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I dreamt about my days in college last night ...I had a poster in my room with this quote.

Those days were good, no rush and that feeling I had so many white pages to be writen...sometimes it feels like it was in another life and no just 25 years ago, which is ...nothing!

Have a good day folks wave

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I like that. Very correct.

btw, I did see your post the other day for me bouquet
Aha! True! But the day/the moment you get to think about wrong or right, it leads you to the jungle of bewilderness...a point of 'no return'.....sad flower
It is so true and nothing can annoy me more than somebody fixing a wrong with another wrong because the result is never quite the same.
Thank you guys....
From inside to outside, such a f=(//%$$%#&% job is this ...I used to say things were easier before lol!
Point of no return....I like that, yeap...that´s what it is.

3(wave) + ?(bowing)= cswelcome
Very True!

Unfortunately, not many have the courage to pursue what is considered right by them if they are left on their own fighting without any resources or anyone to support or encourage them and each door they knock simply closes for the sake of the continuation of the wrong doing.

This quote came to my mind....
Hannibal Lecter: You still wake up sometimes, don't you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the lambs.
Choices Stargazer ...some are better trained than others but I think it´s always a tough decision to know what to do...as Iotaoo said, it´s a point of no return and now I´m thinking about Kafka lol!: 'From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached.'

Hi Cach wave what you posted is very true and believe it. What came to my mind when reading this was. How people will try to justify a wrong. hug
@ Crunia,

You are definitely brainstorming over there.

What I'm reminded now is, "You would only feel the bites of the snakes when they first bite you and in the beginning. After this, each time the snakes bite you, you won't feel anything because you would get used to it".

Adding to the above, your quotation from Kafka,

'From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached.'

Sometimes, there's no choice.

Unfortunately many people still hear the screaming of the lambs waking them up at night.
Many shadows...many fears which resurface and follow us...grin

I like the quote thumbs up

As a matter of fact I was in a similar situation this weekend...
Someone being in the wrong who was trying to convince everybody else that she wasn't .

She ended up leaving thinking that she was the one who was right but she was upset the whole day about it.
So...was she happy? Nope!
She obviously had some doubts.
If life has teached me something it ´s: "quid pro quo"
People don´t do things without motives, none of us do, there is always a message in what we say/ do and what we do not say/do.
What do they win? they should know (and we can try to know wink no guarantee) How do they cover their wrong? usually with agreements we sign without reading lol! or with our ignorance, their manipulation....
I do not have any problems with people doing wrong....as long as they "do it openly" LOL! .....yeap I think we should always have the last word everytime we pick our choices. Yeah...sounds naive & silly, I know.
Stargazer LOL!
When I was little I used to say that to my teachers (I was very annoying with my constant questions...still): I can´t avoid thinking!!!!! nothing I can do, sorry (not sorry thankfully but I knew they would expect to hear that lol!)
I´m with you .... hug no choice.
Rubia joy
.....it happens, to all of us. We move between right and wrong all the time, but if we are made of "fine wood" good must prevail ....this is something we can´t notice in a short relationship but after a while, collecting a permanent in put of information, we have enough to deduce and know, then it´s time to sit and think.
Have a nice day lovely woman bouquet
ahh the passage of time ,, Ax
Are you singing 20benchmarks? beer
Its a stone roll eyes
laugh get up the yard Nonsmoker......or eat that sandwich!!!! please ......smitten

Like the quote and have done for a long time.

There's a scene from "Midnight Express"......when as a form of exercise, prisoners are required to walk around in the same direction, in a complete state of apathy. Billy(the main character) had been showing early signs of losing touch of reality until he bucks the trend and starts walking in the opposite direction....against the wheel. It was the starting point of regaining his sanity and planning his subsequent escape.

Most know wrong from right, but have a tendency to follow, simply because everyone else is doing it.

It takes courage to walk your own path in this world.

I admire people who do.
Nice to have you here Berry smile

I don´t know so much about movies, but I´ll try to find that scene in Youtube, it seems to have a nice message, I particularly liked what you said: "planning his subsequent escape" LOL!

Yeap, I like those people too, not all of them "work" in the same way but I´m sure, at the right time everyone will row in the same direction kiss
What were you doing in college? Mine turned into a nightmare as soon as the academic year went into full swing. No respite.
I often wonder sometimes, when I see a grave injustice done to another, as an example, how can anyone sensible not see the wrong in it? ....and worse, not speak up about it?

Do we care more for being part of the crowd than we do our own sense of right or wrong?

Only the brave muster up the strength to challenge, and, yes, even if it's on their own.

Just a thought to ponder perhaps. wine
BerrySmoothie, It's pure bravery and acceptance of the truth, that make's me tell the truths I tell and not going along, with the denial of reality, that so many are clearly doing...
My college experience wasn´t that "bad", I wasn´t alone that´s the truth, I had a patner in crime so we were two and things were less difficult that way...yeap, it was a good battlefield.
I was referring to sensible people Lee.
Sensible people?

Well, I guess I better leave laugh
Berry, I have motivated to look at society and question why people, don't want to look at reality, so I know you was thinking of me, when you wrote about this subject and you won't say it, because you are afraid of being shamed
You make more sense than you realise Track....laugh
Berry....I don´t know, I think it´s all related to our personalities and experiences, I suffer very much with injustices, my ex 1 used to call me Calimero and laugh at me hahahaha but he was worst, he just reacted in a different way, it was difficult for him to control his temper, I do not have a problem with that although sometimes my health doesn´t help ...at the end of the story he gave up and I continued, we did so many things together, it was good.

I´m sure most of the people see the wrong but individuality prevails, an strong sense of social justice is something not all people have, not sure if it´s a good thing or not, it just happens.

We can repressed it or let it be ....this is what I think. Something to think about wine
You can´t hide yourself Track laugh ....
Lee, from your posts, comments and threads I can clearly ascertain, with what sense I have got, that you speak complete and utter nonsense.
Yeap Lee, I think the same as Berry, do your thing but I´m not interested. wave
...The globalists followers will always try to dismiss the truth tellers and deny the reality we speak, but you will be forced to face the truth one day and then you will kick yourselves for not accepting it...this blog means nothing, because you don't want the truth, but what you do want is agreeable sheep to elevate you
Best of luck with your crusade Lee.
Ms berrysmoothie, "I often wonder sometimes, when I see a grave injustice done to another, as an example, how can anyone sensible not see the wrong in it? ....and worse, not speak up about it?"

May I utilize your words as it applies to Mr leecharming? "Lee, from your posts, comments and threads I can clearly ascertain, with what sense I have got, that you speak complete and utter nonsense."

Although I've only read a couple of Mr Leecharming posts, I strongly agree with his thought process and hope he continues to voice his opinions without being encumbered.
Yep, Crunia.....a strong sense of social justice seems to be absent on a fair few, even if we look at blogland as a micro-community of a larger community of the world.

I'm often left bewildered.....staggered.....at the injustices that creep in here....and are largely overlooked by the majority....confused

You're welcome to pry into Lee's thought processes.

I'm not at all interested, myself. laugh
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