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...From the tears of misunderstood sharks who only want nothing more than a warm hug.


"Dont Know For Sure"...... Mrcowboy

"But...What I Do Know............ Is"

"We Humans......... Have The Exact"

"Same Amount Of Salt........... In Our Bodies"

"As The Oceans Do"....................detective
whale and dolphin ejaculate
Salt in the ocean comes from rocks on land. The rain that falls on the land contains some dissolved carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. This causes the rainwater to be slightly acidic due to carbonic acid (which forms from carbon dioxide and water). ... Sodium and Chloride are 'salty.'
Mic, laugh sure it's not their pee? dunno laugh
Frodi's Mill

In that time two millstones were found in Denmark, so great that no one was so strong that he could turn them. The nature of the mill was such that whatsoever he who turned asked for, was ground out by the millstones. This mill was called Grotti. He who gave King Frodi the mill was named Hengikjöptr. King Frodi had the maidservants led to the mill, and bade them grind gold; and they did so. First they ground gold and peace and happiness for Frodi; then he would grant them rest or sleep no longer than the cuckoo held its peace or a song might be sung. It is said that they sang the song which is called the Lay of Grotti, and this is its beginning:

Now are we come
To the king's house,
The two fore-knowing,
Fenja and Menja:
These are with Frodi
Son of Fridleifr,
The Mighty Maidens,
As maid-thralls held.

And before they ceased their singing, they ground out a host against Frodi, so that the sea king called Mysingr came there that same night and slew Frodi, taking much plunder. Then the Peace of Frodi was ended. Mysingr took Grotti with him, and Fenja and Menja also, and bade them grind salt. And at midnight they asked whether Mysingr were not weary of salt. He bade them grind longer. They had ground but a little while, when down sank the ship; and from that time there has been a whirlpool in the sea where the water falls through the hole in the millstone. It was then that the sea became salt.
Why the Sea Is Salt
Once on a time, but it was a long, long time ago, there were two brothers, one rich and one poor. Now, one Christmas eve, the poor one hadn't so much as a crumb in the house, either of meat or bread, so he went to his brother to ask him for something to keep Christmas with, in God's name.

It was not the first time his brother had been forced to help him, and you may fancy he wasn't very glad to see his face, but he said, "If you will do what I ask you to do, I'll give you a whole flitch of bacon."

So the poor brother said he would do anything, and was full of thanks.

"Well, here is the flitch," said the rich brother, "and now go straight to hell."

"What I have given my word to do, I must stick to," said the other; so he took the flitch and set off. He walked the whole day, and at dusk he came to a place where he saw a very bright light.

"Maybe this is the place," said the man to himself. So he turned aside, and the first thing he saw was an old, old man, with a long white beard, who stood in an outhouse hewing wood for the Christmas fire.

"Good even," said the man with the flitch.

"The same to you; whither are you going so late?" said the man.

"Oh! I'm going to hell, if I only knew the right way," answered the poor man.

"Well, you're not far wrong, for this is hell," said the old man. "When you get inside they will be all for buying your flitch, for meat is scarce in hell; but mind, you don't sell it unless you get the hand-quern which stands behind the door for it. When you come out, I'll teach you how to handle the quern, for it's good to grind almost anything."

So the man with the flitch thanked the other for his good advice, and gave a great knock at the devil's door. When he got in, everything went just as the old man had said. All the devils, great and small, came swarming up to him like ants round an anthill, and each tried to outbid the other for the flitch.

"Well!" said the man, "by rights my old dame and I ought to have this flitch for our Christmas dinner; but since you have all set your hearts on it, I suppose I must give it up to you; but if I sell it at all, I'll have for it that quern behind the door yonder."

At first the devil wouldn't hear of such a bargain, and chaffered and haggled with the man; but he stuck to what he said, and at last the devil had to part with his quern. When the man got out into the yard, he asked the old woodcutter how he was to handle the quern; and after he had heard how to use it, he thanked the old man and went off home as fast as he could, but still the clock had struck twelve on Christmas eve before he had reached his own door.

"Wherever in the world have you been?" said his old dame. "Here have I sat hour after hour waiting and watching, without so much as two sticks to lay together under the Christmas brose."

"Oh!" said the man, "I could not get back before, for I had to go a long way, first for one thing, and then for another; but now you shall see what you shall see."

So he put the quern on the table, and bade it first of all grind lights, then a tablecloth, then meat, then ale, and so on till they had got everything that was nice for Christmas fare. He had only to speak the word, and the quern ground out what he wanted. The old dame stood by blessing her stars, and kept on asking where he had got this wonderful quern, but he wouldn't tell her.

"It's all one where I got it from; you see the quern is a good one, and the millstream never freezes. That's enough."

So he ground meat and drink and dainties enough to last till Twelfth Day, and on the third day he asked all his friends and kin to his house, and gave a great feast. Now, when his rich brother saw all that was on the table, and all that was behind in the larder, he grew quite spiteful and wild, for he couldn't bear that his brother should have anything.

"'Twas only on Christmas eve," he said to the

"'Twas only on Christmas eve," he said to the rest, "he was in such straits, that he came and asked for a morsel of food in God's name, and now he gives a feast as if he were count or king."

