A lasting relationship can be like marriage or cohabitation and seems like something complex and difficult to achieve in our lives. It is often depicted as a “luxury” for 2 people. (people no longer believe in realizing it).
Nothing is less true.

A sustainable relationship is easy to realize.
The first and only condition for this is spiritual awareness of both partners. It means realizing what the reason is that you have just this specific person in your life. We are writing about SPIRITUALITY.
The dilemma is that a lasting relationship in general and in particular a romantic relationship, the real intention is not clear and has an image of just contact and a “cozy period”, until it is time to disconnect because the ” spiritual “issues emerged.

Why are we connecting with eachother?
Because a relationship for the universe is more than what you have read. You are a soul and seek out another soul, to have experiences together. ABOVE EVERYTHING, ABOVE YOUR BEAUTY, ABOVE YOUR STRENGTH, ABOUT YOUR RELIGION or YOUR OWN LIFE, is still the GROWTH (lessons you need to know) of your soul that is central to your existence, not just in your life, IMPORTANT.
(It would be easy if we only had 1 life and it is not what you are reading, unfortunately, there is so much evidence that the opposite is reality). The confusion arises when religion is confused with spirituality, where religion is discussed when spirituality should be spoken. One has nothing to do with the other, but you fall hard under the laws of the cosmos, just like everything in and around you.

The pitfalls of the first meeting are very easy to explain with numerology.
1. If you see another person, you will see an appearance. But, a person not only has outer vibration to write it easily. You share the numerology in 15 different energies. These each represent another aspect of you as being. You see the personality, not the nature. When you marry, your character changes, not your nature. Your nature is very important for the relationship that it is compatible, but there are more important factors.
2. You are spiritually unaware. It is no shame that you are. Planning your life is that you are. THAT’S NO NEWS. What is important, do you want to become aware or do you want to stay so?
3. You lack the knowledge to know if this person is favorable to you or not. We talk about feelings for someone else, but can not look into the person’s heart.

I can do that as a numerologist. All information about your life can be traced and deciphered via the birth date that you have. I want to contribute to help you develop a sustainable relationship with a person that is as compatible as possible. The method I use does not discriminate. What I use is your date of birth and then determine who is as beneficial as possible to you or not.
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