Do you believe in "destiny"?

I do.
Not all time I like what "destiny" gives me but´s a choice to learn how to live with anything we have and can´t change.
I posted a song last night in Gal´s thread ( I´ll be your baby tonight / Robert Palmer & UB40) it has been years since I listened to that song ....and today this animated video showed up in my YouTube channel has the same sentence ( be my baby) lol!

I knew that video from before and I think it´s saved somewhere....but under a different name (don´t ask how I know, I just remember that)´s a lovely video, she wears shorts and his teeth brough memories to my mind, a story I loved when I was a child: "El diente roto" by Pedro Emilio Coll,1890.

It´s funny to see today why I liked it that much....This is a translation:

At age twelve, Juan Peña was fighting with scoundrels when a stone was thrown at one of his teeth. The blood washed the dirt off his face, and the tooth broke in the shape of a sawtooth. That day began Juan Peña’s “golden age”.

With the tip of his tongue, Juan touched relentlessly at the broken tooth; his body immobile, looking at the void, thinking of nothing. So, the troublemaker and quarrelsome boy became quiet and peaceful.

Juan’s parents, tired of hearing complaints from neighbors, non-residents and victims of the boy’s perversity, had exhausted all kinds of reprimands and punishments, and were now astonished and anguished by Juan’s sudden transformation. Juan didn’t jape, and remained in hieratic pose for hours, like in ecstasy; meanwhile, in there, in the darkness of his closed mouth, the tongue mindlessly stroked the broken tooth.

“The child isn’t well, Pablo”, complained the mother to her husband, “We must call a doctor.”

The doctor came and gave this diagnosis: good pulse, red checks, excellent appetite, no sign of illness.“Madam”, the wise man finally said after a long examination, “the sanctity of my profession imposes upon me a duty to tell you…”

“Tell me what, my dear doctor?”, interrupted the distressed mother.

“Your son is in optimal health. What’s undeniable”, he continued in a mysterious voice, “is that we are in the presence of a phenomenal case: that son of yours, my dear madam, suffers from what we call ‘the thinking malady’; in one word, your son is a precocious philosopher, perhaps a genius.”In the darkness of his mouth, Juan stroked his broken tooth carelessly.

Family and friends echoed the doctor’s opinion, received with incredible glee by Juan’s parents. Soon, all the town was talking about the admirable “prodigious child”, and his reputation grew as a paper bag filled with hot air. Even his school teacher, who had had him for the most idiotic person on the globe, submitted to the general opinion, considering that the people’s voice is God’s voice. More or less, everybody had an example: Demosthenes ate sand, Shakespeare was a shabby urchin, Edison… and so on.
Juan Peña grew surrounded by open books in front of his eyes, books he didn’t read, distracted with his tongue busy touching the little saw of his broken tooth, thoughtlessly.

As his body grew, his reputation as a judicious, wise and “deep” man spread, and everybody praised his wonderful talent. Being young, the most beautiful women tried to seduce him and conquer that superior soul, devoted to profound meditations, at least in everybody’s eyes. But inside his mouth, he was playing with his broken tooth and the tip of his tongue.

Years passed, and Juan Peña became deputy, academic and secretary of government, and he was about to be elected president of the nation when an apoplexy surprised him while he was touching his tooth. The bells rang in his name, and national mourning was declared. One speaker cried during his eulogy; and roses and tears fell over the tomb of the great man who hadn’t had time to think.

Universe works in mysterious ways laugh
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I like your video
Dont know if I believe in destiny and maybe I dont believe in anything
its like opening up one-slef to chances or the Luck of the road..?
Hi Fly,
Well ...that´s exactly what I "believe in" lol! or the way I believe in destiny if I have to elaborate further....
No that I stay quiet, expecting and accepting without moving a finger, it´s much more like: paying attention at the events that happen around me (sort of signals) and try to connect all of them. I´m sure must be a lot of mistakes in that interpretations but ...much more hits, I´m 100% sure about that.
Glad you like it smile
Hi Crunia wave
Yes I believe in destiny. However I would only believe that something is my destiny after I did every thing the best I could to change it into something else, but it remained the same.
Hola your little story.smitten

Destiny? YES I believe in it but...we can also change it..or at least the course of it.
Yesssssss!!! applause
I like your quote Incu.thumbs up

You seem to be a Rumi's fan?
So am I! hug
Dan.. I'm a huge fan of Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi.. specially because I'm also a student of spirituality.. innocent
nae. I don't. I like to think that I play/played an active role in shaping my future; for good and for bad.

Destiny is simply (yet) another concept people resort to in order to rationalise coincidences and make peace with their failures I reckon. dunno
Some experiences in my life , makes me believe in destiny .
I was thinking about this on the toilet this morning. When I finished, I put my pants back on and didnt worry too much about it any more. Hope this helps.
Did you wash your hands, Pat?!? uh oh
Engineered Destiny and the conspiring of self fulfilling prophecies,
Are the true masters of human elevation and decline on all its levels. wine
No I don't believe that destiny shapes my life.

I am responsible in making my Destiny. My parents with their guidance and my faith that the Holy Spirit guides me. Ultimately my recognition of what I can do that is good for me and humanity.
Yes rose
To me destiny is a collective effort of our being, here in the current life, but 50 percent of which is a result of our previous that put us to either regress or progress. Understanding of that past life and combine our effort, determination and control of the current one equals destiny.
Hola Gorgeous Crunia cheering wave,

Your blogs are like a breath of iodium from the sea and, your person coming up with various interesting topics in your blogs one of the reasons why I did not delete or get rid off this site completely from my current life.