And he turned to his brother and said, "But whence, in hell's name, have you got all this wealth?"

"From behind the door," answered the owner of the quern, for he didn't care to let the cat out of the bag.

But later on the evening, when he had got a drop too much, he could keep his secret no longer, and brought out the quern and said, "There, you see what has gotten me all this wealth."

And so he made the quern grind all kind of things. When his brother saw it, he set his heart on having the quern, and, after a deal of coaxing, he got it; but he had to pay three hundred dollars for it, and his brother bargained to keep it till hay harvest, for he thought, if I keep it till then, I can make it grind meat and drink that will last for years. So you may fancy the quern didn't grow rusty for want of work, and when hay harvest came, the rich brother got it, but the other took care not to teach him how to handle it. It was evening when the rich brother got the quern home, and next morning he told his wife to go out into the hayfield and toss, while the mowers cut the grass, and he would stay at home and get the dinner ready.

So, when dinnertime drew near, he put the quern on the kitchen table and said, "Grind herrings and broth, and grind them good and fast."

So the quern began to grind herrings and broth; first of all, all the dishes full, then all the tubs full, and so on till the kitchen floor was quite covered. Then the man twisted and twirled at the quern to get it to stop, but for all his twisting and fingering the quern went on grinding, and in a little while the broth rose so high that the man was like to drown. So he threw open the kitchen door and ran into the parlor, but it wasn't long before the quern had ground the parlor full too, and it was only at the risk of his life that the man could get hold of the latch of the house door through the stream of broth. When he got the door open, he ran out and set off down the road, with the stream of herrings and broth at his heels, roaring like a waterfall over the whole farm.

Now, his old dame, who was in the field tossing hay, thought it a long time to dinner, and at last she said, "Well! though the master doesn't call us home, we may as well go. Maybe he finds it hard work to boil the broth, and will be glad of my help."

The men were willing enough, so they sauntered homewards; but just as they had got a little way up the hill, what should they meet but herrings, and broth, and bread, all running, and dashing, and splashing together in a stream, and the master himself running before them for his life, and as he passed them he bawled out, "Would to heaven each of you had a hundred throats! But take care you're not drowned in the broth."

Away he went, as though the Evil One were at his heels, to his brother's house, and begged him for God's sake to take back the quern that instant; for, said he, "If it grinds only one hour more, the whole parish will be swallowed up by herrings and broth."

But his brother wouldn't hear of taking it back till the other paid him down three hundred dollars more.

So the poor brother got both the money and the quern, and it wasn't long before he set up a farmhouse far finer than the one in which his brother lived, and with the quern he ground so much gold that he covered it with plates of gold; and as the farm lay by the seaside, the golden house gleamed and glistened far away over the sea. All who sailed by put ashore to see the rich man in the golden house, and to see the wonderful quern, the fame of which spread far and wide, till there was nobody who hadn't heard tell of it.

So one day there came a skipper who wanted to see the quern; and the first thing he asked was if it could grind salt.

"Grind salt!" said the owner; "I should just think it could. It can grind anything."

When the skipper heard that, he said he must have the quern, cost what it would; for if he only had it, he thought he should be rid of his long voyages across stormy seas for a lading of salt. Well, at first the man wouldn't hear of parting with the quern; but the skipper begged and prayed so hard, that at last he let him have it, but he had to pay many, many thousand dollars for it. Now, when the skipper had got the quern on his back, he soon made off with it, for he was afraid lest the man should change his mind; so he had no time to ask how to handle the quern, but got on board his ship as fast as he could, and set sail.

When he had sailed a good way off, he brought the quern on deck and said, "Grind salt, and grind both good and fast."

Well, the quern began to grind salt so that it poured out like water; and when the skipper had got the ship full, he wished to stop the quern, but whichever way he turned it, and however much he tried, it was no good; the quern kept grinding on, and the heap of salt grew higher and higher, and at last down sunk the ship.

There lies the quern at the bottom of the sea, and grinds away at this very day, and that is the reason why the sea is salt.

The end. peace
Its not actually salty,
That's just an alternative fact spread by the Illuminati to get you to drink tap water
so you will turn into a gay frog tongue

This one must be true as it provides pictures as alternative facts.

Excellent alternative explanations, y'all! cheers

Well reasoned and viable. grin

Well...almost all of 'em.
Seriously, dama? roll eyes
The sea is salty because rain falls on rocks?!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

That's gotta be the most retarded mess of nonsense I've ever heard!
I gotta give ya thumbs up just for dreaming up something so patently bat shit crazy!
Very imaginative!

Rain on rocks makes the sea salty...
You're killin' me here! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I've considered your suggestion that it is shark pee rather than tears, usha.

Based on the indisputable fact that I've swum in the ocean (and may do so again) I've concluded that shark tears are much more likely the cause than shark pee.
Yes. MUCH more likely!
very happy

uh oh


We all know you're pulling a joke on us with that 'Illuminati Conspiracy Theory'!
Very funny! HAHAHA!
Almost as imaginative as that hare-brained rain on rocks notion.
rolling on the floor laughing

And besides, IF the Illuminati were really conning us to drink tap water that had been chemically altered by fracking, bombarded with exactly the ratio of curies to roentgens from Pu 239 to make the water a GMO catalyst that turns humans into gay frogs (which they are NOT)...
people read about it on...let us say...a blog on singles site,
all those people would be hunted down by the New World Order and killed.
For obvious reasons.

