Serious blog - boobs.

Is it even possible to write a blog asking about breasts, aka tits, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, boulders, Bristols, cones, fried eggs, cup cakes, cushions, puppies, love apples, watermelons, mamms, milk factories, rack, and many other names?

Women may have neat ones, blobby ones, lop-sided ones, different shaped ones, ones that slide under their oxters (armpits) when they lie down, jumbos that make their shoulders bleed under their bra-straps, and Dolly Parton said she decided to have plastic surgery when her husband asked her to lift her skirt so he could see hers.

I'm tall, I always got the leg men, and I have in my time been pursued through the streets for the quality of my behind laugh so I never did, and am not now, thinking of bigging my charlies up, but for the first time I'm wondering if I missed out on some fun in never dating boob men.

Would you, if money was no object, change yours (ladies) and how - perhaps the guys would advise. For instance, given the choice (let's say magic wand rather than surgery, okay?) between a fulsome pair of funbags the size of watermelons, or a set of firmer, bouncier E cup? Guys, we KNOW you like them. No need to say politely that size really doesn't matter.

I know, asking for reactions on a site like CS, eish. But you've been known to come through with good stuff.

Comments (161)

I shall wait to see what the men say writing

But no, I have never wanted an enhancement. As I said in your other blog about my friend with the ginormous ones. I think they put me off big ones for life
You did, finally(!), write a decent blog, eleg. I'm delighted.
if all she has is boobs galore no thanks but is maybe women that are hung up on them normal fellas don't really care
Shape more than size is for me the icing on the cake

Who wants to see double D's on a woman if they drag on the ground or she has to push them around in a wheelbarrow.

Having said that you never remember the face of a large busted woman

Hi Biff, I have always been a fan of women who have firm average sized boobs that fit there body type. just my opinion wow
Toner, glad you're happy

JJ, some men do care, very much. On my other blog Non made the comment that made me decide to write this blog, because he was honest about it. Men like to look, and they like their women to have a decent rack, and they would choose a woman with said decent rack over a woman with a plate of fried eggs.

Size really doesn't affect performance, it can't, they have no function. But it definitely affects attraction laugh
There's no doubt that big boobs make men crash into telephone posts.
yeah maybe but to me to be able to talk about everything is more important a very narrow mind that's sees nothing else as we all come in different shapes and sizes
crash into telephone posts jesus will you cop on moll is the snow getting into your brains lately
Plav, excellent comment, thank you. The largest size I can find on the internet is 52 I so your D cups are fairly petite, no matter how droopy laugh


Pause for the male readers to think about that for a moment. Then to have a cold shower. Then maybe to comment grin
JJ, don't tell me you never had that 2nd look that would have made you crash into a pole if there were one.

Get over yourself tongue
JJ you are talking to a woman who went into a sports shop to ask if they had an A cup sportsbra and got laughed at. No call for it, apparently.

So yeah I have always attracted the men who think the whole package is more important laugh

I filled out a bit later but apart from when I wear sweatshirts with long sentences on them (like 'God invented beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy') I rarely find myself studying the top of a man's head in social situations.
Obviously it's a package deal but ...

Personally I could stare dead eyed and upblinking at nice bewbz for about 2 straight minutes, before begrudgingly returning to face.

I could ogle a nice a** for pretty much ever.

For reference and further study see exhibit a: Rachel Bilson.
The ladies that are considering enhancements should post a pic first and then I shall advise on the next stephandshake
Molly, maybe they crash because they are so astonished rather than because they are filled with immediate lust?
no never even came close to moll is women think this might happen if a match was on but is okay to look is normal and women not all want us men to look is their fault
Morrissey said it brest when he said;

"Some girl's mothers are bigger than Other girl's mothers"
Biff, for some reason the look I see on their faces doesn't convey astonishment to me.

I always enjoy watching them have that double take laugh

I'm not really a people watcher generally, but I love looking at shapely women's arses, and men's double take on a hottie.
JJ, see my post above.

