Yahushua Vs. Pope Francis: Who are you going to believe?

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Who's for Pizza pizza pizza buddies
I'll have a slicepizza
"This Pope Is A Communist"

"If Anything...The Pope Before Him?"

"Was Ousted............. In A Coup..........By Him....And His Gang"

"This Pope..... Couldnt Even Walk In"

"John Paul The 2nds..... Shadow"......................detective
you can't uncertain

I've eaten it all very happy

Mr stringman, I only had time for the first 3 minutes, but my interest was peaked when they introduced Father Malachi Martin. I've been listing to his video's from the mid 1990's and think he was quite the accomplished man. Writer of 17 books which he calls (faction) as he described real life situations, but used different names. He was also a very powerful man who worked for a Cardinal and had Pop John II in direct contact. He was also a prominent exorcist. His stories are beyond fascinating. This would be good for Ms itchywitch to listen to, as her disbelief in the devil can only be a poor catechized background. After listening to Fr Martins experiences can only reinforce what should have been taught prior.

Anyway, I've been trying to get his book Windswept House on an E Book, but to no avail. I guess I'll have to read a hard back copy thumbs down

Keep em coming....handshake
Is there any Pope-eronni? pizza

This pope is a servant of satan! The catholic church should excommunicate him! scold
daydream Mr. Sea catechising Ms. Witch.
Fascinating prospects here, you betcha.


One more thing, Fr Martin read the 3 Secret of Fatima, and by oath refused to say what it entailed. He took it to his death bed in 1999 at the age of 77......some ppl say he was murdered, but we will never know..
Mr Mic......someone had to, so I volunteered....angel
Has anyone noticed?
Jim looks a mite like Martin Luther.

Perhaps we can Re-form the pizza pizza into a Hamburger burger



daydreamMaybe Mr. Sea will really carry it off!
Get her SAVED, even please
St. Witch, the Itchy.
Has a kinda religious sound to it.


she just has to believe in GOD 's words, not the Pope.
wave Mr String, the older we are the more religion and to fear God was drummed into us, some of us escaped it to try find God for ourselves, to believe him to be who WE think he is and is all about and because you didn't/can't or won't I'm not going to show you any disrespect because you haven't but I will say this... You DID tell me you do not believe in hell either (not sure which blog it was on) but like me your belief is if a soul is not worthy of heaven the soul remains dead. If you don't believe in hell you can't believe there's a devil.

Mr Worthy, your an entirely different kettle of fish all together ....
a young fella like yah, you had the freedom of choice yet you chose to be brainwashed doh

Like you have a suggestion for me, I have one for you....
watch THE HANDMAIDS TALE I sometimes think of you whilst I'm watching it.
get back to me after you have but till then...

Under his eye wink
I agree he should be excommunicated.

I will have a slice of pizza if there is anything left.wine
Ms Jones you kind of disappoint me with that one sad
but its strange is not all you against Pope Francis are followers of Trump ....
what does that tell you??? i know what it tells me roll eyes

Anyways, just because we don't sit at the same table doesn't mean I won't share my food...
what toppings would you like?


And what should we do with you Jim? Cut off your thingy or sew up your eyes? I pity you people because I know you speak only out of jealousy along with understandable fear....anyways, goodnight the Pizza Hut is shut sleep
not the pope!

yes, I do believe in hell. but I do not believe we will burn and suffer for eternity. our soul will be burnt up no longer to exist thus separates us from GOD. would a loving GOD torment us for eternity. the wages of sin is death.
Mr String If that's what you meant with what you had said, then fair enough .. Its not important to me that our beliefs sometimes differ but when I see you's try banish Pope Francis just as you DID the first worthy rightful Pope... got to admit that does bother me big time.

As for my idea of the Bible roll eyes
If it spoke truth it would be the greatest love story ever told.


beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.angel
Will do Mr String ...

And you keep the mind open to possibilities roll eyes

If not for YOU wine
Mr stringman, the video is correct in its discovery. Now, what looks like a coup in the antipopes Vatican, prelate Pietro Parolin has seemed to have enough of the antipope, and it appears he has thrown him under the bus in re: to the (Chilean) Bishop Barros sex scandal.

Parolin may be the leaker of info. to the media where Bergoglio was conscientiously enabling and willfully lying with respect to the zero tolerance concerning s*xual abuse. Barros is an active boy raper and Chileans are quite familiar with his misconduct. The CDF (Congregation for Doctrine of Faith) investigated Barros and recommended he be laicized. Instead in 2015 Bergoglio promotes him to Metropolitan Bishop. Now, Bergoglio denies ever receiving the victims 4 page recital of the s*xual abuse he suffered at the hands of Barros. Bergoglio is caught with no way out unless he continues to lie that he never received the report (it was hand delivered).

The Chilean ppl were up in arms about such a travesty, but as we know the Lavender Mafia of sodomites in the Vatican are a tight knit group. But, like all things evil, they will turn on you with all the vengeance of hell. Which brings in Parolin. He is 63 yrs old and vying for the title of Pope. If he succeeds and Bergoglio walks and antipope Benedict is still alive and Parolin wins a Conclave then we are stuck with another antipope for a very very long time.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now Ms itchywitch, two things : 1) yes, I my brain has been washed with Holy Water and created a tremendous Faith and Belief that I must say, I am the luckiest man alive.

2) Trumpers and Popers are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Bergoglio is Modernist/Globalist and will try to create a 'new' Catholic sect if he can.....and we all we be in grave danger. This pic explains some of the differences...
surprizeme: "beatles"(meet us in the quizzes)

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