So we all know you were making a joke about the Illuminati and tap water.
Because they are NOT doing that scold
As we all know.

uh oh
Trust #1

tinfoil hat
Because. Dare I mention the nature of nature, spilling from a vessel of flesh?
Refer to my scientific critique of usha's hypothesis above roll eyes

A most astute observation, Mr. detective

The chemical make up of the watery part of blood (and probably also lymph) is remarkably similar to that of sea water.

This has prompted some to hypothesize that life began in the sea, and all life forms carry within them a tiny 'sea' because that's the original hospitable environment in which live began and developed.

the sea is known to be INCREASING in salinity.
If we extrapolate the rate backwards, sea water in earlier times must've been less salty...and in the far distant past...fresh water!

Thus, life would've begun and developed in FRESH water...
So...WHY is the watery component of our blood so similar to present day sea water...and so different from the likely make up of sea water that would've existed when it is claimed life began & developed.

Seems the more we know...the less we're sure of.

The sea getting saltier...that almost lends credence to that crack-pot notion that the salt comes from rain falling on rocks!
wow YOU DON'T SUPPOSE...?!?!?!
talk to hand Nahhh...it COULDN'T BE!
Could it?



I can do that.
Cuz it's my blog & there's not a damned thing y'all can do 'bout it.
So there! tongue

Perhaps some of you have seen the 'Christian Music' blog posted by Scottish...and skipped it became, well, who really gives a fig 'bout boring, repetitive Christian Music...yawn


Do NOT Miss It!
Hit the link to the Carmen vid I included in my comment.

Easier still - just hit the link at the top of this comment roll eyes

It ain't yer grandpa's Christian Music...fer sure!

I return you now to the regularly scheduled blog topic.
I can do that.
It's still MY blog....tongue

I'm not ignoring your meticulous & in-depth research, frog

It just took me awhile to wrap my around it all.
An exhaustive presentation, indeed.
And with pictures, even! grin

I'll say it.
I'd not have guessed you possessed such a razor sharp scientifically analytical mind.
Towering and far ranging intellect of your caliber is indeed rare.
And especially so in a woman!

I'm nothing if not utterly impressed; lost in awe bowing

A word of caution to y'all women!

Don't think just because frog can think rationally & scientific that just any woman can do so!

NO! scold

Her towering & far-ranging (dare I say, almost man-like) intellect is the exception...NOT the rule!


You will be far happier if you keep focused on the softness and furriness of kittens!
You will also remain pretty & not require electrolysis
flirty...very happy

Water is no good, the fish have sex in it.
roll eyes Easy! To Make Sea Salt.
When did you get your masters degree. wow

That answer turns me on. blushing
I went to High School and College! And other training too!

blushing Happy Valentine's Day! Babe
It just is, Mic...

Anyways why do you ask is my question.

Good morning Mic.wave
...From the tears of disappointed mermaids left by unfaithful princes... blues
Because God cries whenever we touch ourselves.
Happy Valentine's Day Independence Day ! flex

Say it isn't so !! crying
Well Either Way!

Sea Salt is made! And also sold in the stores. Look! They making money with it. Probably in many ways. How do I know? I see it in the stores. And I am one of them, that buy it! ( Sea Salt)

I always use sea salt.
You and me both....thumbs up
Does it come from Neptune's salt shaker laugh
laugh Nope

It comes from the sea, to the box. And from the store to my house.

Actually linds, the original purpose of the blog wasn't to ponder the origin of the sea's saltiness.

I was intending to draw attention to the sad plight of unhugged sharks.

I'm campaigning to create 'Hug A Shark Day'. hug

I'm also promoting the day after that as 'Prosthetic Limb Day'...
in the event that some of the sharks misinterpret the actions of people attempting to hug them.
It's best to be prepared, I figure.

Thank you for refocusing the blog. flower

Welcome Mic.wave

In that case I'd be obliged to hug them except we as humans need salt.

So should we leave them and keep on crying?

Hug A Shark Day?

An interesting idea for a collective suicide... Compassionate even. hug

uh oh
Funny thing, I was swimming today looking for a shark to hug and I saw a pilot fish on his own. I know him quite well, but never seen him alone before, he's always with his whale friend.

Hey, I shouted over, where's your big buddy?

'I don't know and don't care', he shouted back crossly. 'Am I my blubber's kipper?'

I suspect they fell out. Shame, it being Valentine's Day and all.

As for salty, sheesh, don't look at me. Okay, yes, I peed in the sea. Once. When I was a little girl. I didn't know! That was in the Indian Ocean, I refuse to consider the possibility it caused saltiness in the others.
Have you ever eaten fish without salt? Nature made sure sharks can have salt with their fish as well. Have my doubts about the crying sharks but will first do some research before discarding that idea.

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