The first thing you need to do if you want to progress in life is to know what your purpose is.
You will find your purpose in the date of birth.
Any one born today: 11 dec 2017 has the following purpose.

we will count all numbers together in the following way: day + month + (19)+(2 last digits)
11 + 12 + (20) + (17)
11 + 3 + 1 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

The calculation of this is called the life path number. a life path number 6 means, a purpose of the life regarding family and friends. Anyone born on this day will need to develop strong relationships with others.

In my next pose i will describe all life path numbers.

A life path 1, will need independency. You will not get any support from others in this life, otherwise you can not progress as a soul. Stop expecting from others. They are doing a great job not helping you.

A life path 2, will learn to cooperate with others. Is very emotional. Will frequently have legal issues.

A life path 3, need to be optimistic, need to inspire others. Thew will miss focus.

A life path 4, will love order and structure in life.The are the pillars of society.

A life path 5, will love freedom. They are born to use their time wisely.

A life path 6, will love family and friends. They are people magnets, because they will need to learn to communicate on a deeper level with others.

A life path 7, are the seekers and investigators of the universe. They don't like people.

A life path 8, will love success and career. They will have a lot of set backs in their life. Without balance this person will not progress.

A life path 9, this life is a test. A test to demonstrate love.

You have 3 numbers that are life path numbers to and may not be reduced to a single digit.

A life path 11, will need to use their intuition frequenter.

A life path 22, will be able to accomplish big project, but will need to do this with others.

Finally, a life path 33, possess spiritual knowledge. Can be a spiritual leader. They don't have personal ambition.

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Numerology, like astrology and fortune-telling, will always have a few fans and a lot of skeptics but you certainly seem to know your subject.

My mother had her palm read when she was wondering what life held in store (which we would all love to know) and was told she would travel the world, spend most of her life far from her birthplace, marry a tall dark handsome man, have children late in life, and die before her 84th birthday.

As a result she became an airhostess, travelled the world, met a tall dark handsome passenger on one of her flights, married him, and, because he lived in South Africa, spent the rest of her life there - decided she had to persist in the quest for children and had them in her thirties (which back then was late in life) - and died a month before her 84th birthday. She was dangerously ill more than once but knew she wouldn't die because she was due to live to 83, so she battled through and recovered.

How much was because of the prophecy and how much would have happened anyway?

Believing something is one's destiny isn't necessarily a bad thing, most of us could do with a signpost or two in life.
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