My Valentine

I never make a fuss about big days like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and the likes. To me it is just a commercialized moneymaking racket and the real meanings of these days have long been forgotten.roll eyes

Oh, I’ll join the fun if there is a party somewhere and if not, I normally book a table somewhere well in advance. But I never waste my money on expensive cards and BS that end up in the dustbin a week later. It is the same with Guy Fawkes Day. I'm not upset with my money and won't set it alight. When my children were still young, I used to buy a few fancy rockets just to see the awe in their faces but that was a long time ago.mumbling

I don’t know what is happening this year; maybe I’m going bonkers in my old days. Where I normally book a table at the more average places, I booked a table at one of the more expensive places. I never eat seafood when I eat out, yet I selected a place that specializes in seafood. I normally buy the first and the best Valentine cards but this year I spent about thirty minutes browsing fancy Valentine cards and ended up buying what probably was the most expensive card in the

All because of a certain woman from Gauteng who happens to like seafood and who I probably won’t see again after tomorrow. So, it is not even an investment for the future. Why am I trying so hard to impress her? And the worst of it is that she cannot be impressed by any of this. If I entertain her at home and treat her on take-away fish and chips, wrapped in newspaper, she’d be happy too. She’s easily the least demanding woman I met in my life.applause

And before you tell me I’m in love; I’m not. Yorkie still steal my thoughts too often; not as often as before but she’s still somewhere there. sigh
cats meow cats meow

I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day.bouquet

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I love love love fish & chips!! applause applause applause
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Catfoot teddybear
laugh It's confirmed're losing it Cat....conversing

Someone's gonna be an unhappy chappie come two days time.....comfort
Thank you Mimi,
so you like fish and chips. I don't like chips that much but I eat a lot of fish at home. That is why I never bother with seafood when eating out.
Hi Berry
Being in love with her will not create insurmountable problems. I visit my daughter who lives in Pretoria about four times a year, every time for a week or so, and this woman lives about forty km from my daughter. She's taking pension in three years time so then there would be nothing to prevent her from relocating but I'm not in love with her.

Yes, I'll be a bit sad by tomorrow this time but it will blow over.

Then just enjoy your time together doing whatever.

Personally.....I'm the fish n chip girl on the beach type, rather than a swanky restaurant....though I'm sure she'll be impressed with how much effort you've put in.

...and a Happy Valentines Day to you too :-)
Hi Berry,
And that is what we are doing. Although we said we're not going to maintain contact, I suspect that there will be the odd phone call and birthday cards.
Fish & chips on the beach! Sounds great! What are you doing next year this time.laugh
@ Catfoot,

Or, maybe you are denying reality (not being in love) as part of "going bonkers in your old days" rolling on the floor laughing (just pulling your leg)

In any case , it's good to know that if any man goes the same trouble for me, invested a considerable amount of time, energy and effort to do what you did or any other similar actions, it doesn't mean "he's in love".
grin doh
So, this is your technique.....laugh

Yep...I'm a cheap date. I like the simple things.

Fine dining in a crowded restaurant makes me feel awkward....I like a more casual atmosphere...outdoors preferably.

This time next year? Wait... I'll just check my diary....well, what a surprise...I'm sure I'll be free that night....laugh
Hi Star,
Hmm, if I was trying to impress her, this would have been the wrong way. This is just a way to show my appreciation for a everything we shared this last month. I was great being with her.
Hi Berry,
Then I'm a lucky man. I thought your next six Valentine days were booked in advance.laugh
Hmmmm I think you're deluded there Cat.

I have no date for Valentines.....ever.

I may have to resort to begging....blues


I guess you are answering your own question in the blog, "Why am I trying so hard to impress her?" in the blog.

Are you sure you aren't in love? heart wings
Hi Cattie
I envy her for having somebody who still appreciate women.
Like Berry, I also have to beg.
That a**hole of Sunday phoned me this morning to hear what I'm doing tonight.
He has no booking and wants to call around for late cancellations.
A fat chance, I told him I'm occupied.
It is not my idea of a romantic evening having to wait in a Q for a table to go empty.
Hi Berry,
I find that very hard to believe. What's wrong with the Kiwi men. Are they blind?
Hi Star.
I don't think so, I'd be a liar to say that I feel nothing for her, but my thoughts are still elsewhere. Maybe we just met at the wrong time.
Hi Bea,
He seemed ok. Remember you have just met and he did not have the opportunity to to book a table. I'd say call him and say you changed your mind.

