Some People!

I’m very even tempered; always the same. When somebody or something pissed me off, I don’t take it out on the next person and I cannot understand why some people are like that.confused

My neighbor's wife is one of those. Generally she is very sweet and we get along well. I have entertained them a few times and go there sometimes as well. I think we can consider us friends. But every now and again she gets into a bad mood and then she is the unpleasantness in person. very mad

Yesterday afternoon when we came from the beach, my neighbor's wife was in the garden and when I greeted her, she ignored me. I repeated my greeting but she promptly turned around and went into the house. I opened my house door for my guests, asked them to excuse me for few minutes and walked around to my neighbor's place. mumbling

She opened the door and I spotted her husband standing a few yards behind her making some gestures towards me that I translated as ‘run for the hills’. I was not going to take such advice. uh oh

I greeted her again and asked her why she does not want to greet me. She said that she can greet whoever she wants. I agreed with her but added that then she should be consistent so I don’t waste my time greeting people who don’t want to greet me. Her husband still stood at the back grinning and covering his head with his arms as if expecting a nuclear detonation. I had trouble keeping my face straight. Sorry, she said, she’s not feeling well. I’m sorry too, I thought but left it at that. To rub my misgivings in a bit, I greeted her again and she managed a weak smile and greeted me back. Fourth time lucky!applause

Later, after my other two guests have departed, I relayed the story to my girlfriend and she suggested PMS. I have heard a lot of this ‘evil spirit’ that possesses women at times but cannot always understand it. I can understand that it leaves the host irritated and frustrated but is it really reason to be rude to people who you have a good relationship with?dunno
cats meow cats meow

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy it!wave

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Well sorry for my part in that so.
Well aware it wasnt u who mentioned pms.

Glad shes btr today....she cudda been moody coz the man didnt do wat she had asked him to do for the 50th time.
laugh laugh laugh laugh

Im joking. hug
Why do you apologize?

Joking perhaps but I think you are correct. laugh
I have a dirty habit of apologising for stuff i shouldnt....ill put that down to being a bold child when younger lol.

Yes id imagine so..
We never thought of the possibility of a domestic dispute going on.

Thats usually why we get pee'd off...but then again what would we do without ye men too hug kiss
It could not have been a big dispute because hubby was standing behind her making fun with his gestures to me. But even if they were having a fight it is still no reason to take it out on another.

If you and I have a fight here on the blogs, I cannot be pissed off with the next person to make a comment. unless if he interferes (or pick your sidelaugh ).

I was not part of their argument (if they had onedunno ). I just happened to walk by and greet. Hey, maybe she also wanted to go to the beach on Sunday.rolling on the floor laughing
Haha ur gas.

Trust me even when theres a domestic going on the men wud still do as he did and more of a warning not to piss her off more than she was....he then has to live with the consequences of it.

Oh i know...its not a nice thing to have happen to you...but at least she now knows she wont get away with that again as u confronted her on it.

Was a lesson learned for her!!
Are you telling me that maybe I pissed him off? Then I better go to apologize to him. He is my drinking brother when my usual friends are occupied elsewhere.rolling on the floor laughing
No Cat.
Do not do that. If he was laughing and joking im sure he was just fine.

rolling on the floor laughing
I had a neighbour in Scotland who changed moods erratically and there was never any warning. Could be every week, could be a couple of months before another episode of insanity - when she turned she was dinkum insane, she stuck a knife in one guy for telling her to chill. If he hadn't had good reflexes it could have been a tragedy instead of a flesh wound. Sweet as pie in between episodes.

In her case it may have been linked to drinking - she did a lot of that.

There are women who are batshit crazy, so you were quite brave going to the door - but then you knew her quite well. There are women I wouldn't approach during one of their *moods* if they were chained to a wall laugh

And yes, one or two men ditto.
I don't care much for her but good drinking brothers are hard to come by. Esp when they are within walking distance. Not safe these days to drive with a few snaughts inside, Not so long ago somebody I know spent a night behind bars and he was not even drunk. they are very strict on it here.doh
If he wasnt drinking then why was he locked up.

I only mentioned the domestic thing as an after thought to it all that was said today.
U know this man..i sure its all fine...wink
Hi Biff,
She's known to be moody but not abusive or violent, I was more ill humor than anything else that sent me there.

She can pack away a good lot of ciders but gets jolly when drunk.and she definitely had nothing in last night. Maybe she was upset because hubby polished off her ciders. rolling on the floor laughing
He did drink but what can two glasses during a a stretched out meal do. They released him the next morning without charging him but it was silly. They allowed his wife, who had the same in her, to drive the car home but arrested him.doh
I think that was a crying shame.
I don't want to play the racial card but if he was an African he would have gone free.
That policeman just wanted to lock up a white man.
He's a fool to leave it there.
it is farting against thunder. They will sweep it under the carpet as thy always do. He's wise to let it go. the next thing he'll be a marked man. You know what it's like. You cannot fight the system. not this one in any way.doh

I thought you said you're going to bed.
I had a shower first and then I had another peep here.
To hell with the system.
I'd go to the newspapers and the constitutional court.
I'll raise so much hell they won't know what hit them.
This is the problem with us; we allow them top get away with it.
frustrated teddybear
Famous last words, When last did you take them on. Minorities just don't count no matter what the constitution reads, we're nothing here.forget about it, hes doing the wise thing. not the right thing but wise.
Well okay, wise guy. Mr know it all!
You can leave there it but I won't.
You were willing to take on the previous government
Why are you scared of this one?
It is getting late, I must go to bed now.
I'm not as lucky as you are to be retired.
It was different then. The previous government were reasonable and had law and order. Anyway, sleep well, I'm going to stick around for another fifteen minutes or so before dropping off as well.
Eish Cat, laugh were you really being a cat wanting to start a cat fight? mumbling

Anyway, you must let sleeping dogs, and also cats lie. Some one said that. I think it was Einstein.grin
Its a tough one Cat, I've found if you try to talk about these things it usually ends up much worse. I'd be saying hello once, if I get no reply then say- Must be a bit of rope hanging out the car door hey?
Then she goes completely ballistic.
hi Usha
No, that's BS. We are friends; not very close but more than just neighbors and you don't treat your friends like that. i did not go there to fight; I went there to fix a problem and I did just that.
Hi Pat Junior,
Go fetch your grandfather. I know you're his grandson. He does not give advice like this. Sincere advice is completely out of his nature.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I just stopped bothering with people like that.

On the PMS - I never had any problems with that, so if I'm hitting the roof, it has nothing to do with my hormones. wave
I have a very similar neighbour. Sometimes she is nice and says hello and sometimes she pretends she doesn't know me. There are such people. dunno
Her husband and I come along well and therefore I have to tolerate her.mumbling
Hi Maya
Hmm, it takes all kind of people to fill this world.
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