I am having a large yard sale on Sat March 17th from 8am till 5pm. It's going to be a big event the whole community is going to be involved, we will have live music a husband play banjo and his wife with spoons and their dog even joining in with howling. For the kids we will have all kind of games plus Clowns giving out Balloons, and for security we will have drones flying over with cams.

I have a lot of items that I am selling but only going to list a few.

Stove, I quit cooking only TV dinners now
pots, pans, and dishes, going nothing but paper plates and plastic cups and Utensils.
Table and chairs, don't need then going just TV stands
neighbors dog, tired of him keeping me up all night
the road close to me, tired of the traffic if you buy you have to close it down
the store close to me, he keeps going up on prices, you can only buy as long as you give me a 20% discount on all items

I have plenty of more items you will just have to come to see.

So if you have any thing just laying around and not any use to you any more tell me and why you would like to get rid of it I would like to know so I can put it in my add in paper. this is a blog to make us all laugh so put anything in if you would like.


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My kids for sale!!

Buy ONE Get ONE Free!! applause applause applause

If you’re lucky, I’ll throw in the dad too! wink

I went to many places telling them about this large yard sale to see if they wanted to put up items to sale.. what was so funny is when I asked the women if they had any thing laying around and not in any use to them any more they always responded yes their husband. sorry we can not sale husbands in this yard sale, nice try anyway.
Hi Mimi, you put your comment in before mine, I can't sell husbands.

email me I have another option. laugh

Oh! Good,
Because today I am looking for a Air fryer. Do you happen to have one for sale?...please
Hi Angel wave you might be in luck, while I was at one of my neighbors yesterday I saw one in their house, when I see they have left home yes I will have one grin

Thanks Wenever.
Will you mail it to me?...........hug

If you are not able to mail it! I will just go out today and get one.
Angel, my yard sale is not till the 17th. but cant mail yet cause the neighbor is still at home have to wait till they are gone to get laugh

If you can't wait maybe you need to go ahead and buy.

Air fryer are they any good, I have heard different opinions on them. some say it is not that good for fried chicken and I love my fried chicken laugh
Hiya Wen...

My car cud do with being sold/taken off my hands, and giving my purse a friggin break laugh
Hi Dee I understand what you say about cost to keep up automobiles. have you ever seen the adds or car shows where they have beautiful models showing the car. I can tell you now if you was the model by your car at my yard sale you would sale the car with no problem, I think you would get more than you was even asking for. thumbs up
Awe kiss

Thanks handsome wink

But trust me..u havnt seen my car lollaugh
Have this old trailer and it has plenty of horse power too.

Dee, lol no I haven't seen the car, but I already got a plan for you to make good money, I am also going to have professional auctioneers so while you are modeling the car he is going to keep pointing at you so buyers are thinking it is you they are buying. see this is not the normal yard sale and after the bid is taken the fine print says car so you will make good money and get rid of the old car, I bet enough to get a nice car.

I got it all worked out just come and enjoy the games, just watch out for the clowns this is why I am having drones flying over for security. to keep a eye on clowns rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Bear, yes bring it please, you want believe this but I was thinking about putting my SUV up for sale and buying a horse and carriage. How many miles does it have on it applause
Well wenever now the shoes/brakes on it might need changing cause they've had a lot of wear and tear. I mean mileage on them.giggle

Probably a few thousand miles on the hooves/I mean on the engine.laugh

Well my neighbor fried some chicken in her Air-Fryer. And it tasted good!
Maybe we have to learn how to use it for it to taste good!......laugh

Anywho! I will look online for some reviews on it.
A plate with 2 front teeth....was used only for 1 year so as good as new. It falls out when you bite an apple but is fine when you cut the apple in small pieces before trying to eat it.
Bear, ok be sure to come I am interested in seeing it, I do want to take a test drive and even if I don't buy I can assure you we will sell it. if we can't sell we will pay you rent on transporting clowns to jail if they act up. is this ok with you laugh
Angel, yes see what you find out and let me know, cause I was kind of interested in one till I heard that about the fried chicken.