Your blogs are a mixture of a bit of all, some put a smile on my face, some provide me information, others food for thought, others are way too funny for me and, make me laugh, some of your blogs as this today, make me reexamine my beliefs in this case of destiny.

And, all mentioned above are acknowledged and appreciated by me. The subjects of your blogs are a reflection of your talented personality, a bit of all of the subjects, colourful and vibrant, reason why they are very much liked by me.

In regards to the current subject, Destiny. Belief in it or not.


I think the most important things are, how each one of defines, understands destiny and what this includes exactly, based on several different factors first and foremost, cultural ones.

Destiny for me, means two things,

(a). What is meant to be.
(b). Destination in life and Life's purpose.

(a). What is meant to be as part of destiny includes life's events with people known or unknown to us(strangers).

Belief in destiny or not.

I don't believe and never believed in coincidences or matters of chance or luck or chance meetings or interactions with others even complete strangers.

There are examples in my life that led me not believe any other than, in destiny.

These examples from my life are private and personal and, I'm not planning or willing to share these publicly with all on this blog or whoever reads this blog.

I would love to share these examples with you privately at some point and any point of our lives but, not with all and, not publicly on this site.

Destiny sounds like something you must reach at some time in the future. Not sure that is what it is but if it is, then I don't think I believe in it. Aren't we always where we should be? Destiny is where you least for me it is. Whatever happens is suppose to happen else it would not have happened... I don't know. I just accept most things as they are. Sometimes I protest just for the fun of it or to give my ego some food so it won't starve to death.
Destiny a preconditioned circumstance.

Intent is better, stronger, forceful - it's what shapes your world.

Tis the 'Power of Intent' which created the Universe...
@Kal ....yeap, I guess that´s how it works, what ever you do or don´t becomes part of it ...kind of dreamy isn´t it? grin

@Rubia.....gracias, siento muy mía esa historia, it belongs to my childhood....agree ! we are the carpenters as Incu said joy

@Incu....funny thing destiny and our friendship, right? from the good people this site brough to my life lips

@Mimi HAHAHAHAHAHA of course you say yes and big enough .... hug
@ Welcome here 1one1
What about if that role you play is part of your destiny? ......just saying wave

@Ann, hope they are good experiences .... there is something I heard once, a proverb which jewish from Sefarad used to say ....can´t remember now...let me try to remember, I guess you´ll like it ...kind of biblical .... joy

@Pat.....of course it helps, so do you empty two areas of your body at the same time? tell me more ....
roll eyes
Anything I can do for you Nonsmoker? a sandwich? ... laugh
Keep talking... I´ll share royalties with you one day wine
@LJ ..I guess all of us think that way Lindsay, maybe we use different words but we all believe we build (not sure if this is the correct word here) our destiny as a result of what we do or do not once we react to events and circunstances... wave

@Krinka..... that was so you (the way I perceive you, I meant the rose) daydream rose
@Star, WoW blushing thanks for your words...I do not think I deserve all of that lol! but ...I love to see people content so I´m grateful if my blogs contribute to do that ....on the other side, I really have a difficult time when I have to manage compliments hahaha so this emoji is real blushing
It would be nice to share more privately, I´ll send you my contact info via PM as soon as I have a moment ...I´ve been lazy with some papers for weeks and I´m paying with blood my previous procrastination grin
I´m looking forward to hear more about this from you Star, it seems you have a lot of thoughts on this .....thank you bouquet
The universe do work in mysterious ways
@Ek, that´s the point, artist! by the way ...I do not pamper my blogs either...never understand that...stay here around a blog the whole day awaiting for comments? who say that? was nice to see I´m not the only one who writes, comes and goes...ok back to the subject: the thing with destiny (as far as I see it) is some sort of balance (writen I do not know where, how or who) between all things that happen to us and how we react to that yes, we make our destiny, change it? how do I´m gonna change something I don´t know how it is? lol ....what ever I do or not, that´s my destiny. Need a glass of water? lol! cheers ....I´ll catch you in your ego blog later
@Bspoken4....I don´t know you but I´m enjoying your presence again in Blogland....welcome to my blog
Power of Intent thumbs up that is what shapes our world. Yeap ...I like that.

@Track ....yes my dear...indeed! ...and here we are rolling on the floor laughing
I'm happy about it laugh conversing
LOL Track nice, share a link with us ...anything you have recorded lately?
Haven't done anything lately, this is my youtube page, not sure what you have seen thats uploaded there.

I checked once....there was one I liked particularly, would be nice to listen it again, I´ll save your channel ....thanks Track lips kiddo (does it bother you? me calling you that way? I like it lol....tell me if so ok? please)
Honey, you can call me anything you want as long as its not late for supper grin
@ Gorgeous Crunia head banger ,

It's always a great pleasure seeing real people in action and bringing forward reality and not illusion, therefore, always a pleasure connecting and, communicating with you.

Not thoughts Crunia, real life examples that led to beliefs, not any thoughts.

I never make any compliments to anyone, just state what is real and, true for me, likes or dislikes, and, only if I feel that I should do this.

Please feel free to send me a PM any time you want and, can.

Thanks bouquet teddybear
Track & Star thank you both .... Smooches & have a cupcake grin please!!!!

P.S. Copy that Star....I´ll do beer
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