The Singer? Or The Song?

Over a period of time it has been my observation that some people´s topics are recycled by others – either on the blogs or forums – and, in some cases, can be much more successful (more views/comments) than the original blog – or vice versa – which leads one to wonder the reasons for this? confused

There are many factors:

1. Is it the blogger who is more popular? Or/and their reputation?

2. The style and presentation (easy to read)?

3. Day of the week/month/time etc?

4. Current events being discussed?

5. The current audience? (old bloggers disappearing, new ones appearing..)

In conclusion, there seems to be an elusive “Goldilocks zone” – WHO´s posting WHAT, WHEN and WHERE?

Please discuss....? conversing writing playball

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Hi Rubia joy
It´s multifactor I guess.

I have had similar thoughts with my cakes, I created so many desings, created a webpage which suddenly had almost 4K followers, I did that job for less than 2 years, some people had copied my designes...I don´t really care, I have millions in my head if I ever decide to get into creative cakes again...
I´ve also have done that with a lot of papers I´ve credits, no money ...would have be nice to have my ideas recognized but best hasn´t come yet, hence I guess I still have time to do that, if I want to.

Some create and some copy. I think what really matters is why you do what you do. Not particularly generous myself but it just doesn´t bother me now, if some one wants to copy ....go ahead and good luck, it is kind of flattering if we think about that ... grin
Hola guapa..hug

It's not really the copying that I'm concerned about but the question was about what makes a blog interesting?...or successful?

Is it the blogger? Or the topic?
And when is it written?

Some of my blogs written 2 or 3 years ago if I repost them they might attract more comments than they did then? Or fewer.. dunno
I think it's whether people like the blogger or not.
Multifactorial is my answer then grin
Back to my stuff....have a nice day ...grey and cloudy here moping
Hi Bearwoman..wave

I tend to think so too..umm..
But...also the contents of the blog?

E.g. I might like a particular blogger but not interested in the topic at all and...

If I like the topic I might not comment because of the blogger and how they respond.dunno
hi Daniela,
Always the song. Anybody can sing it.

I have recycled a few of my old blogs after a few years and have mostly been surprised by the result. blogs that did well then did not fare so well and other blogs that did not do well first time were received better second time around.

There are many things that can determine your success, mainly to do where your main reader base sits. And to that you must add time of day, day of week, time of the month and even the time of the year. Everything counts. Even the local weather. If your readers are on the beach they cannot respond.

The main thing in my opinion is to get a fresh blog to the bulk of your readers.
Sometimes I would have an interest in a topic, but if I know that the writer has an agenda; doesn't like opposing views; etc., I won't bother posting on that blog.

A clear, well-written style does make a difference. If I see a huge block of text, I just skim it or skip it.

I don't know if the time makes a huge difference, people can post whenever they get to it.

there isn't much of an audience for any blog at the moment.
Hi Daniela, interesting Blog. It could be the Blogger that gets a lot of comments, or someone might blog something that takes a different view point and might be more interesting to other bloggers.

AS far as number of comments is not important to me. I do not Blog for number of comments I Blog cause I have something to say, and if I don't get comments so be it. handshake

Hope you are having a great day. hug
If I post a blog like last night and I only get one comment but that doesn't bother me.
Maybe they didn't understand the real meaning of the content but that is understandable.
Oh yes,
Bloggers don't come here and become a hit overnight. When I first came here I toiled for weeks before I was noticed. And it is hard work to stay there. You have to vary your topics and offer something for everybody.
All of the things that you have in your blog and many other factors determine popularity but a well presented blog will always get some response.

Some people tend to be too serious. People don't always understand my South African dry humor and take things written tongue in the cheek as serious. Ekself has the same problem. She has produced some excellent blogs but misunderstood by most

No matter how popular the blogger, if he dishes up garbage, he'll loose his readers in no time.
True Cat...if you aim at your main readers and the factors you mention you can't really go wrong.dunno
I agree with you Molly about lengthy blogs written in a commas etc...I usually can't be bothered.
Too hard to read! frustrated

As for commenting on blogs where people only want to hear some appraisal I'm afraid to post on those as I know what the reaction will be. grin
Hi Wen..I'm doing fine thanks.wave

I agree that I don't really care how many comments but I'm more interested in the quality of the comments and that they are related to the topic
Hi Bear...which blog are you referring to?
Daniela, something else to think about, I have posted Blogs and some others have too that go in a complete different direction. sometimes comments can take off and stay more interesting then your subject of Blog, I like that. cheers
I agree with all the points you mention Cat...thumbs up
I also meant to say that I DO like Ek's sense of humour too!
Have just read your blog Bear and commented...lovely story smitten
daniela Up until a few moments ago No i didn't comment.I didn't really think anyone would really understand the meaning that came along with it all.
Wen..I hate when that happens.grin must not underestimate people.
You'd be surprised how many people DO understand ...only they're not always here when that happens.dunno
I am sure other Bloggers feel as you feel, just doesn't bother me'

I will try to stay on subject when on your blogs cheers
daniela as I posted before the number of posts don't really concern me maybe some people but not me.

