History repeating itself

There was a time when you'd come on the blogs and every 2nd blog was about bloody cats, gosh but this place and them all sharing stories and their love for their kitties blah blah blah blah was pretty hard to take ... but nevertheless I survived because I am strong snooty either that or I got the mods to ban kitty blogs grin

Anyways, they were the bad old days but do I see kitties crawling back in here again???

I see a blog about flying cats roll eyes

Departed ones sad flower

and cats that go BUMP in the night uh oh

and dare I say it (and though its one of another kind) we have a vain CAT thinking hes ageing gracefully.
cats meow

So is it me or can you also see them sneaking in the back door conversing

But since I'm talking about cats I reckon I've the bestest and most ideal one roll eyes

He's hardly seen and always sleeps sleep

Comments (55)

wave Heyyyy! Itchy

And yes! People loves there pets. Pets is and was apart of there family....hug

PS. I once had a dog! But stolen from me....sad flower
Hi again Itchywitch,
Mew Mew Happy Valentines from Kitty Cat?sad flower sad flower
Hi itchy. wave I seen in another Blog you said your unwanted cat. rolling on the floor laughing I about fell out laughing.

He looks content and very at home. laugh

Hope everything is going well with you. hug
And he/ she has a nice sleeping place! ...thumbs up
@ Angel,. I don't know if he or she but has it made with Itchy. thumbs up
Itchy does have a kind heart!...hug
Angel,. Yes I know she does. Oh it's a he I just noticed at the end of her blog.
Hello Ms. Witch, I just had to drop by and say hi. Been a while. Nice to see you.wave wine
Doh" thought I had brought the picture bigger ...
not too good with images hole doh

Hopefully here's a better one of me kitties pretty face....
not that he's called kitty, but actually I've forgotten it and I'm pretty certain I never named him Stupid bloody cat dunno confused

How do Wen and Angle wave
and thank you kindly for trying to think well of me but NO I don't like my cat, the only reason i still have him is Biff's fault and it has nothing to do with love.. cats meow
Do I know you Beeches???

Never seen anyone look so miserable when handing me a rose sad flower laugh

But thanks all the same... and likewise, a happy one to you teddybear

Ps cswelcome

Got dog!.........rolling on the floor laughing
Angel you and that dog dancing dog

I think a lot of pet owners (any kind of animal) dont realise their beloved pet is of very little interest to others. The same way, people would see pictures of my kitchen appliances and think- OK the guys got a toaster and a saucepan, so what?
As you have blogged now about your cat....should I say he is cute? It is pretty much like babies. They all look more or less the same to me and most of them are kind of ugly but you dare not say that to someone with a baby in her arms. So be nice about cats....that is the right thing to do.professor laugh laugh
Hey nips,
Do Idetect a bit of toaster embarrassment? blushing
Like you want to share pics of your toaster, but feel your current appliance may be, well, less than impressive?


Lookin' forward to seein' pics of that new 4 slice status symbol! thumbs up

Just a suggestion here, Witch.

You might consider a lighter colored cat
lighter colored furnishings.

Failing that, get lower undergarments made of bullet proof vest grade Kevlar.
Also, gently feel any chair before sitting down in dim light.
Just suggestions, you understand. uh oh

That pic of something with eyes...
Am I mistaken, or is there something with the pic of a scantily clad woman to the left of the eyes thingy?

We see what we look for, eh?

I discovered that tip about contrasting cats & furnishings in a very informative book on the subject...

'Interior Decorating For Cat Owners'
- by Claude Balls

Ol' Claude really seems to know his subject.
Suspect he speaks from experience.
uh oh

My old toaster pegged out about a month ago, so I purchased a home and co t386c. It has red sides. Goes pretty hard.
How about this old classic.


DAYUM, non!

Note that the cat landed on its feet.
Reputation intact! thumbs up

Have you ever noticed how ginger cats are better treated than ginger People. handshake
Sadly, that is all too true, non sigh

Hello Itchy,
Get used to it.
I heard Welela is coming back.
rolling on the floor laughing teddybear
Hi Itchy.
I don't think you can count me in. I'm part of the furniture; antique but still just furniture. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot to be vain. Make that part of the very valuable antique furniture.
laugh laugh
I'm guilty of posting a blog where I complained my cat was unfaithful grin

But I don't know where I fit into your cat's life laugh
laugh laugh CatFoot, actually meant to put lol along side the vain cat.... doh
glad you took it in humour as intended hug wink

Without saying why Biff you softened me to the four legged creature by uploading a certain song on a particular Christmas sad

Though I may not thank you, My cat does cats meow

I like cats and prefer that stuff to a LOT of other stuff that is posted. uh oh
Good stuff Kn wink

Thanks for the cutey Mr String
think they should all be shot id rather a good dog anyday or a woman when im in good form
Every witch should have a cat of her own. handshake

A very cute kitty! heart wings Looks exactly like mine when she was young! heart wings

I wish I had a kitten again... smitten
wave Maya, he's an old cat and not a kitty but its nice to know he's another ageing gracefully roll eyes

JJ, do dogs and women a favour .. never be in a good mood laugh
Hello Bea, should that happen fret not I have a cunning plan idea

I shall kidnap Angels dog who will chase all those kitties away dancing dog

Really? My cat has started losing weight lately - since the last January's operation and she also sleeps all the time. She's nearly 13... blues moping
Eks, once upon a time I brought out a blog about how ugly some babies can be.... by Christ i had to make the fastest exit ever before they all burnt me at the stake laugh

Pat, Smoker and lee not ignoring you boys but I've lost interest in this silly blog...
suddenly in the horrors because my life is over... my washing machine is broken frustrated sigh
Maya, although I have a cat I am not an animal person so I am sorry I can't help you out here with some advice as to what could be the matter with your cat... He's had an operation, bring him back to the vet maybe he picked up an infection along the way dunno

Check out our fellow blogger Ken, he knows everything and is a pro when it comes to rescuing and caring for cats.. best of luck to you with your 13year old thumbs up
My cats dead ... I think sad
"What Has You Thinking That"

"Kitty Is Dead?"...................detective
You gave me no other choice but to show you my little eating machine, Itchy

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