The Ten rules that are not

I am here to tell you a story and a lie, for what is a lie-brary? A Brary full of lies :)
So what is a brary?
Have no idea and THAT, dear readers would be the only truth in this story.

So if you are reading this and you are highly-intelligent well then you will only lose a few brain cells with this story, without need, if you don't stop reading now.
Read on? Ok then I pity your precious brain LOL

This story is about the world re-known ten rules known as the ten commandments these rules are not rules at all, but are gifts for all those who know the difference.
How so?
Well firstly there's no thing such as ten commandments since there are many more commandments in existence.
How mnay?
100 billion10 x 100 billion10 in short there are many.
How is that possible?
Because its a story. My story
The most important question though is why have commandments?
Easy they are steps to heaven

So here are the 6 known rules that are not, which are important, which I will explain
1. Thou shalt not murder
2. Thou shalt not commit adultery
3. Thou shalt not steal
4. Thou shall not bear false witness
5. Thou shall Love thy Enemy as thy Neighbour and love your neighbour as yourself
6. Honour your Father and Mother

Here are unknown rules that are not, which are also important, which I will not explain. 2 reasons
Baby steps and its my story.tongue
Besides I’m sure you can figure out the rest for yourself anyway. I would be intrigued if you do.

1. Truly I tell you unless you change and become children you can never enter the kingdom of heaven
2. Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven
3. Whoever Welcomes such one child in my Name welcomes Me.
4. Thou shalt not judge so that shalt not be judged
5. Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust consumes, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
To be continued …grin

How are these gifts?
Its a story. My story
Sheesh I thought you would've figured that out by now

Thou shalt not murder
is really a gift its obvious to all that really look at that logic, can't see it yet?
Well you cant murder one from heaven who NEVER dies. Yes he/she has eternal life so trying to murder someone from heaven is absolutely without a doubt impossible to achieve.

Thou shalt not commit adultery
Are you kidding me ?
Love making is the heart of loving, which isn’t expressed by words but with action(isnt always about having sex, but it is about being genuine).
I’ll explain in a simple way. Its impossible to commit adultery, when you are in an open relationship.

Thou shalt not steal
Hah! You would be blind to not see this one, but for those that actually are blind you cant steal when you are given EVERYTHING. All Brothers and Sisters All have the same knowledge and understanding given to Us. After all he did make us in his image

Thou shalt not bear false witness
Again a gift since everyone in heaven already knows what you are a witness to.
Besides who in their right mind is going to lie about what they witness?
Who can you lie to other than yourself?
There is Nothing more meaningful to a Child of Life than to bear Witness to Heaven's Treasures

Honour your Mother and Father
Honour your mother and father of earth or heaven?

How does one do this though?
Easy by acknowledging the treasures of Heaven provided by Mother and Father of Heaven
How do I even do this?
That dear friends is another story.grin
IF you put two words at the end of each command it becomes a more defined purpose in commands.

Thou shalt not murder in heaven
Thou shalt not commit adultery in heaven
Thou shalt not steal in heaven
Thou shall not bear false witness in heaven
Honor your Father and Mother in heaven

Comments (21)

Yeah, fark, whatever.
If you are allowed to 'add on' then so does everyone.

Thou shalt not murder in heaven without a license or reproach
Thou shalt not commit adultery in heaven without a license or reproach
Thou shalt not steal in heaven without a license or reproach
Thou shall not bear false witness in heaven without a license or reproach
Honor your Father and Mother in heaven without a license or reproach
It is a story and are entitled to make a story within a blog/story. And no one is free from accountability, by either word or action.
Thou shalt not steal another's original written words.

It's not your story is it?

If you're going to do a blog/story, then at least let it be in your own words.
Exactly, balls banging against your chin and everything.
Hi Tame.
You left out the 10th commandment. What you have listed as the fifth commandment is not a commandment at all.

For the benefit of all I included the tenth commandment.

(Exodus 20:17)
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his a**, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.
Those are mine, it was very kind your concern for our brain cells.......yeap really nice doh

Be specific Berry are you talking about the commandments or the story as a whole?
Me explaining the purpose of the commands IS My story. I didn't tell the story about how they came to be I am telling the story of their purpose.
Or the other way to look at is, what belongs to Me belongs to My Father for I am in Him and he is in Me,

tsk tsk Pat told you not to read it from the beginning, but you're like
a child who was told NOT to press the big red button, but still pressed it, true/not true?

Well Catfoot, Christ did exactly this in the new testament, so why, the Son of God, would he intentionally leave it out of the commandments?
You figure that out you will understand why I did the same.

You know fellas when a human being insults someone, it's when the person can not make an argument of equal or greater measure. So they revert to their base natures and use mockery to reclaim a form of an intelligent reply

But thanks for reading it all the same
Interesting Crunia
So the big bang theory is still a theory, granted that a lot of experiments and inventions have supported their information this is not one of them.
Control of your body really? can you control your body after your dead?
But I do like No. 2 in that list this we can agree on
You are wrong again Tame.
When the pharisees tempted Him to single out one commandment so they could criticize him, He summarized the ten commandments as following

Matthew 22:37
Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
(a summary of the first four commandments)
Matthew 22:38
This is the first and great commandment.
Matthew 22:39
And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
(a summary of the last six commandments)

As you can see, he said nothing about loving your enemies at that stage. And I repeat, the line you quoted incorrectly is not a command but a summary of the last six commands.

I'm sorry if you feel insulted by being corrected but if you talk about other people's religion you should at least have your facts right.
Your blog was copy & pasted from

It was originally posted by this blogger in December 2015.

So, unless your phantomv, then you're telling porkies.

Specific enough for you?
handshake glad to see you are hanging around to defend your theories, what a nice change after recent new bloggers who post and vanish

Camp Mother has spoken....roll eyes
Ouch, Berry! laugh

Seriously, you don't find that grates your carrot? You put a comment on a new blog, and the person doesn't bother to reply????

very mad

rolling on the floor laughing
I'm all for the person to make CS great again, not grate again and again....uh oh
I five minutes even us poor cs saps could come up with a better list of commandments to live by.

How's this for the first one?

Thou shalt bring no harm to a child in any way shape or form.
Ahh @tame97 don´t tell me Sheldon isn´t the sexiest man on earth????? laugh
Bazinga for my 10 Non-commandments, glad you have liked at least one rush!

batting Hello Berry ....that was good ;)
Funny if the bible was a test and God actually wanted the independent thinkers and not the gullible sheep.
There's a massive difference between gullible sheep and Faithful Sheep, after all there are pictures of Christ in a meadow with sheep. In fact the most common one is where He is holding a Lamb.

Ooo thanks berry I had no idea my blog was still up did you know I created 3 blogs, I think it was 3, of the exact same material and all were blank, as in one moment it was there and the next it wasn't.
I even had follower/s on the first blog.
But you are right I am telling porkies its called 'Ten rules that are not'

Catfoot let me get my head around your logic are you saying that matt 22:38 is not related to matt 22:37 and its not The first and greatest commandment? nor the 2nd commandment the second greatest commandment? and that neither of these are actually commandments but are summaries of commandments?
That's a complicated porkie I've ever come across, but it is your story. And I don't see Exodus 20:17 in the new testament btw where is it exactly in matt mark luke or John?

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