My late brothers wife said in the video I watched that she couldn't quite figure out of why my late brother had given her that book up until she had read it.I didn't even catch on myself and I'm an educated person.laugh
Don't worry Wen...I'll make exceptions for you.comfort
Bear...obviously there was a message for her to be discovered.wink
Well danelia they both belonged to a parents without partners and then later on they had a date at a coffee shop and spoke most of that evening.
I'm not going to second guess my brother but he probably figured that maybe that story could explain him better to her then he could.Unfortunately I can't ask him or her cause that video is 8 years old and she's gone too.
Hello Daniela
The title catches my attention first.
The header determines whether I open it.
Like everybody else I have my favourites.
And also like everybody I have those I won't touch.
What a shame! sigh

Maybe you'll be able to pass it on to your grand kids?
Neither of my sons have any children so maybe I'll pass it onto them both.
Hello BeaP.. I agree that the title must be catchy.thumbs up

Same as newspapers ...headlines sell...
@ Daniela,


For me, as with Beapatient, first comes the title of the subject.

Speaking solely about what happens in my case,

Even if and in the case, a blogger I've read several blogs and decided not to read any of their blogs again due to the context of them, a " catchy title" , I would view and, read this , given that the subject assigns to the title when I go there.

This as it happened due to a "catchy title" to go to the specific blog to read and when I did, the title couldn't be further from the subject and context of the blog and nothing at all from what is implied by the "catchy title", not even similar to it. That for me, was fraud, the title was just written to draw attention and it did.

Second for me comes the audience, the knowledge, age, education and experience of it as well as what subjects interests this specific audience.

Third for me, comes the context of the subject and, whether the specific audience can relate to it or not.

Fourth and last for me, comes the blogger.

As far as I realised, first for the majority of this site comes the blogger (may be wrong), irrelevant to the subject and context of the blog(may also be wrong).

As far as the comments is concerned,

If I made a comment with good intentions and commented in a respectful manner on a troll's blog, without being aware of that the specific person/ troll set up the specific subject and blog to be fed from others when abused by them online and, I as with all the rest who commented not knowing of what would happen to them, I view and read none of their blogs no matter how "catchy" the title(as long as I remember their usernames of course).

To comment, I would have to view and read a blog and that requires time that, I don't have much in my hands.

It's just impossible to read even a few blogs per day, sometimes if not most of the times , impossible to read just one.

Especially when the private messaging service is on fire and there's a private and personal conversation with an interesting person. wink
@ Daniela,

Sorry, I haven't reread what I wrote to correct any mistakes and the first paragraph is a complete mess. Here is what I meant to say in it,

If and in the case, having read several blogs of a blogger and due to the context of them, decided not to read any blogs written by the specific blogger, this blogger comes up with a "catchy title" of a subject that interests me then, I would view and read the blog.

Really hope, I won't discover any other mistakes there but, if there are and, due to these, you don't understand , please ask. bouquet
Recycled blogs that do better than the original, especially if they are happening around the same time - circumstances alter cases but generally I would guess

the difference is the second blogger is seen as more approachable, for whatever reason


the slightly different angle is more evocative.
Ok..reading your comments now Starry girl...

About the "catchy " title ...I agree..I also need something to attract me to want to read it. you pointed out...the text itself doesn't always match the title.dunno

Same as newspapers headlines do to get you to buy the paper!

But...since topics about séx always seem to attract people...I've seen some bloggers putting the word séx in a title when the topic is about something else.grin
wave Dani
whether I'm welcome or not, if I like the author or not makes no difference to me because if I have something to say/add/ share to do the blog I go right a head and do so, like so if I felt the need to compliment the blogger on his/her write and should the need to protest against a view/write well" I kind of speak up there as well.

A sweet singer can make any bad song sound good ....
but its the lyrics that make it worth a listen to wine
Now...regarding the rest of your comments Starry...

All the points you raised are also valid. thumbs up

Thanks for your views as we do need some feedback on thinks.conversing
I agree Biff...Maybe it's better presented and the blogger is more interactive with the readers.dunno
Hi Itchy girl..wave

I know you do and are known for speaking your mind. wink

I think many people tend to do the same if they have something to say and express their opinion on certain blogs...independently whether they like the blogger or not.
To a point Dani I agree, many do ......
but I also know many stay away from certain blogs because of who the blogger IS.

How many times have members brought out blogs yelling and shouting DON'T tell me in private behind the screens who's blog I SHOULDN'T comment on.

But as true as some DON'T some DO, just because of who the Author IS....
and that's alright but when this place resembles FACE BOOK a little too much ... it becomes rather boring.

I don't mind no comments like some of you do
but if too many, this place resembles a NOTICE BOARD... which would too be boring as well yawn

You Dani are never boring handshake

Even if and when our views and opinions are not the same wine

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