Yogya. A Rogue's Life. 12/02/2018

My kinda people.

I'm attracted to the eccentric, the irregular, the unusual and the unique individuals of the world as they ad color to the pallet and canvas of what can sometimes be a bland and boring life. Today I thought i'd walk for a couple of hours as my midriff shows no signs of abating in its current attempt to displace as much area in the front of my immediate vicinity as possible. And what a splendid decision it was to walk the lanes, nooks and crannies of my neighborhood.

Henri Bling. On a muddy lane just wide enough for a couple goats to pass I was accosted from behind by a man who fired an artillery of questions at me rapid fire before I could turn around. Before you could say "trust me I'm crazy" I'm sitting in this very bizarre crazy man's small room that feels and looks more like the inside of Liberace's wardrobe than a bedroom. There's bling everywhere. Cheap baubles of shiny bright, hanging fairy lights like fireflies at night, painted plastic strips hanging from the ceiling shimmering and shaking like stretched star light..... Bedazzling is an understatement. Henri is manic, unable to stop talking, moving jumping, questions,questions, questions....After half an hour I was exhausted by this man's energy, but wildly pleased at our encounter. When it came time for the photos, Henri struck a new pose immediately after the sound of .my camera phone's shutter like a pro. I am going back to Henri's room because it is the eccentrics and the unique people of the world I find so compelling.

Becak Groovy. I didn't have any plans to take a becak today but when a guy approaches you looking like this with a knowing smirk, well, I'm jumping in, damn the expense. Indonesia has an over abundance of colorful characters who mean you absolutely no harm and it seems to me are just like peacocks who just wish to spread their tail feathers in front of you for no other reason than to show you their plumage. These people are just so full of life and energy. I'm embarrassed to remember my last complaint.

Cool Wheels. Turning down another small lane... BAM!!A bright orange Holden HR(?) convertible. Holden didn't make a convertible around this model I didn't think so I can only assume this has gone to a local shop and had the roof removed. But again, this car was parked in a small alcove outside a very simple house with chickens, half naked children, broken bamboo fence and muddy puddles out the front. It just doesn't seem to belong, it's so out of place. This is Indonesia, don't ever expect the place to be predictable.

Fruit and Her.. I've said before, and before I start sounding like some creepy sexpat, I'll only say it one more time. I find Asian women particularly attractive. I don't why, I've tried to understand my predilection toward females from this region, but to no avail. I could say it's the coffee colored, skin, their calm passive ways, their ability to accept that beyond their control and a raft of other reasons, but I don't think I really understand how I seem to be hard wired this way. Please feel free to discuss my attraction and its reasons, but please don't expect me to join in.laugh

Bike Veges. You never have to leave your house in Indonesia. It can all come to you.

Cirque du Yogya. My obsession with taking note of what can be carried on motor cycles continues. Yesterday I saw some bamboo furniture that most mortals would deem a little to high and top heavy to carry on the back of a bike. The sky's the limit in Indonesia.

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Coconut Milk Cans?? Would one of our Indonesian members please tell me what is being carried in these large vessels. I want to say milk. but Indonesians don't do dairy. It's actually been said some Indonesians believe westerners smell like cheese.
Hi TokyoRogue
Not sure in Yogyakarta, but in my area in such big vessel are usually "Kerupuk", kinda like fish crackers.

Surprising, I could see you photos. I guess it has something with the Internet provider. I don't know.
Thanks kal, that makes sense. I just realized how strong that man must be if he is actually heaving around a few hundred litres of liquid.laugh
Your my kinda people Tokyo.

Love the pics of what real life is like there.

I think maybe u like these girls as they possibly appeal to ur wild nature...the yin to your yang so to speak lol.

That first guy is interesting to look at.
A right wheeler dealer!!

Im well chuffed i got to see these before i start my day!!
I feel ive travelled before ive even put the kettle on.

Dee - I imagine you and I could very easily waste a few hours over a drink in some dark corner talking of mischief. Have a great day, Dee.
You're welcome! handshake
Hey do you know Buah Sawo?
Our skin color is usually called "Sawo Matang" or Ripped Sawo Fruit. grin

Maybe the sincerity you saw through Asian women's eyes and their humbleness are the magics that attract you. I don't know.
kal - thanks. As i mentioned in the blog I'm not sure I want to enter into a conversation about why I might prefer Asian women. But please feel free to carry on without me.laugh

I really could too.
Have a great one too
cheers hug
Hi Tokyo, although I haven’t commented before, I have also been enjoying your great daily colourful insights into Yogyakarta Indonesia. I feel like I’ve been there!
Are you going to pit this now huge compilation together into some kind of guide-book or add to a website about travelling to Indonesia? If not, you should
Thanks beer handshake
Hi Robby - thanks for dropping in and saying hi, as well as your very generous compliment. I would really like to monetize this waffle somehow if possible as it would keep me out on the road longer and allow me to take photos and write to my heart's content. Whether it be a blog of my own, an e-book, patreon (crowd sourcing) ...I'm not sure. This CS blog is a bit of a testing ground to see if I have the motivation and commitment to maintain an ongoing blog. It seems I do. So between the end of this trip on March 14 and the start of my six month trip to India around the end of July, I hope I've got something sorted.
You’re welcome Tokyo, I will look forward to reading it once published.
Keep us posted cheers

