A rose & a book Happy Valentine´s

In Spain we love a celebration and we also love our (their?) saints. And although St. Valentine’s Day in Spain isn’t an official holiday, be sure tomorrow the bars and restaurants will be busy.

But Spain actually has another ‘lovers day’ that I think has a far better case for celebration: St. George’s Day.

In Catalonia it is called La Diada de Sant Jordi, also known as El Dia de la Rosa (The Day of the Rose) or El Dia del Llibre (The Day of the Book) and is a public holiday. The main event is the exchange of gifts between loved ones. Roses have been associated with this day since medieval times but more recently the giving of books is what we do ...so I thought since I have no Valentine and Track gave me some of my favourite Black Baccaras, I should give me a book ....I chose this one (yeah CS you are so important for me lol!)

I will tell you later my feedback from the book (maybe) ....I just loved that quote at the beggining: None of the descriptions and types are based on a single person. Get over yourself! LOL! yeah...I´m sure it doesn´t ....since the author wink is quoting an exact location from where she got her muse: Connecting Singles .... (a good Publicity applause)

Hey!!! we have a book!!!!!! and it´s affordable....easy to buy online blushing

(It´s seems a good book all of us should read)

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My goodness gracious me!!!
So we're being spied on? I knew ...I always knew.!!frustrated

Wondering if our emails are also being read? confused
Daniela! come on! Get over yourself!!!!
All our info is public and belongs to CS, anyone can use it...dunno
I shall write my own stories one day too ....well, maybe wink

Something like that (emails) should never cross your mind (private is private!!!!). Impossible!!!!

happy valentines day
I know it's all public!
I've mentioned it on the blogs many times ...and even wrote a blog about it last week.

Now someone can write that I'm in love with a white stallion and he's better than a man!
That's what everybody believes anyway.laugh
@Rubia: Yep...that's the beauty of virtual world...people with things in common and similar interest who develop a friendship that remains far and beyond cyber space.... lovely heart wings

You love horses and I want to change the world LOL! not bad handshake
I'd also like to change the world..and I'm doing everything in my power to contribute I can assure you.head banger
Cach, you should be a publicity agent laugh

What an absolutely brilliant idea to exchange books and roses, I love it daydream

Promotions aren't allowed on CS, your blog may not be around long but have a lovely Valentine's Day.

Excellent Daniela ....everybody is welcome in that boat applause
Biff blushing I was expecting your comment ....you made me suffer lady wink I´m so happy you like my blog ...wondering why you didn´t do one? ....yeah I know, it could be considered selfish.

As a matter of fact I´m my own promoting agent but before that I worked in...never mind, I told that before, I´m sure some will remember where I took from my promoting skills.

I don´t see any problem with this blog since I´m not saying where to buy it, I´m only suggesting a book ....using its own CS link for that but there is no guarantee of anything in this world so moping...it´s ok I could live with that ...
Thank you Biff and have you too a lovely Valentine´s teddybear
Eish, if I did a promo blog I would be reported by so many people my butt would be bounced right off CS which is why I shouldn't even be commenting on this one, it will look like straight collusion. frustrated

Hope my comment doesn't cause trouble, delete it with my blessing, don't want you to get caught in any backlash.

Cach. Biff,. Don't worry I have connections with the Mods Squad, I will make a phone call to keep you from being deleted. Just don't do it again. rolling on the floor laughing
Well ....I can´t tell Biff, I was thinking in: " hey guys I just finished my book inspired in ....." you know ...a casual thing since we all share some of our stuff here dunno I think you are safe, you already suggested it in book secction LOL and nothing happened (you are not the only one...I have a friend who is a CS member and he does that with his own books too).

...Promoting is more like that blog we had days ago from a guy who is inviting us to "Get Outdoors and Explore US Parks and Forests" his own tour operator address & contact included LOL!

But ....I´m a simple mortal, no idea I just find interesting the subject wave
I have always thought you are a lucky guy Wen bowing
A gentleman on rescue batting
Have a nice day tomorrow Wen purple heart
Phew, Wen, thanks! laugh

Cach, you haven't been here long, some of my older blogs do talk about this. There were unhappy comments and scolding fingers. I've never been secretive about it. Some of the books have literally thousands of views. Neither have I ever made a secret of enjoying CS as a resource, in fact I've in the past run blogs on knotty plot problems and had some extremely eccentric replies laugh The last year I've had a lot else on my mind.