I'm looking for some younger days, I'm tired of this old age thing every day.
Hi Ekself, first on the serious side, how is your husband and also are you doing ok I sure hope so.

Now on my blog. yes you need to come early with the plate with 2 teeth, one of my auctioneers has no top teeth I am sure he will buy. I need him to talk perfect so he does not get any words mixed up so when deals are final there is nothing wrong, I will just make sure their is no apples near by laugh
Hi Grouch wave I promise you at my yard sale you will have a younger day and many more after cause it will be a day you will never forget and you will be as young as you feel.

the kids will make your day, you will meet nice people and have everything you can imagine to buy. live music and even having vendors in selling food from all over the world

It will be a young at heart day for you and everyone.

just watch out for them dang clowns rolling on the floor laughing

Thanks for commenting on my blog have a good one cheers
I'll be right over! ! ! . . . motorcycle
Wen...think you mean my son as here are no husbands around. He is doing very well....busy getting fat again so the medication is doing its job. No serious problems here so all is good.
Glad you can use the teeth.laugh
Grouch, the yard sale is on the 17th of this month still need time for getting more people involved to have a success. I think I could use you in all of this I need people to go around to get people excited and involved in all the activities and I think you are the one for this position. no money but a lot of satisfaction in seeing people enjoying themselves handshake
Ekself, sorry my bad for getting this mess up, but glad all is well.

Pleas don't forget to be here early. I am depending on you to help my auctioneer if he can't perform in his duty I will be expecting you to take is place, and I have all confidence you can do the job thumbs up
How about I tend the bar! . . .bartender beverage delivery . . . . . buddies . . . . .dance

We can start right now just to make sure we get it gight on the big day . . . . cheers. . . . . danceline . . . . . drink pouring . . . . party
Grouch, thumbs up I have no problem with that. laugh
I’d like to get rid of a couple of CSers. You think they’d fetch a fair price?
Gypsy, rolling on the floor laughing as I was asking some of the women if they had anything laying around that is no use to them all said their husband. I can't sale them but that might be a connection with that thought and some on CS blogs.

Gypsy even if I was able to sale I might not even get a dime. laugh

Please come I could use your assistance please hug

reminds me, one day I went to what was advertised as a Moving Sale. When I got there, I asked the seller, "So, this is a moving sale, huh?"

He answered, "Yup, I just MOVED all the items out from the garage to the front yard. So, to me, that's a moving sale." doh
Hi Rob, yes I agree with him that is a moving sale.

my friend I need you at my yard sale, please bring books and anything you have writing I know we can make some money with them, I am going to set up a table with you and have your books and anything you have to offer for you to autograph and have pics too.

please don't let me down really need you here. I have already put the add in paper you would be here and I am getting a good and favorable response . yay
"You Can Have These Sir".........................................."See What You Can Get For Them"

Nam, I thank you for the shoes and I am sure we can get a good price for them. I need you here for the yard sale and please bring more and come and enjoy yourself it is turning out to be a great event don't want you to miss it.

please write up some of your poems, I want to set up a table for you to sale and autograph ok. thumbs up
"Wennys Yard Sale"............."Come One"....."Come all!!"

"When You Get To The Big Tree"...."Follow The Pointing Arrow"..........rolling on the floor laughing

Wenever you better make sure to have plenty of shoes and oats for the horses.Also the drivers that you saw in the front of the trailer comes along with it too.giggle
Nam laugh you know I don't know how yard sales are up in your part of the States but here in the south it is a big deal, I have heard as many as 30 on a SAT. But my yard sale is going to be one to remember.
Bear no problem just got off the phone with one of my neighbors and we have their whole back yard for everyone to eat.drink. and be merry. laugh
If each an everyone who decides to attend this grand and exciting yard sale ,
Start a fight over the said yard sale .
Are you prepared to handle it ?

All this fighting on the blog .
Don't you think you are making a big mistake by inviting everybody at once ?

911 what's your emergency ?
Yard sale fight .

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Ann,. 911, yard sale fight. laugh . Nothing to worry about remember the drones will be flying over Wil spot any trouble everything will be fine just come and bring your items you want to sale.

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