Trip to Inner Badui

Feel the pleasure of oxygen levels that still abound, greeting the local wisdom and the simplicity of our brothers in Kanekes, better known as the Baduy tribe ..

Amazing.. walking no less than 4 hours, with the contours of the land that is sometimes steep climb, accompanied by rain falling to complete the road conditions are increasingly shalala .. clay and cling to the footwear ..
and.. they are walking with barefoot..

Bamboo-roofed houses with palm-fringed, bamboo-braided bridges of fibers, rice barns, .. they synergize with nature, use the gift of the universe into a great masterpiece ..


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Very interesting , looks like that through the baboo bridge someone can head into the jungle. Is that the case or not ? (Very intrigued to know confused ) .

Good to be transported through photos into other parts of the world on here, especially the parts of the world I hardly know anything about conversing
Hi @Stargazer111

The bamboo braided bridges. very safe. even you can run over there :D
An one thing that you should know,,
in this tribe have rule that for Inner badui tribe, where ever they go, they can't use transportation, so only walk and by bare foot.
@ Toe,

Yes, sure to walk and run on the bamboo bridge but, does the one in your photo head to a jungle?.

No problem whatsoever to walk barefoot , as long as I'm not sleeping with snakes and, there are no black deadly spiders around.

Nice exploration Toe_toes
Wonderful Indonesia with a rich and colurfull culture thumbs up
Perhaps you can explain also about this Baduys tribe custom and tradition why they can only wear 2 colours of clothes , black and white, is there any symbol of those colours ?
@ Toe,

Yes, would love to hear the explanation about the colours black and white and what's behind this. As a matter of fact looking forward to it wow


I guess we would have to wait until he returns from his wonders in nature...wink
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