just something stupid I noticed

Many things we build today are in the image of our bodies. The two things that caught my attention are buildings and cars.

All three have frames.
All three have arteries.
All three have skin.

....I am sure if I had more time..I could come up with some more....like computers. laugh

Anyway, happy Monday.

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i'm also heard that we are the food we eat.giggle
organs too
To function, they all need fuel input and have an exhaust. In addition, the are all subject to deterioration with time.
@ Johnny,

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Sorry for laughing with your last comment but, can't really help it; it's true though!

Without fuel as with the cars it's all over! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing end of story rolling on the floor laughing
Yes, we do have to maintain our bodies (don't forget that the mind is just part of the body wink ). Regular service is all that's required rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Bear...true. The food we eat does have influence on our body. I don't see me turning into a gas station burger or an apple anytime soon though. laugh
Indeed Star....makes me want to take my thinking to one step further...about the construction of us, but I don't want to go there yet. laugh

I would take my thinking one step forward laugh laugh laugh and, to buildings (...construction) rolling on the floor laughing

We can all human bodies, turn into ruins and dust, demolish and reconstruct ourselves from zero thumbs up head banger
By the way, I feel a bit rusted, must be the lack of maintainance and service of my parts rolling on the floor laughing

OK, I cut it out now. Anyway, that was a good laugh thumbs up
Hiya Johnny wave

Another thing they have in common ...
With age they become more precious ...

Old Buildings will become some kind of historical place to visit..

Cars become old timers and become a collector's item...

As for humans ...well... They become old relics and they're appreciated for their wisdom.

I think I got your stupidity today.professor

We are obsessed with ourselves that everything we create have to resemble us.

Is that what you are trying to say?dunno

It's Tuesday here. So happy Tuesday.bouquet
Are they really in the image of our bodies Johnny,
or are you falling into the structured thought pattern of anthropomorphism.
Either way in a sense you are right. wave
Star, it sounds like you might need some lubing in the right places. laugh
True Daniela...and for their innocents of sorts. thumbs up wave
Happy Tuesday Usha. Not necessarily obsessed...but maybe we are a limitation to our comprehension of what is to exist.

...as a friend put it, we are thinking inside the box....and can we perceive anything outside of it?

With art, we have to some extent, but right away we want to identify art with something we know.

Okay....just a little added confusion for myself. laugh wave
Both non. The individual essential components that make up our beings, are in many cases, similar components to construction.

We don't call the electrical panel in our home the heart....but with all its vessels (wires) that spread throughout the home, they provide key flows of energy to just the right places.



We don't call the CPU in our computers the brain, but it serves a similar function of processing.
actually, I think some people do call the cpu the brain. laugh
@ Sparton,

Yes, I definitely need some lubing laugh My lube is (plenty of) water, it cleanses and purifies the whole internal body system! thumbs up
Fruit have skin, flesh, and some even have hearts : idea:

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