To Mimi

Because of your feet smitten
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It did look like she has lipstick smeared on her feet, arousing suspicions on lesbiocity.
LOL! I think Pat you have not been around so many women who had pedicure frecuently ....yeap, I know what you mean but it´s that....Mimi has professional pedicure in her feet (you wont noticed that in mine because I do it myself and usually wear dark colors, if not regal blue then black)
Stop that mind of yours devil
Feet, the theme is feet....uh oh
Stick to the topic Luke....

Ok there are 36 inches in a yard and 12 inches in a foot.laugh

oh yea 3 feet in a yard.professor
Hahahahaha sorry Luk, too late.
Got ya babe handshake
And I think Mimi's feet are lovely, like all the other women.
teddybear @Pat go to YouTube and check Salma Hayek dancing over the table if you are in the mood batting
I'd smash my data allowance...
rolling on the floor laughing If by any chance you want to set up a club, I´m sure you´ll find a lot of members around....
.....count on me blushing
Hi Crunia wave
Does it look so obvious that I never have manicure nor pedicure? blues
Hi golden-yellow girl....for me it is obvious (haven´t seen your hands or do not remember right now) blushing you have virginal feet my dear ...each on their own is my maximum wink
I will post my hand on my greek blog.
You can tell me more.. grin
Crunia applause

Yessss! Arty loves my toes blushing giggle

But not so much when I stepped on his toes when we were dancing uh oh grin

I do go for very regular mani and pedi because they’re pretty affordable here. They won’t cost me an arm or a leg laugh

Once in awhile, I’d get a feet spa too, especially when I’m gonna meet my Arty....wink
Ahh Mimi make me think in the Crunia I was once wink ....I´ll get back to that, yeap ...patience, step by step (that´s me and my mantra lol)
I think you look fabulous dear, nothing changes a woman as much as feeling loved by the one she loves ....go there you lucky two wine making a difference in this place heart wings
Hola Crunia & Mimi,

@ Crunia,

Very funny video and very intelligent choice for our lovely, beloved and adorable Mimi love

I loved these two guys when I was a kid, was laughing through the whole video. Thanks for making me laugh kiss

@ Mimi,

Congratulations! You've just been voted as an all time favourite on CS, you better prepare for a full make over plus pampering and shot in a magazine!

Any enemies on CS , just let us know wink
Awwwww......thanks Stargazer applause applause applause

Enemies?!?!? I eat them for breakfast! boxing

I found it a couple of days ago because some one shared "manah - manah" in my timeline....I used to love that song veeeeeeery much when I was a kid, have my own version though laugh ...I was only waiting for a good ocassion to share Mimiiiiiii mi mi miiiiii with Mimi wink
Since you’re so nice to MiMi, I’ll share this yummy ice-cream with you too.....

But as usual, I’ll hand you the smallest spoon there is, a demi-tasse while MiMi uses the dinner spoon! laugh
jajajaja it´s ok ....may I have a big spoon of this one (Straciatella-gelato giggle )
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