Too Much People

Did anyone ever told you this? Too much of other people is not good for you. Not at all. Especially their thoughts. Reading what they think about this and that. You're not supposed to know all these things. It's like television. It's not useful for you and not healthy either. Even if they offer their thoughts to others.
You get sucked in that hive mediocre mentality sooner or later. Having nothing better to do than paying attention who thinks what, instead having your own opinion based on being true to yourself.
I was in that maze for years, thinking if I relate to someone's thoughts truly it must be destiny that such people will end up being together. But nothing happens. You still chew your lunch alone, even if you read all the books by John Fante. And you exchange quotes in a short-lived amazement.
It doesn't mean anything. Nobody will sleep with you because you read a particular book. Nor books should be read sole for that purpose.

Stay away from stranger's mind. We're all intrigued by it, but it's a dangerous drug. A lottery you can't win. It will lead your astray. It will make you feel disappointed.

Go on a date. If possible. The sooner the better.

Avoid endless messages. If you like writing, then write a book. Chemistry picks your partner, not world of thoughts. Steven Hawkins has amazing world of thoughts, but he's not your dream date.
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