Intertwined thoughts about intertwined limbs
Flash images like a manic slide show
Thoughts made present on the face
A mask falls away, briefly

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How briefly does it last? Can it be controlled at will? My mother had very high highs, and the falls were aweful.
My mother, she would have to lock herself in het room for hours. Did not want to talk to anyone. I thought I had done something wrong most times. I did not understand it till I was much older.
You know the triggers by now.
This is a simple poem about two people wanting to f*ck each other in the workplace. Very hush hush
It's ok you do not want to talk, I think your.expression was very good. You write alot?
Sounded deeper than that, my mistake.
Thank you for reading and sharing wave
Raw and honest Palmfrond.
I would not expect anything else from you.
Always a pleasure to read your stuff. wine
Thank you Non
I saw you dancing in the dark
Or maybe I heard your steps at the end of the song
I knew you were there, I sensed it
My whole body was aware of you, my every single cell
I was drunk with passion

This is very nice you’re looking less fugly angel
That was 13 years ago, Palmy. I was in love... one of many times beer
That makes me smile.
Hey how are you?

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