I remember talking to this lady, she had such a gentle spirit loving heart and was one of the most caring woman I have ever met. After talking to her for a while I felt something is wrong here, she had lost her husband a few years earlier and all the conversation was on there marriage and how a great man and there relationship was.

This was just a conversation we was having and I was not out to hit her up for a date, this woman was so hurt and couldn't talk about anything but there relationship and even brought out a picture of him and would cry. She talked about everything they did together and I believe if there is such a thing as soul mates this is it.

As she carried on about how much they loved to go out to eat and dance, I saw something in her eye ...I wish I could have just one more dance...

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Lovely story, Wen bouquet
Hi Molly wave a true story I often wonder how she is doing. hug
You're a lovely man Wen to of allowed her to speak so freely/easily of him...
me thinks she's not the only one in your opening post that has a gentle loving heart hug
Wen, keep in touch with her. If she could open up to you there was something she liked about you, too - and someone who has been in a happy relationship (a) knows how to make them work and (b) misses being in a happy relationship very much.

When she's ready - maybe you will get that dance, and it will be worth waiting for.
Beautiful Wen.

Ur a special man..who deserves a special lady

Hi itchy, she was really something and my concern is will she ever be able to get past her hurt, she comes to my mind often.

What a love bouquet
Hi Biff, no we will never be in touch again it was just a time on my old job and I do wish we could have stayed in touch it was just one of those times.

I wish she has had times to be in touch with women as you and others here on blogs to help her, she would break your heart with such much love for someone.

she made my heart go out so much for her ,,all I could see in her eyes was just one more dance,

what a love hug
Hi Dee, you are a special woman yourself, always love to see your comments hug
If this world has a little just a little bit of sense, and balance in universe exists the way I believe it does, I swear to you, you´ll have that dance Wen.
It was ver kind of you to empathize with her, it honors the gentleman I think you are... hug
Hi Wen..
I always believe with all my heart that a good woman is ONLY for a good man and vice versa. wine
Reminds me of one of my fav songs..."dance with my father again"Luther V....
Except i never did dance with him.....which was a godsend...cos i can't, for the life of me...dance....doh
Hi Cach my Damsel wave you know I said I thought something was wrong while I was talking with her, as when she was talking about there relationship and showing me pics of him and crying but the more she talked, never have I seen such love.

Cach, save the last dance for me hug
Hi Kal, I believe in what you just said, do you think she will ever find love again, cause I think she already met her soul mate.

will she ever find love again, i truly hope so hug
Hi Jazz rolling on the floor laughing I am with you and know what you mean, i can't dance either laugh

i don't mind slow dancing i am ok with that, but once at a dance i danced and when i sat down a guy made a point to tell me i can't dance'

so since then i keep to slow dancing. to be honest i love slow dancing better, do you know what i mean grin
How thoughtful of you to give her a an ear .
She really needed someone to comfort her while she is going through so much

I pray she get over her grief .

God bless her soul .

Wen you will get that dance at the right time .
You seems to be a good one .
Hi Ann, yes i hope she does well with the rest of her life, She was a good woman and i think deserves the best cheers hug
Hi Wen
I hope you offered her your hanky when she cried. If you did, well done and if you did not, well now you know what to do next time. It would have changed how she remembered the encounter.

Now all she can recall is the kind gentleman who patiently listened while she spilled her heart out whereas, if you offered your hanky, she would have remembered the kind gentleman who patiently listened while she spilled her heart out and who offered her his hanky.

You don't need to pay me for this valuable advice. I render it as a free service in order to promote a better understanding between the genders. grin
A story spoken straight from the heart.

From what I've seen of your comments Wen, you seem to be a very kind and loving man.

A rarity.

You deserve that dance.

You deserve that chance.....wine
Yes Berry.....thumbs up
Hi Catfoot,. No I didn't have a hanky to offer her but that's good advice you offered. I got you here saying it was free so don't have your lawyer sending me any Bill I have witnesses here laugh

Catfoot I offered my ear, I really think that is all she needed.

Hope your Birthday was a good one. cheers my friend
Hi Berry. wave thank you for the kind words. And back to you. hug
Hi Jazz. wave thanks for the thumbs up

Hope everything is going well with you. hug
Ladies.....let´s check among our friends, this man is so kind to remain single conversing

bouquet Wen
Hi Cach. wave oh you. laugh you are the greatest. hug
Wen a very touching story. Bless your heart for accommodating her and her pain.

Hi LJ. wave thank you for the comment and I know with out a doubt you would have done the same thing. hug
She still grievesblues

I will never know that feeling to grieve for someone so cherished if only
she realised how truly blessed she is.
Hi, wen, very touching story.

Do you think you might have been in with a chance if you'd got her drunk?
Hi Mercedes,. I do often wonder how she is doing. When she becomes strong and getting back into living life I think she will be a blessing to everyone.

Thanks for your comment. cheers
Hi Harbal,. laugh I don't think I could handle her drunk..

Thank you for your comment. cheers

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