Valentine without love!

Again there is Valentine, passing in my life without love and has been same since 10 yrs.. tired of falling in love alone, tired of getting hurt, tired of waiting for love, tired of living alone,...just for once I want someone to be afraid of losing me!....anyway I'm happy for the people who are realy lucky with love...Wish you all a very very happy Valentine's Day!sad flower

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Table for one is it Sir?
What you wanna tell??
Hopefully you will meet the right person before long bouquet
Go out with a friend or friends - for a drink, a dinner. Today, or soon - there's no future in waiting for The One to pitch up, and brushing aside everyone who isn't perfect. As long as you aren't lying to the friend, and pretending to feelings you don't have, you can enjoy social life while you're waiting.

When The One appears, you will be relaxed, confident, with a full and normal life with space for her, not a gaping void she has to fill.

Living life alone is bad for the soul.

Thank-you mollybaby and elagsabiff!
"Come On Now"

"The............. "Man Upstairs"

"Gave Us.... "Tomorrow"..... For A Reason"


("Because... "Tomorrow?")

"Is Another Definition For... "Hope"

("Theres Always Tomorrow").........................detective
Wonderfullife86 may I suggest a profile name change to something more appropriate such as "unfulfilledlife"
howdy do Wonderful....
I do understand how you must be feeling hug


14th of Feb 2014 was the day a loved one of mine was told she was going to die...
since then what valentine means to me is its the day I knew I'd be loosing the best part of me.

This Valentine my sister sits in hospital crying is she going to loose her son.

Maybe not in the way you want it Wonderful, but take it from me... someone somewhere IS afraid of loosing YOU.

Love's all around, you just need to appreciate to feel and see it heart wings

bouquet bouquet bouquet
I'm tired of reading suicide thoughts when it comes to valentines day it's just like any other bloody day.
Yeah, do it or dont do it. Spare us the details.
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