# Trinity time.

s*xual misconduct/harassment against women; being grabbed by Vees, bums, b00bs or anything some men could get hold of was happening way before Weinstein happened or became news. If not since beginning of time, I think. moping

Then there was equal rights or women's rights or something. We have the same rights as men, what ever they are. But in some places women are still paid less for the same job, even though we don't take leave during pms nor while menstruating. laugh

Leave that aside, that's not my point.grin

Then came the # Me too.doh

And came # times up doh

I don't know how a hashtag can really change anything other than awareness. But what is awareness going to do if you don't know how to react in a situation if some men continue to be the pu**y grabbing type. dunno confused

We don't have to think we are weaker sex, and end up being victims.

We just have to know the weak point. yay

Happy Women's Day to all the CS women! bouquet hug

Lets learn to kick some wholy trinity.yay rolling on the floor laughing

PS. No offense intended to anyone who is a victim of s*xual misconduct or harassment. I understand the shell shock factor, which must have been the reason for being a victim in most cases.

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You don't have to be a victim, if anyone grabs your cookie, grab his balls, squeeze and twist. When he drops to his knees, boot him in the face with every ounce of strength you got.
When it comes to Trinity, I'm falling to my knees.( I'm brought up as catholic.)
Thank you Track.thumbs up will try all that if necessary. But I am a old hag now.laugh

Hope you are doing good.bouquet
Amen to that Bloody.laugh

To that I can say #me too, only when I am sinful that is.rolling on the floor laughing laugh
Hi Usha wave in the video the woman really hit on the subject, Ouch.

Just my opinion, but if women have experienced s*xual harassment or anything they feel uncomfortable about, they should do something then not years later.

I love you too Dedo.

Now find a tux and pop the question, I will say, "Yes"blushing

Hold on a minute.

We are kidding right? rolling on the floor laughing
Wenever, wave

I agree with you. At least before the accused person can get away with statute of limitations. thumbs up
Hello Usha. That looks like it will take care of any thinking with the wrong head issues. laugh
International woman's day.

I'm sure the misconducting harasser's wont mind asking for permission just once a year conversing
And if a kick in the balls is received. Well that's just taking one for the team I suppose. roll eyes

Although I do personally think Dedo's Approach to the subject is wisest laugh

I am not a violent person. innocent

I am sure many other thinking with wrong head situations can be dealt with dialogues and headaches. laugh rolling on the floor laughing

After all, why damage the goods if I am planning on using the.grin
Okay Non, blushing If that's the case I love you too.grin
I like how you wrote "b00bs"
Naughty, I don't believe you like zero boobs.laugh

I show you some better ones.
( . Y .)

Nice job in the gif. Sandra Bullock was an eye-opener in Miss Congeniality in her stage act. laugh

Do as you would be done by, if you use force, only right you should get force back. In spades grin

What is Vees?

You mention "being grabbed by Vees"

Is that like a V-neck sweater, V-neck shirt, the birds and the vees?
An MTV Vee-Jay?

Just asking.. confused
El, I remember Sandra Bullock.laugh

You were among the women I celebrated yesterday. Don't know when I will read them. But sure will read. thumbs up
V for Vendetta Robert. rolling on the floor laughing

If you watched Galrads blog you will learn what else V stands for.tongue
Usha, they are a fine pair of b00bs that you have shown mesmitten
Some men pay good money to get kicked in the balls buy beautiful women. conversing
Non, I don't want to buy you. laugh
Can you volunteer free to practice my kicking skills not, but my praying skills.wink
rolling on the floor laughing
I'd bend over backwards to accommodate you on that request Usha innocent
rolling on the floor laughing

Ah, for once my command has been your wish. rolling on the floor laughing smitten
I must be dreaming daydream
Get to bed Non. It's late there.wink
Personally I think this darkness will never end. Equality, racism, sexism, what's politically correct and what's not. Doesn't matter what upbringing your had or education your had, we cannot be programmed to conform to what society demands. We are individuals,we are all wired up differently. What's good and bad in some countries is acceptable in others. Emigration has brought problems because of this. Personally I like dirty Harry's method." Go ahead punk make my day". Or use a taster gun instead. laugh
"I understand the shell shock factor, which must have been the reason for being a victim in most cases."

Do you understand, "the difference".

Usha, crush my balls in a vice baby!heart beating
And yet we still have not seen any actress come forward and admit she only got the role by helping Hervey out. And no hashtag movement about it yet, how strange.
"even though we don't take leave during pms nor while menstruating"

Please stop.
Women are deserving of so much more respect, and self-respect does not equate with the functionality of the va*ina.
We are more than the sum total of body parts.Sexualizing women on Woman's Day diminishes the hundreds of contributions women made to achieve a global day of honor- every daily role,endeavor and sacrifice we make.
We've put our heart,mind and soul into
everything we do,now and the future.

Usha-My sister, I applaud your humor,beauty,motherhood and more.

(And men will celebrate you, as you wish).

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