50th Wedding Anniversary

Would like to take this opportunity to put it out into the universe that today me and my siblings etc are going to celebrate my Mam and Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Goes to show love can last a lifetime.

Off to get ready for the low key party.

Ill be back with some nuggets of wisdom that im sure will come up in conversation today.

One being from my Dad.
"We fight often, thats how we say i love you".

Theres a little truth in that i feel ;).

Have a good day !!


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Happy anniversary to your parents bouquet

My parents were also married more than 50 happy years.

Enjoy the party wine

Mimi reunion
They've done well to make it to the 50th, Dee. Congrats to them.

I have a sneaking suspicion the only thing low key about your parties, Dee, are the songs you sing. *hic*
Molly reunion

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Molly bouquet
Congratulations are in order Deedee123x .

Happy Anniversary to your parents and I pray they have many more years together .

Take a sip of champagne for me
And congratulations! bouquet
Congradulations. Hope that you can tell your dad off really well. So he knows how deeply you really care.
To your mum & dad Dee kiss
Happy Anniversary! balloons
Congrats to your parents on their golden anniversary wine

Hope Dee you and yours have a wonderful time with the celebrations danceline

Not that I think her name Kate anymore than his is Pat...
but a certain particular song for them comes to mind dance

good luck good luck good luck

"we fight often, that's how we say I love you"

Love that.....laugh

My folks enjoyed over 60 years together. My Dad was the only man ever in her life.

That generation did it tough, at times.....but they sure knew what love was.....and stuck together through thick and thin.

Enjoy your evening Dee.

Hi Dee,. Congratulations to your parents for there 50th anniversary. applause

My oldest brother and his wife just celebrated 50 years a couple of months ago. It's always good to see that married couples can last. Hope it is a great party. thumbs up cheers
Berry," they knew what love was" ..... For some I would say that is true, but for others, it was because they knew no other way.
Your mother and father are from the traditional generation, when women stood by their men no matter what and made things work for their children's sake...the roles were how they should be and women did a lovely job, of keeping the home a paradise for the family and the women where very proud of their men for going out to work and bringing home the bacon....women were never oppressed and they had pride in being a 24 hour mother and a home maker...no more beautiful, healthy and happy families no more and society is toxic
Congrats Dee.. hope they have 50 more in great health! applause

Have fun at the party.. buddies

teddybear bouquet

Thanks..glad ur parents had a long happy marriage.

Thanks hun.
There aint nothing low key about my singing...nails down a blackboard spring to mind laugh

Happy Anniversary to your parents DeeDee..how wonderful is that? wow..just wow! cheering wave
Annlee, Kal, Crunia.

Thanks for the messages and videos.
They had a great day..lots of laughter.


He is a hard man to have an arguement with as he would make u laugh as quick as anything....

Thank u.kiss

Thanks hug

That song made me a lil teary...dad sings that from time to time...and the pic of the two on the trap with the horse is scarely close to reality for mam and dad..hug
U made me smile kiss
Hey 50 years thats a long time.
fair play to them, I hope you had a good day Dee. wine

Thanks hug
He is funny....he also advised " to stay outdoors, while she stays indoors, as much as possible" laugh

While my mothers advice was simply put "Patience, dear, lots and lots of patience" .


Glad your mam and dad had so long together, you got it right, they did go through it, that generation...and came out the other side stronger....feel we are all getting weaker compared to how tough they all were and had it

Thanks for you message hug
Hi Deedee!

Happy Anniversary to your parents and I pray they have many more years together.applause
Deedee, you look very nice on your new profile photo. kiss

I hope you had a lovely time! wine
Switch off yer phone/tablet/laptop and be in the party!
Tis...the great secret! wink
They didn' t have these shitty intrusions...
Hence 50 years! wine

Thank u u lovely gent hug

Great achievement for ur brother too.
Gives us all hope bouquet

With upmost respect ill ask u to keep ur agendas off my blogs or threads.

This is about a beautiful couple ..my mam n dad along with all the folks here who mentioned their loved ones and their lifelong loving relationships..

No time for hate here.

Do not respond to this.
Thank you
Incu, lillith..gentlejim and non.

Thank you..party started early and ended early just as mam n dad like it.
Had a great day

Thanks blushing


The party is finished.
It wasnt a typical party.
Very low key with just all of us, parents kids grandkids and it was just perfect.


I wish your parents the very best and congratulate them on their anniversary...I got the facts out I wanted to and your parents are a living example of those facts...These are members blogs, so I have every right to comment on any blog I wish too, but this is my last comment on this blogwave
Congrats to the couple!
When my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary none of the kids were invited.
Not sure if it said something about the childern or my parents... laugh
I wish them plenty more years of good health and happiness wave
Your new profile pic thumbs up
Humble apologies Milady... For an veteran blogger I'd should know better than to offer unsolicited advice. No hard feelings...handshake
May ye fare well in life's journey. wine
Deedee so happy for your parents.smile
Dee Dee,

Congratulations to your mother and father. It's always nice to hear of a lasting marriage and lasting love.
We can all only wish we could find our love of our life, and keep it going for as many years.
I wish your parents many many many more happy years together.. all the best, always.
Ill thank u for the good wishes
Happy anniversary to your parents. beautiful. wine

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