SAPIOSEXUALITY - What Attracts You To The Opposite Sex?

After reading a friend´s poetry, I was extremely enlightened and have now found a name for my rather specific prerequisites about what attracts me to the opposite sex.
So I thought I would elaborate on this.....

Many blogs have been written about what attracts us to some people more than others. In particular, what attracts us to the opposite sex? Indeed, chemistry between people plays a huge part in our relationships, but there are also certain personality characteristics that draw us to one another.
Some people are attracted to physical appearance and others to status or an individual’s personality (charismatic, friendly, kind, thoughtful etc).

But, recently, a new word has come to my attention that describes what often draws us to the opposite sex. The word is “sapiosexuality.”

As defined by the urban dictionary, a sapiosexual person is someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature in the opposite sex. wow

Common characteristics:

One common trait of sapiosexuals is the ability to identify the intelligence in others. They can pin point the wise man among the wise guys. They can also figure out if the person is genuinely smart or ostentatiously smart.
Having an in-depth discussion with a sapiosexual about anything that interest him or her is the sexiest moment they could ever imagine. They can also disregard looks because for them, intelligence is long-lasting.
They have very good conversation skills which make them charming and usually they like to share their thoughts with someone who will understand them and someone who can make them learn new things.

In other words sapiosexual are intelligent people, who would be more likely to end up with a sapiosexual too.

If you identify as a sapiosexual, this world of instant matches and quick hookups may not be for you. In other words, a sapiosexual is someone who cannot be attracted to someone unless they first develop an emotional connection.

Looking back on my relationships with men, I realize that I have always been attracted to intelligent men. Those who admit to being sapiosexual will say that they are turned on by the brain, and tend to be teased or excited by the insights of another person.
The sapiosexual person may crave philosophical, political or psychological discussions, because this turns them on. Although the attraction is not always connected to sexuality, it often is.

Those who are sapiosexual are those who are stimulated or challenged by the way another person thinks. They are basically in love with the mind.

In so many realms, including sexuality, so much of who we are has its roots in our childhood. What happened during our childhoods serves as a foundation of who we are, especially in connection with intimacy. Much depends upon our relationship with the opposite sex parent, our first love experience, and first intimate encounter.

Perhaps what we look for in a partner is what we always wanted in ourselves. It also might be the catalyst or portal to knowledge of our deeper selves. dunno

Can anyone relate to this?

Are there any Sapiosexual men/women on this site? conversing teddybear

Comments (136)

I have known I am a sapiosexual for a long time cool
Oh dear! My feeble brain cannot handle talks on politics, religion and many other stuff.....what does that make me then?!? doh uh oh
Really Molly? Why didn´t you say so before? dunno

I had never heard of the word - till yesterday - but I certainly can relate to this. banana
It won´t be fair I open this blog with a first comment, I´ll wait grin

thumbs up super
I don't know Mimi??? dunno You should ask your Arty? wink

But you are still a beautiful lady, nevertheless! teddybear
Daniela, intelligence in a partner has always been top of my list

I especially lifeif they are more intelligent, or more knowledgeable in certain areas.

I like to be challenged and to keep learning.
But Crunia/Chuchi, Hermosa.... you´re the one who´s inspired me in the first place and I will be eternally grateful to you. hug

I can now proceed with my search for brainy guys. love
Oh yeah Molly... I also like challenge! applause
I'm effectively asexual in all possible ways these days, so, nothing attracts me to the opposite or the same sex anymore. dunno
Art would probably say he’s attracted to my pair of ................

Dimples!!! blushing

P.S Thabks for the compliments, Daniela hug teddybear
Molly - you´re going to love that one! - some other traits are: when texting, they also write correct grammar: to, too, there, their, they´re, its, it´s etc. and write full words instead of abbreviations. wow

We don´t find many of those these days, do we?
I can speak for hours about this subject Rubia, glad you like it....let´s give the chance to others, I like to watch wow

To: 1one1....asexuality is next level after sapiosexuality conversing
1one/Ten, my friend, and why have you become like that? Who´s put you off? confused comfort

Who hurt you? comfort

And why is asexuality the next level after Sapio?

Chuchi, Do you mean when someone has given up searching for that ideal match, they are not interested anymore? confused
Hi Daniela, I do know this about myself I am glad I think differently now as I did years ago. I remember having a conversation with my sister once and I was carring on on what I am looking for in a woman, and she sat and listened and when I was through she just looked at me and want never find her.. she brought me back to reality.

I guess now that I am 63 I don't go out to rush or push anything I think now I just keep a open mind and try to feel at ease and comfortable. In a relationship I guess we should be on the same mind set, that makes sense to me cheers hug

I, thank god, haven't been kicked in the sack if that's what you meant but molly... she. That woman. She's evil. She's still refusing to submit. She's offended me deeply. snooty

If I die of blue-balls, it's her. I'm on her conscience.
Tone, if you die of blue-balls, I promise to organise a Colour Run in aid of the Aquamarine Testicular Research Charity
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
... anything BUT fulfilling the purpose for which she was created. Outrageous.

walks away
You re welcome're a lovely lady with ...or without your pair.. kiss
Hi Wen.. hug

Glad you found what you wanted.. wink
Chuchi.... I like to watch? wow Are you a peeping Tom? uh oh

Feel free to join in whenever you like my dear, since you´re the one who inspired me.
I´m sure you have a lot to talk about on this subject and I would love to hear all your thoughts.... or experience? writing
I thought I might be until I think of my very attractive lover.
Oh well Free/Palm.... we can´t win them all can we? Or... can we have the best of both worlds? dunno

Or.... maybe we need 2 men in our lives: the hot and sexy one.... and the brainy one..wink
Now you’re talking Dani
thumbs up applause laugh
I like intelligence in a man.
But in all sincerity, if all he wanted to do was sit around talking about the sun moon and stars etc, then he wouldnt last long with me.

I like action more than words....dont know if theres a word for that.... grin
Now, now; that does perk up one's ears I must admit.
Hi Dee...talking about the moon and the stars would only be a foreplay ?

After talking about it he might take you there? happy place
Good healthy mix of both Daniela.

Whose to say it wouldnt be me to take him there. grin
Good healthy mix of both Daniela.

Whose to say it wouldnt be me to take him there. grin
Another double post from Dee.
That's why we call her Double Dee, Well that among other things blushing wink
well reading here you would think all the sapiosexual women could find a man .id not pay to much heed to it any here saying such .is nice thought to have a brain of somekind in the partner
Oh I see applause
Hiya do you suggest that these women find a man here ?
Can you think of anyone specific ?conversing that all you've got to say for yourself.?dunno

Are you by any chance a Sapiosexual?uh oh
I wonder about these women thinking there cute .had one mailing me sayind is it true all Irishmen beat their women when they drink guiness ...she was cute in some ways but thick in others ..and with such brains id wonder why they cant find someone of course I did tell her she was correct just in case you might have a dangerous imagination I will be honest when I say it was a lie we don't beat them we worship them
JJ, there's no fixing eejits
Talk nerdy to be baby!!

I mean, clearly intelligence is super haute. That's beyond debate.

I hope a bag a Sapio one of these days, as constantly being right has lead to a somewhat isolated existence.


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