Serious blog - boobs.

Is it even possible to write a blog asking about breasts, aka tits, boobs, jugs, melons, cans, hooters, knockers, mammaries, fun bags, honkers, boulders, Bristols, cones, fried eggs, cup cakes, cushions, puppies, love apples, watermelons, mamms, milk factories, rack, and many other names?

Women may have neat ones, blobby ones, lop-sided ones, different shaped ones, ones that slide under their oxters (armpits) when they lie down, jumbos that make their shoulders bleed under their bra-straps, and Dolly Parton said she decided to have plastic surgery when her husband asked her to lift her skirt so he could see hers.

I'm tall, I always got the leg men, and I have in my time been pursued through the streets for the quality of my behind laugh so I never did, and am not now, thinking of bigging my charlies up, but for the first time I'm wondering if I missed out on some fun in never dating boob men.

Would you, if money was no object, change yours (ladies) and how - perhaps the guys would advise. For instance, given the choice (let's say magic wand rather than surgery, okay?) between a fulsome pair of funbags the size of watermelons, or a set of firmer, bouncier E cup? Guys, we KNOW you like them. No need to say politely that size really doesn't matter.

I know, asking for reactions on a site like CS, eish. But you've been known to come through with good stuff.

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HUH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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