A Gift To All South Africans.

Last night, while everybody was celebrating Valentine’s Day, we received the biggest Valentine’s gift we could ask for. Under immense pressure Jacob Zuma resigned as president of South Africa. applause

At about 10 PM former president Jacob Zuma addressed the nation, at least the part who was near TV sets, to announce his resignation. In a national television address, Zuma said he had "come to the decision to resign as president of the Republic with immediate effect". cheering

This is rich. He decided to abdicate! He had no choice. He was facing impeachment and a forceful eviction. At least he sort of admitted to that when he said "I have only asked my party to articulate my transgressions and the reason for its immediate instruction that I vacate office." I would have expected that he would know this; the press is full of it. Oh yes, I forgot He had no formal schooling, so reading may be a bit of an obstacle.

In an earlier TV interview on the same day, he said he had received "very unfair" treatment from the party he joined in 1959 and for which he had fought for decades against apartheid. Well, at least this part was more or less true although I don't know if it was unfair

He further expressed his anger over "the manner in which the decision is being implemented... I don't agree as there is no evidence of if I have done anything wrong." Now this is priceless; no evidence. He has a dossier that will put Encyclopaedia Britannica to shame.

There are no jubilations in the streets as was the case in Zimbabwe but we are holding our breaths in quiet optimism. We are not expecting miracles overnight but rather hope that our new president will improve our image and restore some credibility overseas. doh

And we are speculating about the future of Jacob Zuma. Just like Mugabe, he also tried to get his wife (one of the six) in power to protect him. Will he now, at last, be held accountable for his deeds in the past? We don’t know but if the new president and The ANC won’t interfere, he is going to have big problems. Cyril Ramaphosa has no love for Jacob Zuma but we don’t know what they may be up to in order to preserve unity within the ANC.mumbling

All in all, everybody appears to be fairly happy with getting Ramaphosa as our leader and we’re all hoping that he will live up to expectations. wine
cats meow cats meow

Comments (10)

That is great news, Cat! cheering

More than likely he won't face any sanctions. They look after their own at the end of the day mumbling
Never mind all his other transgressions, This bastard raped a woman. I think there will be hell to play if they interfere.
That, and his ignorant, dangerous, attitude towards AIDS

Yeah, have a shower, that will stop it roll eyes
Did that leak out overseas.laugh

That led to Zero Understanding about Medical Affairs and stayed until he became known as Zupta.rolling on the floor laughing
Yes, the shower 'leaked' laugh
At least our new president has only one wife and we’re going to save the expense of five additional presidential residences. In Africa the husband and his wives do lot live together as a happy family as is the case with the Mormons.
'Happy' is relative.... grin
My gut feeling is the new guy will turn out to be just as bad or worse, as is often the case.
Hi Molly
Sorry for dropping of the Radar like that. I'm getting too many visitors lately.
Hi Pat
I'm afraid you're right but at least our new president is educated and he is considered to be moderate. We are hopeful of slightly better times.
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