Daniela, you were a volunteer reader for one of my books on singles, you know exactly, but exactly, how discreet I am! doh
Cach, Biff,. Just having a little fun, keep writing.

Hope you both have a great Valentine's day. hug bouquet
Oh Biff I´m delighted with the idea, as a matter of fact I want to write about "my experience" here one day too!!!!

Yes, I just have been here for one year, tried to read as many old blogs as possible but ...I know it´s not the sameblues

I was planning to do that once I leave the site, now that I have your attention, just curious, did you feel like inform to CS stuff about that or not necessary? ...since you wrote "Connecting Singles" in the book and not any other dating site involved ...I have that question in my mind. Thank you.

Note: You do not need to answer if you do not think it´s an appropiate question.
As I think you said yourself, CS is a public site. Nobody gets Facebook's permission before saying publicly they are on Facebook?

I also knew I wasn't talking about individuals but types. In fact if I couldn't think of at LEAST three people who fitted one of my general descriptions, I made it more general! That's across ten websites. I've cancelled all the other profiles now, but I like CS because of the blogs and because I can ask questions here, and get answers, that's been priceless.
Sorry, that didn't answer your question. Yes, I checked it was okay to quote CS as one of my sources.
It is entirely a different matter to talk about individuals on a website, in any terms that can identify them, without their written permission. In one case I have done so, and I have the written permission.
Biff,. If I'm not mistaking but didn't you use to write for a Newspaper?
You could have been and excellent Politician Elegsabiff laugh
I´m looking forward to read it, I´m sure I´m gonna enjoy it so much ...I´ll post my review with 5 stars.
Thank you!!!!
(You should have ask for royalties with that promo you did, mentioning only CS lol! ....nahhh you are not like me, I can´t avoid think in marketing terms sometimes)
Cinderella time for me... gnite
Someone gave me a book for Christmas.grin The title was, " this is not the life I ordered."

I still haven't read the book, but I started to date him thinking it was something to do with me being single.doh rolling on the floor laughing We ended the relationship last Christmas.

Crunia, I am going to get over myself and get on with my self.laugh rolling on the floor laughing

I will get the book El, and start to date again, assuming something stupid before I read it. laugh
Wen, yes, I've been a columnist on a national magazine, a journalist on a country newspaper, and a book reviewer on a major newspaper, plus freelance stuff for 30 + years. Always a little nuts, in other words.

Cach, hope you do enjoy, it represents a lot of input from a lot of people and still we all learn new stuff every day. Nowt so queer as folk, as the old saying goes grin

Ush, a guy once gave me a Thomas The Tank Engine story for Christmas. Target market, little boys. I never did work out why rolling on the floor laughing Loving your upsy downsy pic and hope your recent split left no bruises hug
Art got me some of her books and Biff signed them all!! applause

MiMi's a lucky gal!!!yay

I'm rather new here, so I don't know the members very well, but I didn't know that you were a writer. smile I checked your profile and saw some books listed. I will definitely check them out. smile thumbs up
Maya applause

Happy Valentine!! bouquet
Thanks for your comment Usha,

I´m very picky with my books, I do read almost anything (til the end) but those development books and personal growth where the author gives you lessons completely out of the blue because has zero merits to do that ...nah...I just can´t, actually that´s what I´m feeling reading our Biff book LOL professor

In any case I´m sure I´m influenced because I know her from here, but I´m having a lot of fun and certainly laughing so much. I´ll finish it tonight.

Hope you have had a good day yesterday .....oh yes I did read your Coffee blog with your mum, nice bouquet
Biff joy
I´m enjoying the book. Thank you. I´ll read another one, so it will be 3 from you wave
Oh Mimi !!!! bouquet You look so lovely in that pic, thanks for let us see you two together among books.
Both of you look happy and having a good time enjoying yourselves. Those are the good things of CS ....the opportunity to develop friendship with others with similar interest.

Yeap...I think so, you are so lucky!!!! my drinks for that wine
Hello _Maya_ bouquet

I think you should check them....I don´t know you but got the feeling you´ll like them hug

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