Comments here please.Thank you.


1) We are all mature and educated people, the very best of our houses.
2) Opinion can be endured as long as truth is free to dissect it.
3) This is a freeeeking dating site.

Could you please be so kind and help me to elaborate a list of things you think CS should change in order to improve itself?
Thank you. bowing

Note: No names. Do no use this blog to attack others -I won´t have any problem to delete those comments, I´m online the whole day-. Just write what you do not find appropiate to have/read here please

Note: If it´s possible avoid the discussion about freedom of speech and site topic choices/options...we are all aware of that grin

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Hi Cach wave I would like to see the Mod squad get more involved with complaints about scammers and people on the blog's that use Blog's as a way of just being rude and disrespectful to other bloggers.

When I lost my membership here and had to create another one just to try and find out why, and when I got a message back from them it seemed to say they have few to work on such problems. I do have to say they acted pretty quick with my problem and fixed it and got everything back, but never did they say why I lost it.

So I guess what I would like to see is more Mods to be able to look into these things.

this has nothing to do with freedom of speech it is just being down right disrespectful hug
Thank you Wen, I wouldn´t expect less from you. Copy that. Have a nice day kiss
As Wen said:
"I would like to see the Mod squad get more involved with complaints about scammers and people on the blog's that use Blog's as a way of just being rude and disrespectful to other bloggers". thumbs up

I just can´t understand some bloggers being so rude to others and they seem to get away with it!!! ?????shock doh

Then, to follow up.... blog after blog, after blog is being written about the problem/topic and the drama just continues on and on an on....doh

My suggestion is: ignore all those blogs, and just make peace, and bring some LOVE instead to bring back some positive energy. head banger peace heart wings

As they say "Make Love, and not War!!!"
I think every one should only be allowed to see and comment on the blogs they write themselves.
This would ensure 100% agreement across the board. And provide a safe place for each single ice crystal
To survive without fear of melting. wow
Non, is this your Irish kind of humour? wow grin
@Daniela, I think we are all customers, we can provide suggestions and opinions, we also may have our own survival kit (thumbs up for your IMO) but last word belongs to those who rule the site.
Thanks for your input. Smooches Rubia smitten
@Non, ....yeap, it could be a good idea. If I owned the site I would take it into consideration....I´m not :( but its copied. Thank you wave
In my most humble of opinions, pro-yankee/anti-yankee blogs should be banned. They're as boring as s**te. dunno

oh! lets ban pro/anti trump blogs too! I mean ... lets talk chebs instead! Now that's interesting stuff for real if you ask me. love love
1one1 Thanks .... ^5
Several years ago the blogs where like world war three ! There where gangs that constantly attacked and belittled others that didn't follow there rules . Most of this anamasity was directed a the popular ones that made fun or thought stirring presentations that everyone liked. Well not everyone .

It seems like when someone achieves a measure of popularity there is always someone who is jealous and coupled with the keyboard instead of actual personal participation they unleash there worst . I have noticed a trace of that here in some of the political members . They post there news ( mostly BS ) then proceed to atack all those that disagree with them . It would be different if it was an honest discussion but they resort to name calling and other childish behaviour .

You are allowed to believe whatever you want but you have to also allow it in other members . It is reminicient of that line in the movie Gone with the wind " sorry if the truth offends you ".
@Grouchyoldfart, it has been worst! ha! thank you, you provided me valuable information. No to mention I agree with you but the purpose of this blog is to collect data.

Have a nice day Sir

Note: not sure how old is your pic but I would say you are a good looking man wink just saying wave
most welcome; love. x
As always, your lightest touch commands my.respect and admoration..i would much rather read the words of which you speak. But I will not sit by idealy as the Trump living fools belittle and intimidate others.
However, you have my words of compliance to your wishes going forward.
There should be an "adult" section where we can freely talk about naughty things without worry of getting banned.
Your lightest touch commands my obiediance. May we enjoy more of your sweet words and less of mine.
I have only this to say.......

This is a FREE dating site.

We abide by their rules even though we sometimes don’t agree with them grin
Dear Crunia, Fist off, thank you for the nice comment . That picture was taken aproxamately three years ago at a Macy's in Houston Texas . I was there visiting a friend and we went to the mall to kill some time . You can tell that the coat still has the tags on it but I did not buy it .

As for times past, it was really bad about several years ago . Every day it was another blog fighting with some other person or group . It got so bad I finally left . I heard that the mods finally went in and cleaned house for good . I did not return until a few years ago but still kind of stayed in the background . So don't lament the troubles here thay can ( and have ) gotten a lot worse .

PS: You also look rather nice in your picture .
Hi Crunia wave
For now I have one suggestion.
You see whenever I posted a blog, I got difficulty in putting my blog under which category. So it would be appreciated if the Mods could add one more category which is.. OTHER.
Hi Crunia

I think Kal has a point... perhaps they should consider adding a catogory called bull manure...