One suggestion, if I may make. If you write about Yogyakarta, say it is Yogyakarta specifically and not Indonesia as a whole. Even if it is Yogyakarta, I am not really sure you know ALL aspects about Yogyakarta, judging from the photos you posted. wink

Anyhow, good luck, hope your writings will be fruitful .. bouquet
kal - Thanks for your suggestion. I actually believe after nearly three weeks in Yogya my understanding of the place is very limited.My photos are just what I see and experience here. I hope I haven't given the impression or that I have any in depth knowledge of the area. This blog and its photos is simply what happens to me in my day in Yogyakarta,
Last November....for the first time....i travelled solo to a place i hadn't visited before....and a place i knew noone....best thing i ever did!...

Your destination would never be my choice...but look forward to your blogs from India...

Hi jazz - we all have our own preferences when it comes to travel and destinations, I guess. I love India and can't wait to get back. thanks for saying hi.
Hi Tokyo..
Your blok is very interesting.
I feel live visit yogya. Every time i read your blog.
Thank for bring it..
Keep your journey..
Toe_Toes, hi and thanks. I don't know much about Yogya, but it's a lot of fun walking around and meeting interesting people here. Hope you get here one day also.
LOL! Santana from Indonesia rolling on the floor laughing

Love it ....I´m still here Tokyo, reading your "book".
coffee hug
Crunia - Ha. he does look a bit like an Indonesian Santana, doesn't he? Thanks for continuing to turn the pages.
TR, as for why you are attracted to Asian women, there is no need to discuss it.
If you are, you are.
The same way as I am not attracted to Asian men cool
Molly - We have personal preferences in most all aspects of our lives to a degree, some we understand, others perhaps we may not. Do we need to understand them, I'm not sure we do. Would it make any difference if we did? probably not.
TR, I don't overthink things that do not require overthinking cool
Hi Tokyo..
i have been there. Several year ago.
I studied there ..and visit also but rarely
So..read your blog.. Take me to all my memories about yogya.. Sincerely..thanks ..
Keep to write your experience in yogya...applause
MB - I find my propensity for thinking in general considerably diminished these days. Just floating along like a bug on a leaf in a stream suits me quite nice like.
Get off my leaf, TR mumbling

Toe-Toes - Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you studied and spent here. Glad you're enjoying the blog and thanks again for saying hi.
MB - Move over!The leaf's big enough for both of us.
Not to me and I am sure not to most of Indonesians either. But I remember once a woman used your word of "knowledge of Indonesia" for confirmation on one particular issue and you're mad at me when I tried to explain to her. wink

India? wow
Which part of that country will you be?
kal - I'm not sure what you are referring to with me being mad at you, and, well, I'm sorry if you've been upset for any reason, but my intention of this blog is to simply keep a journal of my days here in a light and almost frivolous manner.

No real plans for India. Some beach time, some mountains....lots of food.
And unfortunately I couldn't make you refer to your own comment as you erased the comment. laugh

Food? yay
Now how many kinds of food you have tried so far in Yogyakarta and which one you found the best?
kal - Me -I hope I haven't given the impression or that I have any in depth knowledge of the area
You - Not to me and I am sure not to most of Indonesians either.

I missed this jibe the first read.
Whatever, Kal. knock yourself out with the insults. As I said, my blog isn't meant to have any serious purpose other than entertainment. You've lived here for fifty years, I'm sure your blogs are mesmerizingly insightful and entertaining, right?
Insult me, scoff, scroll on by,stand on your head....whatever..
I have no clue that my English is so damn terrible that is misunderstood so easily.

I am sorry, but I never mean to insult
I was just trying to say like.. "don't worry, we won't have that impression"

Or even that last sentence is again misunderstood?
Oh well, what can I say then. English is my third language anyway.

I thought I would be glad to fly to Yogyakarta to meet you and treat you a plate of the best Nasi Padang there to show my appreciation for visiting one part of Indonesia. I even gave you a "key to my door lock". But meeting an easily-angry-man is better not to take place and I am sure you don't want to meet me either.

Hope I can prevent my self from commenting on your blog ever again so you will be surrounded only with people who very highly praise you.

Have a good evening! bouquet
I'm tired, perhaps grumpy and maybe misunderstood, I apologize if that's the case.

You out of the blue sent me your phone number one day, I think, months ago. Was that you? And although it's a very nice gesture or offer to fly here to buy me food as thanks for visiting Indonesia, I rarely if ever meet people from CS any more, so I'm sorry I would have to decline.

I'm going to bed.
Hi TR, great pics again thumbs up

Henri does seem to be a interesting person laugh
Sorry I need to respond..

Yes, I gave you my WA number. You can use that number on WA only as I don't use it as my daily phone number. Yes, we can have more than one number here and I am sure you know that.

Then I blocked you as I don't need any more conversation off blogs.

Sorry I posted these private messages as I don't want anybody to assume far from it really was.
4MaryB: "with out expectation... "(meet us in the ecards)

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