Yogya. A Rogue's Life. 13/02/2018

Bits and pieces.

Recycling Lady. I've seen this women quite often around the lanes and streets of my neighborhood sorting through rubbish as she looks for plastics, bottles and cardboard to secure to her bike and peddle off somewhere with her booty. Up until this morning I didn't know where she took it or what she did with it all. Walking down a small road I hadn't previously been along, I found a couple of small recycling sheds and assumed this must be her depot. And sure enough up she pulled with a load.

The Boss. These small recycling sheds sit directly opposite a cemetery giving this stretch of road an empty almost hopeless feel to it. There was also a slightly ominous foreboding to those that worked these sites with people not being the normal welcoming happy types I've experienced up until now. The chap in the photo was studiously tapping away at a calculator as he looked at a small book containing what I assume to be the weights and payments of recycled materials for the week. As soon as my cheap smartphone is in any sort of low light, it's almost impossible to get a decent photo.

Street-side Markets. One aspect I do enjoy about early morning walks is the little pop-up vege markets I see scattered around the lanes. These makeshift markets also seem to serve as a meeting point for some women to have a chat and catch up on things. I had a little bit of a laugh to myself today as I approached one particular stall with numerous ladies talking away - once they realized I was coming toward them, the chatter stopped. Secret women's business.

Western Style. This is from my rice fields ride the other day. I came across a wedding in a village that had a marriage taking place. Perhaps one of the betrothed was a westerner, but again, this bride and groom's car appeared a little out of place in the rice fields.

Everything Bar the Kitchen Sink. I'm not entirely sure how many more photos of street vendors or becaks or food stalls CS readers can suffer through, but this heavily laden bike had to be photographed. There really was almost every household item one could need for the kitchen or laundry. How does he push it?

Huge Brooms. This chap was dwarfed by the brooms he carried, I count fifteen of them. Interestingly on this street i saw a western woman sweeping her porch. I'm not sure who was surprised to see each other more. I haven't seen any westerners around these parts before and should have stopped to chat, but there was a man carrying huge brooms I wanted to take a photo of.

Sleepy Becak. I have a feeling this chap may have only just woken up as I didn't get the usual request for a journey to some part or another. Becak driving has elements of a low stress occupation, I think.

I'm unsure how much is left for me to discover on the streets of my local area so may have to venture to the coast for a long ride. Oh, my bits.

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Tattooed and Pierced. This chap was covered in tattoos and had multiple piercings. I'm not entirely sure why I'm so interested in people. And seemingly, those that have the least interest me the most. If a man stepped out from a helicopter alongside a man getting off a horse, I'd sooner want to know about the man with the horse.

Rubbish Wrangler. Remember the dwarf rubbish man? I continue to see him regularly sifting through people's garbage as well. I always see him in the same bright orange shirt with his bright blue garbage bag. he's quite hard to miss coming down the lane.
thumbs up
Hi Tokyo.. good story of your today trip diary..
one thing , that hope im not mistake here.. u put woman picture in her jilbab in most of your travel blog about yogya.... appreciate and respect on it.
.. How with nasi kucing with chicken feet, still cannot eat the fav food? ,, laugh
anyway.. i sawfor your blog , yogya still offering so many art kind.. from the people who stay there or for the place..
.. send my love to yogya. thenheart wings

Hi Toe_Toes. Thanks, i read your Badui blog and looked the people up on Wiki as I hadn't heard of them before. They're an interesting group.
I really like your pictures and anecdotes, as others have said its like being in a foreign place. keep observing and posting my friend.
Just here to give the usual thumbs up grin
............thumbs up
Thanks all. It's been a lot of fun.
Hi Tokyo..
Yes. Badui tribe is in in Java Island.
From Jakarta.. can reach by train from Tanah Abang Station Jakarta to Rangkasbitung then continue with public transportiation like small bus till the gate where we start walk to outer badui place ..then continue inner badui place.
But..for foreigner..only can visit until outer badui place. Cannot till inner badui place.
TT- thanks for the travel tips. i don't think I can get there this time, but maybe in the future.thumbs up
TR, once again great pics thumbs up
wen - Thanks as always for dropping by.thumbs up
_____thumbs up ________

usha - GO TO BED!!! .........................................With me.
Still working Rogue. It's almost ten here. blues

You sleep, I will climb later. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Going home. No point trying to work when I can't. be there soon.blushing
I can't wait for the photos of India! applause

I hope you won't get bored with entertaining us until then.blues

Don't give up! Don't give up! Don't give up!

cheering cheering cheering

And - of course - enjoy yourself. smile Nice photos, as always. smile
Hey Maya - Really looking forward to India.

Not sure I've much left to show you where I am now. I'm about to start repeating myself and that will definitely start to get old and bore people. Might be a time for less frequent entries. we'll see.
"PLAY NOW: Tetris"(meet us in the games)

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