As many of you know about the tragedy that happen here in my home State when 17 students and teachers lost there life in a shooting at there School.

I seen a man this morning on the News to say this....we need to take action now to prevent this from ever happening again.....My focus this morning is just not the terrible incident that happened in this School but any incident that might have been prevented.

How many times have you heard this statement this man made in your life time Is this human nature that we act after a tragedy, or will we ever learn to act before a tragedy. You know some terrible tragedy's can happen in your on home, could they have been prevented are we missing the red flags.

Every time I hear of a tragedy my mind goes back to a incident that happened many years ago when a child was in a School yard and was killed from faulty equipment, after her death the School and town replaced all equipment. You see it took loosing a life to act. It just always seem it is just a little to late.

Sorry just venting again, tell me do you think this is just normal Human behavior

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Berry,. I hope you are right again about this March. There has to be a start somewhere and sometime right. thumbs up
Cach,. Yes my Damsel you got it right. hug
Every gun can kill. School shooting no. 18, countries where people don't have access to gun (and don't want them or feel the need to have them) simply don't have your countries problems.

I have never seen more illogical reasons that guns don't kill etc. then on here. doh

Stay safe Wen. hug
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