Yanno.....the good ol' kiwi bloke.....who hides in caves?

There not all like that, but truth be known, I can't be arsed any more with the whole dating thing.

He'd have to be pretty damn special......

A miracle is needed....mumbling
Hi Berry,
I hear so many women here saying that. Are you not perhaps expecting too much. There is no perfect guy out there. You have to start with what is more or less what you want.and work on that.

Fussy I may be....

...but chemistry is a must have for me.

If he doesn't curl me toes from the get go....then, it's never going to happen.

Anyways....getting away from your blog a little.

Enjoy your evening with your lady....wave
I have a date for tonight!
applause cheering applause
Thanks Berry
I'll do that. Thanks for dropping in.wave
See! It does not pay to be full of shit.rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Catfoot wave
Just being curious. Did the Gauteng lady know that another woman (the Yorkie lady) still occupies your thought often? Did you ever tell her that even indirectly?
@ Catfoot,

Well, if you are thinking of an illusion, you better concentrate on what's real and reality(have absolutely no idea about who you are referring to or still investing your thoughts upon, you decide if it's worth it, your thoughts, your energy, your time).

Sorry, I really have to log off this site for now.

Have a lovely time with "Your Valentine!". Enjoy the moment and present! heart wings
Hiya Catie..hug

It sounds like a guy in denial to me.
Who are you trying to convince by saying you're not in love?
Us..or yourself ?dunno

I'm also a simple girl and prefer a picnic on the beach any time rather than fancy restaurants.

I've always been told that I was cheap to run! laugh
Hi Kal.
This question was asked numerous times during the last month. even my sister, Bea, my friends and their wives wanted to know. Yes, I told her the very first night we met; even before our first date. It was just a holiday romance and she knew it all along. She knew she was just a lightning conductor; In return she got an interesting holiday and I truly hope that she enjoyed our time together as much as I did.
Enjoy your evening Cat.

I'm going to cook something for the 3 of us (with a fat chance of getting to hear a "I DON'T EAT THIS! - well, kiddo changed her mind last night and ate everything in the end). laugh

We all got cards and something small this morning, no fuss and that's how I like it. bouquet

Enjoy if you are into this stuff, for the ones that aren't, it's just another day. wave
Hi Star,
It is my previous girlfriend. I broke up because she will be returning to the UK towards the end of next year when she retires. I opted for the smaller knock now iso a bigger knock then. I heard a rumor that she may be returning even sooner as her pension will be worthless in the UK in anyway.

The answer to your question on a previous blog will be answered tomorrow. laugh

Thanks for dropping in. wave
HHi Daniela,
I'm not denying that I'm fond of her and I'm sorry to see her leaving tomorrow. No, I will repeat; I'm not in love with her; there is no electricity sparking around. I cannot be in love with two women. When I see Yorkie when she's in her front garden, I still get butterflies in my stomach.
hi KN
Sorry for taking so long to respond. I had visitors again.

Normally it is just another day with maybe something not very special at night. Dunno why this year is so different.laugh
Cat, enjoy your nice restaurant

I like good restaurants and I also enjoy fish and chips at the beach - I have done both quite happily.

We don't have to be in love with everybody we enjoy the company of. And we don't have to feel bad that we are not in love with them either. bouquet
I cannot believe I am the first to post this video on your blog laugh

Seriously - ever so glad you have both found the enjoyment of spending time with someone without feeling you both have to be in something special - and that you talked about it. We may forget that sometimes on CS - it doesn't HAVE to be fireworks and thumping hearts, or it is a waste of time, any more than any friend HAS to be a best friend. Expectations can be ridiculously high.
Hi Molly,
At last somebody who believes that I'm not in love with her. You can be fond of somebody of the opposite gender without being in love.mumbling
Catfoot wave you have said from the beginning how your relationship with the lady is, and glad you have had this time with her. She does sound like a good person.

so I guess the picture and frame is out laugh

Hope you both have a great evening my friend cheers
Hi Biff,
I don't have good enough connectivity at the moment but I'l listen to your song later.
Hi Wen,
You know nothing yet. laugh

I will reveal that tomorrow after we have parted. But we found a something that she loves.
Enjoy your date Cat...your living life to the full and without any restrictions or self imposed rules..and thats the way it should be.

Anyway, I have to go out for a while. There should be time to look in when I return. wave
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