I have nothing again men looking. It is normal behaviour.

Leering is a stage too far though
yeah I agree there okay /but lots of women flirt to get this leering and enjoy it you cant deny that
Those people who get implants like that have mental issues

Any reputable plastic surgeon wouldn't go near them.
JJ, I'm sure they do.

If I dress well, and feel good about myself, I am happy if a man appreciates it.

I shan't ever flirt to get leers though
I have B cupssigh but never thought of way! I did asked the jerk one time though if it would him happy if I make them bigger, he say no way,! One I'm dating now is also happy with what I have so why change themdunno laugh
yes is nice to be with a woman well dressed and really no body not looking for this attension don't deserve but some fellas see anything as game sadly
Bobs blog and no pics?? damn !!!

I'm a boob man, and a true boob man loves them all, but I prefer them when they're attached to something.

fantastic, intelligent great blog ( I am repeating myself ) . wine
JJ, it doesn't bother me unduly either way

I can handle it wink
Stillnot, I like a nice firm butt myself laugh

2 minutes is quite a long time to be silent in a social situation. Just sayin'.
B, you may need to keep posting that comment because right now, skimming through comments, I don't see any takers laugh
Over rated and yes we do look, mainly at the breast we can't see.
Imaging all you women running around having your puppies out.
How long would it take before we stop staring, how long before the novelty wears off and we men just see women's chest instead of a pair of tits we want to suck and squeeze?
I don't think it would take long.
But then there's money to be made with the 'perfect' tit and beauty, on more than one level.
Non, this is a truism but not an opinion scold you had opinions on my other blog laugh

Molly, to be honest and Toner would probably agree, very few women have lovely butts. Men have either very flat ones or beauties. Not fair, really.

Plav, WOW. There wasn't a single pair there, even the smallest, that didn't me feel slightly ill. Do they do it for the double-take Molly was talking about, or do men really go for that stuff???????

Crazy, yeah, I'm a C now - maybe Non had a point (other blog) where he said men are afraid of being asked to pay for it if they say bigger might be more fun laugh

Bogie, my lovely, follow that line Plav posted, you are about to OD rolling on the floor laughing and thank you (repeating myself gratefully) and hey, nothing stopping you posting examples of what you consider pleasingly sized?
Meta, hi, and yes, within 10 minutes of being on a nudist beach even the most eager men settle down and only react to exceptions laugh
Meta, that is very true.

If you on a beach on the Med, men don't give a 2nd glance, because it is commonplace.

Yet, in some Middle Eastern countries, the mere glance at a woman's uncovered ankle would set them off.
One honest guy I talked to once about this said he dated a woman with double H boobs - he liked her generally, wasn't only her boobs, but he couldn't actually settle down and relax until he had got at them the first time. He didn't really know what to do with them once he did, why their extreme size had been so important, but he said it was an absolute imperative.

See, that's the bit I don't get, why guys want AT them. Any boobs, but it seems to get more important the bigger they are. Just because it's something you don't have on your own body, so you want to find out why women have them, and if you're missing out on anything by not having them?
Biff, I love women's butts, and would never notice their boobs.

I am definitely a leg and butt watcher rather than a boob woman laugh
A big-breasted friend of mine was on a long train journey in Europe and nodded off, woke up because a guy was stroking her boobs. He was horrified he'd woken her, left the train carriage immediately, seems he didn't want anything more from her, just to stroke in dreamy contentment.

Eugh Biff, that was horrible for her
Molly I do notice boobs and I am nearly as fascinated by a good cleavage as a guy could be, except that I don't want at it. They mustn't be too big, and eek not pushed up to the point of creasing. It's probably a form of wistful jealousy laugh a sort of those, yes, I want a rack like that please
Molly, here's the weird part, she's not a conventionally attractive woman and she woke smiling, it fitted into her dream, he could probably have taken it further but he ran. So odd. They might have been perfect for each other laugh
Biff, between the two of us, we'd have the woman covered laugh

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