I Have Found The Love Of My Life...

It was Love at First Sight...

He´s tall, dark and handsome…
He has long black hair floating in the wind...
Big shiny brown eyes that penetrate deep into your soul...
And he is wild... oh, so wild... and I love him to bits. love

When he leans his head on my shoulder and I feel his breathing on my neck, it sends shivers all the way down my spine...
His presence just shakes me to my very core...

He was born a “free spirit” but his spirit was broken by humanity in general.

When we met it was love at first sight. We heard each other’s call.

He is still carrying bravely all the wounds from the past
(physical, emotional and spiritual).

He sought me for love and comfort, and in return he is filling me with what my heart & soul were seeking...

The blinkers he had been wearing for so long were removed so that he could, at long last, see the world from another perspective.

And, with love, patience and perseverance he has become tame and approachable and also my best friend...

Did you think I was talking about a man?
NO, this is all about a horse, and many others who have also been rescued by kind-hearted people in this “Equine centre” where I have been volunteering my services a few mornings a week.

The horses are running free, have large paddocks, are ridden and exercised daily and the contact with them have therapeutic properties for humans and children
The centre also caters for handicapped and autistic people.

My riding days are now over, unfortunately, after my riding accident 4 years ago, but the contact I have with these wonderful creatures has helped me a lot with my emotional recovery.

Now, Swan, is a 25 year old retired horse (all white) and his riding days are also over and he needs to earn his keep in one way of another.
He is now therefore looking for kind hearted people to sponsor him and bring him some love on the days when I can´t be there for him.

teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (32)

Daniela you are quite predictable and consistent as it was obvious after the first 4 sentences you were talking about a horse. There is no man on earth that can take the place of your horses However, considering the quality men these days who can blame you.
applause applause applause
Hi Daniela wave I think you have found a keeper hug

I admire you in your volunteer services thumbs up
I've always loved horses too and had a Belgian horse.I adopted another who had been abused by her owner.I sold both horses when I moved cause there was no place to keep them.
Akel...consistency is what many seem to be lacking unfortunately. sigh

And why should a horse or any other animal ever take the place of a man when they should be walking side by side?dunno
I meant to add Akel...glad to see that you have got as far as the 4th line.wink
Thanks Wen...we're now looking for sponsors? Do you know anyone?
Hi Bear..wave

That's the trouble when horses are no longer useful people don't have the room for them and they're too expensive to keep.

It I had my way I'd be rescuing all the abandoned creatures
i can tell that it was a huge huge mistake posting here.super
Hey..what seems to be the problem ? confused
Whatever works for you Daniela. Horse as a love of your life. I'm happy for you.

I had 4 of them when I was young. I loved them but u won't trade my son as the true love of my life. Then my Schaun as the love of my life at the moment. hug
Should have been 'I " not u.
Who's talking about trading someone for an animal Lindsey? confused

We can have several loves in our life and love them all in different ways.dunno
Swan sounds lovely, although you do say 'long black hair' and add later that he is all white, or are we talking about 2 different horses?

Hope you can post a pic sometime, the work you do for your horses is great hug
Of course I may have made the common CS error of completely mis-reading the blog and going off on my own track completely. Hope not.

Sorry Daniela, I meant my true love are my son and my man. Not you.

I'm happy for you to have found your true love in a horse. bouquet
Hi Biff...no you're right.

The first horse I fell in love with was a Friesan..in another centre.

But...Swan is in the one I've been working for 3 years now.. Lovely creature...

I'm going to try to post a pic from my phone.

Here's Swan...any kind hearted soul ?
Lindsy...he is not my true love but my favourite horse that I love dearly ...and as well as my dog.

How can you compare animals with people?dunno
I'm too far away but heart wings
No I'm not comparing them Daniela. I'm just totally intrigued that your love as you found is a horse. I was especting a man, that's all.
The title as love of your life. Maybe I'm out of line in expecting that it would be a man, as your love of your life.
That's ok Lindsy...this is British humour.laugh
I fell in love with a house, at least your Swan can love you back laugh
Well...I fell in love with the area I live in and a beautiful panoramic view on my first time here and I said..that's it! No need to look any further ! smitten
As you say Biff..swan can love me back...without conditions.

He used to be quite wild but in his old days He's calmed down a bit and always comes to welcome me when I arrive.

We're now looking for sponsors as they can't pay for his keep.help
Apparently this dog wasn't from PA banana
Oops I meant horse....
Sorry, I´ve only just noticed your comment..doh

And what has PA got to do with that particular horse? confused

Are people from PA any different from other parts of the USA? Do you mean, are they bad?... are they lacking in something? dunno
I've seen this before. Women falling in love with horses. Always wondered why... uh oh
Hello Ten. wave

Why? Let me tell you why....

Because most women who deal with horses - and I´m talking about the one I know in real life (including myself) - feel a strong affinity with a horse.... their energy....smitten

Horses represent "freedom" - and also Passion. So, if a woman can identify herself with those feelings ... voilá!
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