Hmmm! This Is Something To Think About.....uncertain
Come on AngelP, think! and think harder! professor
I'm with Track.thumbs up
And my blogs would fall into that category perfectly. rolling on the floor laughing

Hi lady Di.. nice to see you again. hug
Hiya Kal! Likewise hug
.......................................rolling on the floor laughing
@liveasyluvhard ......there are a couple of things I try to avoid here as much as I can, one of them is get into endless discussions (it applies to the whole social media) maybe I´m wrong but I need to talk with open minded people, those who are always right and come here to teach others, have opinions about everything and anything, are unable to listen at any different point of view, always enounce their statements with: They / some people/ we all know etc ...instead of we/ some of us/ it´s said etc .....nahhh I have a very poor opinion of them.

Besides that, I do not offer my time & attention to anyone here who I wouldn´t do in RL yawn
If I can learn from you in a fair & respectful interaction, we´ll be friends. Hope you can learn from me too, deal? handshake
@Track & Bloody....copied...yeah I´m with you there too, it´s kind of stupid we are not allowed to do that in a dating site ....this site should be french lol! wave
@Grouchyoldfart, thanks for yours blushing ..yeap I noticed the tag, I use to pay attention in detail to things wink You are very kind, I do not lament, I pretend to do something, or try at least.
Have my own ideas about all of this and its "benefits", just an hypothesis I have ....I´ll see. cheers
Kal & Diova & Angel
applause for your categories lol also happens to me Kal, I do not bother to check anymore and usually pick the most non senseless of all laugh
Thanks for your comments ladies!

What troubles me is the political division regarding the US two parties...being called a libtard and enduring anti-Muslim blogs or forums...the mods should enforce politeness and not to say ban but provide a warning for those that engage in arm chair warrior like rants...discussions do not have to be insulting...same goes for those religious blogs or forum threads...

Bottom line...keep it
I agree with you, I´m totally against controls and supervisors keeping an eye over me but truth is we are a big family and not all of us understand "how to be civilized" under same terms ...
Some say "move on" or ignore what you do not want to read, it´s is anything allowed?, to spread bitterness and insult others is permitted because it´s free????? hummmmm that´s not what I did read in the rules .... no one wants to live in a ganster´s neighborhood right? It´s not about how much we can tolerate or not, how fragile we are or not...... I´m not fragile at all (laughing just with the idea of anyone can picture myself as a damsel in disgrace) ....but to come here and need to make a big effort to control our demons, what's the purpose of this? does anyone get a benefit from all of that? ....if we have mods and rules, why all of this is happening?. It just doesn´t make any sense. I want to know why.
Thanks for your comment Lou, wine
Well...looking at the rules again...
2..3..10...about calling..personal attacks..
Those don't seem to be observed !!

As for to one conversations off topic. grin
Crunia just curious is all.Once opinions are in what are you planning on doing with all information?wave
Exactly Dan......maybe we are missing something, what ever it is, I will ask.
.... with manners and respect grin
You mean you're actually going to approach the mods?

I see Bearwoman has just asked the same question?
Yes. That´s exactly what I´m going to do ladies.
I always ask when I do not understand anything ...dunno
Crunia I never mentioned the mods in my question.I only asked what you were going to do with the opinions.grin
Would not it be better to make everyone aware of the possibilities on the site? You can block unwanted people.
I am a forerunner of free speech, whatever this means, everyone has the right to express themselves, and there will always be someone who feels hurt or wronged.

I also want to say that moderating gives me a nasty taste, nobody is 100% objective, and is therefore not suitable for moderating al blogs. Therefore the proposal to have the installer of a blog or forum moderated her/himself. And here the moderator also shows whether he / she really wants to impose his / her vision or is open to other arguments. From which the commenters themselves can decide whether that moderator is interesting enough to react to.dunno

And like someone (track...) said, and why no a more explicit part? After all, arent we all adults? And as adults you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to participate? Maybe make it be mandatory to state that it can contain explicit material? Everyone happy, everyone warned.
maybe the people running it could delete pics that are old .say a pic should have a daily newspaper or a date on best by date as most pics are ancient a good site I think anyway and its the diversity of comments that is good and mods should stop banning people some of best bloggeres are banned same on forums should be a free for all as were all adults
@BW, I know you didn´t was me. bouquet

@Geronimolion maybe you do not spend as much time as others here (myself included) and you missed part of the fun those days ....we have mods now, so...nothing new. Not my site I´m very grateful to be here ...just do not understand a couple of things, that´s all ....and it seems I´m not the only one who doesn´t understand. Let´s say I´m curious and want to dedicate a couple of hours to this matter. wave
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