What is music in our lives? Is music humanity's drug of choice? What is the mysterious power behind it's ability to captivate, stimulate and keep us coming back for more? Find out the scientific explanation of how a simple mixture of sound frequencies can affect our brain and body, and why it's not all that different than a drug like or love smitten

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My kind of music is ...

Music that moves my body..
Inspires my mind...
Opens my heart...
And penetrates my soul. love
Music tends to bring tears to my eyes as well as bringing a smile my face.
Music is even better than gives me a mental o*gasm....float with the sounds and the lyrics...sometimes brings me into a very different universe. I playing guitar myself, and when i do, its like reading or photography...i am gone. One of my friends told me, its like you are in trance, don't see, hear anything else....dunno
Sorry for my delay ....
Yeah ...I´m related too ....there is always music in my life ....I link certain songs with people, events, experiences.....emotions,
Listening to X song can bring memories back to me as scents or visions of certain day in the past vivid and real
All of that Daniela & BW, you are in ladies....better than sex Geronimo, I do not tend to compare almost anything hahaha but sex with music & food is definitely THE experience.
Now let me hear your link ;) thanks!!!!
@ Crunia,
"sex with music & food is definitely THE experience."
What is the reason that I insert the clip you think....giggle
I was first thinking on The bolero from Ravel....but that was to obvious...rolling on the floor laughing
HAHAHAHAHAHA yes! It would have been...yeap obvious!
applause & bowing
Guess the tune
da da da dum
The 5th symphony.
Music gives life to my innermost feelings that the mouth can't.bouquet
dan dan dan-iela, yay
Correct !!
Did you google the Answer tongue
Thanks for your visit tatami bouquet I´m sure we can share some stuff here in future wave

@Daniela oh lá lá wink good job ...I would have never got the answer and Mr. Non would never revealed either, so you did a good thing for humanity laugh

This for you Non (my turn for riddles):
Da Da Da Dum Dum:
1) you didn´t "kiss" me, and I saw you keeping an M for yourself = singer´s last name.
2)As per song´s name ....the first word, used to be "my name" here and second, hahaha "get up the yard" Nonsmoker!
Just say yes or not. Do not reveal the name, please. wave
Hello Crunia
I have often wondered what makes music so special.
You cannot read the same book over and over.
You cannot watch the same movie over and over.
Yet you can listen to the same album for years.
WoW Bea....I haven´t thought are about right!
That´s make me think ...
Yeap ....the power of music teddybear
Is it Tah-Rah-Rah Boombi-Ay! laugh confused
The singer of my riddle is a man ...
.....but I couldn´t say you do not got the "right visuals" blushing ...somehow LOL! laugh
Der Tod Gottes, der kommende Übermensch, der Wille zur Macht und die ewige Wiederkehr des Gleichen. Das sind die zentralen Themen Friedrich Nietzsches, einer der einflussreichsten Denker des Abendlandes. Was neben diesen Leitmotiven oft vergessen wird, ist die Musik – die wahre Philosophie.

«Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum» Nietzsche: professor rolling on the floor laughing

kiss kiss

Guerrero!!!!! Aléjate de aquí que nos están quemando en la hoguera a todos los méxicanos!!!! kiss
Traduce no? no seas gacho que yo también te quiero un chingo laugh
La muerte de Dios, el próximo superhombre, la voluntad de poder y el eterno retorno de lo mismo. Estos son los temas centrales de Friedrich Nietzsche, uno de los pensadores más influyentes de Occidente. Lo que a menudo se olvida además de estos leitmotiv es la música, la verdadera filosofía.

«Sin música, la vida sería un error» Nietzsche::devil:
¡Anda, tía, no me digas que los cancerberos están sueltos! hole

wave kiss kiss
Music is used /played all over the world!............applause
I see Music as a positive social mental floss that bridges all the diverse spoken languages and pierces through fractioning levels of intellect on planet earth. Can you dig it.
Huitzilopochtli joy
Nice song, VanHalen head banger I would think your brief intro about who was Nietzsche was an impulse lol! Thanks for the translation kiss .....
Nahh no hay riesgo, sólo bostezo .....
Yeap Angel....I have a couple of friends who are music therapist, they do a great job with elderly people affected by Parkinson or Alhezeimer is: no words smitten
Music is an abstract construct it is Art for the Ears !
...and that comment coming from you Gal, it´s 100% truth hahahahaha.I agree sir bowing
thumbs up Non ....Art which enters through our ears and kicks our brain ...soul...body .....
do you know Non we also "hear" through our skin? I didn´t know it, skin is also auditive yay
I love music...

Sade, when I feel like making love...

Rod, Queen, Scorpion, when I feel like chilling

Disco, when I'm cleaning my place and doing laundrylaugh
LOL! CH I use disco for cleaning purposes too .....add that point to "the piñata" wink
I'm listening to some upbeat music through Youtube cause I'm cleaning.grin

makes me move faster and clean morelaugh
Music vibrates through the air. We breath through our skin.
Breathing Music! now there's a perspective cool
Here we go BW & CH yay
Crunia laugh I don't quite go through all that but close.laugh laugh
@Non cool idea writing bowing ......super

@BW LOL! Are you by any chance Latina? .....all latinas dance while cleaning, it´s a must! grin
Crunia as far as I know I'm not Latino.I trace back to the French and the Native Americans according to my ancestry.
BW, I´m not latina either (grow up there and spent so many years around different countries in LA because of my job) I was only pulling your legs .... Good night bouquet (I´m sure I´ll think about you and CH next time I need to clean and dance around hahahahaha kiss )
Crunia HaHAHA I'm sure you will.

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