 45, maybe one or two years older. I appreciate that these things can be hard on them but I cannot help for wishing us men also had one or two excuses for being rude. How much discomfort will it bring just to greet back somebody that you can call a house friend.

She could see that I was not looking for conversation. We were two couples coming home from the beach, laughing and joking with each other. I just greeted as we always do.dunno
Why is it every time a woman is cranky or in bad form it is blamed on her biological clock in some form or other?

Men can also be pissed off or moody bastards, but people just say, 'he's pissed of/a moody bastard' and leave it at that.

But no, not for women. They can't just be pissed off or moody bitches. They get the whole PMT/PMS shit always. That is a load of bollox.

Some people are affected by it more, that is true. But that doesn't mean jackshit overall.

Some people are cranky; some people are moody; some people can be bastards or bitches at times.

Stop conveniently blaming it on biological clocks, because usually it isn't the case.

I know moody people and it drives me bananas. But I avoid them when they are one of their moods. I am not getting involved. When they are ready to be civil again, I will engage. But not during. Men or women.
Hello Cat,wave Do you know why it is called PMS ,confused Mad cow disease was already taken,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Gertie - are you in menses? Bit crabby?

I'll exit stage left, quickly.laugh

PS. I find your perfect grammar sexy.
Hi Molly,

Well yes, agree with you entirely.

My comment was more of a separate issue really..perhaps it should be a separate blog topic.

I certainly wasn’t making the assertion that every woman’s mood should be blamed on PMT or Mp. We all have good days and bad days.....and some of us are more inclined to mood swings than others.

I think Cat’s point was that this lady often acts out of character and it hurts his feelings. He is justing looking for possible causes.
It was actually his girlfriend who suggested pmt anyway, not Cat.

My lips are sealed. tongue
But my lips aren't!!!!! tongue

rolling on the floor laughing

I agree she could have just said hi.

But we are all entitled to our moods..Pmt..or not.
If someone isnt engaging, i just put it down to them having a bad day or what not.

Let us be ourselves in all our glorys god damn it.

Some days bad..some days good.

Let me ask u...if u didnt have company with u when approaching ur door and she didnt say hi.
Would u have still gone over and comfronted her about not saying hello.

Perhaps i might suggest ur ego took a wee hit in front of ur friends.
tongue tongue

hi Molly
I agree with you. Why can't they just be pissed off or moody bitches? It is not the men whop blames PMS, we find it equally frustrating. It is the women themselves who hide behind it.

I'll give you an example. About fifteen years ago I had a typist/secretary assigned to me who were rude and unfriendly all the time. Her job was to keep my appointment book, type up question papers, results, correspondence with parents, inter departmental correspondence and so on. She often failed to remind me of my appointments, was late with her tasks most the time and completely forgot about assignments given to her in good time. Eventually, after a year and countless verbal and written warnings I recommended a disciplinary hearing.

When she received the notice of this hearing she stormed into the dean's office while we were in consultation with a parent of a difficult student and she insulted the dean in such manner that if she was a man and if she said it to me I would have bashed her teeth in. She then stormed out and went home.

She arrived for the hearing with a union representative who presented a sheaf of text explaining the effects of PMS and all that the woman had to say was something to the effect of 'sorry, it was that time of the month'. After some deliberation it was decided to waive the outburst and to get on with the hearing. When I presented the evidence against her, she jumped up and said we are discriminating against her and that the hearing is a result of the outburst in the dean's office.

I explained that the outburst was because of the hearing and not the other way around. she jumped up and stormed out calling us a bunch of male chauvinists. I can expand much more on this because it ended up in the labor court, but I have demonstrated my point.

This is what men have against PMS. We suffer under in it the workplace and everywhere. Women can say what they want and to who the want and afterwards it is just blamed to that time of the month. If a man would have said the same things to the same persons, they would have been lucky to keep their jobs and any chances of promotion for ever lost.

Therefore, I say again, I wish we had some excuse like that to hide behind. We must just bear the consequences of our words and actions.
Hi 12121
Yer walking on this ice buddy.laugh hole
Hi Kal,
Hmm, I'll take that as confirmation then.laugh
hi Mimi
I know. When I want something plastered all over, I'll tell it to you as a secret.
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
No Dee,
Nothing to do with ego! I just don't like rude people. If there were nobody with me it would have been the same result. If she does not want to greet me it is her business but then she should be consistent. don't greet me one day and not the next.

And yes, everybody is entitled to be moody but still no reason to be rude.

This blog is not about ego, PMS/PMT or anything else but rudeness. I don't know why everybody got hitched to PMS because it was mentioned once in the blog and it was not even my own words.
Coz we r all moody cows who are pms-ing...thats why Cat tongue
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Dee,
Moody cows? Well you said it. We then better hope no real cows lay eyes on this as the may sue for defamation. Cows are actually very placid creatures. rolling on the floor laughing
I agree, some women use it as an excuse to be moody bitches 24/7.
But men do use it too. They use it with rolling eyes to explain away any behaviour they don't like in a woman, even if they are in the wrong themselves at the time. Especially if they are in the wrong.
It is like when husbands accuse women of being nags even when they are in the wrong.

I remember my friend (who was heavily pregnant at the time) was asked by her husband to collect him from the pub as he was out with his friends. She said no problem, but to be outside the door at the given time as she didn't feel up to going inside. Plus she was leaving older kids alone for the 10 mins she'd be out, and didn't want to leave them long.
He wasn't outside the door at the time. So she had to find parking and go into the pub. He was there in the middle of a pint having a great time. She said hi to them all, and told him his spin was outside and she wasn't waiting long(because of above) and left to go out to the car again.
When she was leaving, she heard the word nagging wife, and them all laughing with rolling eyes.
She felt humiliated and embarrassed, even though she was not in the wrong, and was doing him a favour.
A cow chased me out of a field once!
Maybe thought I was a h*rny bull !
Well I certainly wasn’t a bull... rolling on the floor laughing grin
Hi molly
I had the giggles while reading your first paragraph. It is so true. but you are misunderstanding the situation. We're mocking about it. You know the saying of if you cannot beat them then join them? We've been at the short end of it so many times that me now preempt it.rolling on the floor laughing

But jokes aside, I don't know why it is made into such a big thing. I have never heard one of my girl friends or any other woman in my family or circle of friends blaming any moodiness to PMS. Methinks moodiness in itself is just another for of bad manners.doh

About the second part, i think that guy is an arsehole. I won't allow my friends to humiliate my wife or girlfriend. He should not have left her in that position.
Hi Cat,
I would like to ask you something....
Why do you have to think about PMS and no anything else? Ok it´s true, it could be PMS. Why was that what came to your mind? in my experience, everytime we start to make assumptions.....hmmmm bad thing! smile

About your lady neighbord, I would probably have done what you did but no that day, I would had controlled myself and catch her next time she replied my greeting, simple asking and offering help if it´s possible and I "appreciate" her. That´s something I´ve learnt, it wasn´t this way years ago.

How funny I have received same words from a man recently, I HATE a lack of manners, I can´t say if more than ignorance or both are at same level but certainly makes me mad.

PMS, is tough, menopause is hard, but it´s not anything than an well informed woman can´t handle, so relax, women haven´t rape or murder anyone due to homonal changes.

You are safe guys.....continue doing your wonderful job to make our life colorful grin
Are you sure it was a cow and not a bull; perhaps seeing you as a juicy cow. laugh

Cows are gentle and docile at the best of times providing you don't get between her and her calf.
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