Cloward-Pivens Strategy. Is it working?

Cloward and Pivens were married sociology professors and political activists who devised this strategy in 1966 at Columbia University where they taught. Basically this is a liberal attempt to bring down capitalism in the US by overloading the welfare system. The original goal was to establish a universal income for all which was supposed to eliminate poverty. The pursuit of this strategy has given us the rise of community organizers like Obama. I would assume the left's love for open borders and massive immigration from third world countries is an attempt to speed up the process. It seems to me like they are succeeding in their attempts to bring anarchy, but I believe there will be unintended consequences which they have not thought through. Watch the short video if you want to understand the concept better. Do you think it is working?

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As if there is a welfare system in the states but any how..
This money is going somewhere.
In FY 2018 total US government spending on welfare — federal, state, and local — is “guesstimated” to be $1,212 billion, including $775 billion for Medicaid, and $437 billion in other welfare.
The universal income A) came from you own side originally, and B) never happened. This blog is testament to how far you've drifted to the right up your own arse over the years. America doesn't even have a welfare state.
What's your definition of welfare state then?
Looking at our country ( U S A ) from an objective view over the years I have discovered that nothing makes an American madder than the fact ( or supposed fact ) that someone got something he didn't. I have heard this complaint almost all my life and it manifests itself in almost all forms of social endeavor. It makes no difference where you collect of what the occasion, sooner or later someone will start the conversation.
Well how do you feel about the coming cuts to social security benefits? Do you have plenty of money to sustain yourself without as much from the government?

What year is Social Security going to run out?
It is going to 75%.” Based on the Social Security Administration's 2015 report, the trust is on track to be depleted in 2034, at which point the system will be able to pay 79% of benefits from ongoing tax revenue. That projection is expected to shrink to 73% by 2089.Mar 21, 2016
I use Social Security to basically pay my bills ( food, light, water, etc ) I even manage to save some every month. I also have savings to help in an emergency if it arises. I also do not live extravagantly but I think I live pretty well.

I came from a working-class family background and through hard work and smart investments I now live a rather good retirement. If they cut Social Security I still will be alright and if it gets too little or nothing I can still tighten my belt and survive rather well. I have done it before and I see no reason not to do it again. I also will probably not live long enough to see the demise of the system but don't worry, Trump and his multi-billionaire pals will still do well at there extravagant lifestyles. And at your expense.
I'm glad you are living well. I do alright too, but about half of the people in the US have less than $1,000 saved for their retirement other than SS. The thing is that even though the government claims there is enough money to pay full benefits through 2033 there is actually no money there. There is supposed to be 2.6 trillion dollars in the social security trust fund. But when we reached a debt ceiling limit showdown under Obama they said social security checks would not be coming either. Why would this be the case if the SS trust fund had its own money? The answer is that the federal government has borrowed all of that trust fund money and spent it. SS funding now comes from monthly SS withholdings from workers and partially from general income taxes to make up for deficits. In other words SS now pays out more money than it takes in and the money that was supposed to be there to guarantee it is gone. And neither political party has the courage to tackle the issue in a serious manner, apart from little tweaking around the edges like raising the retirement age a year or two. Old guys like you and me may get by okay, but many of the younger people working today and paying us are likely to get screwed. And government pension plans for teachers, firemen, police, etc. aren't really in any better shape. And if you research Cloward-Pivens it becomes obvious this is exactly what the liberal progressives want. so yes I think it is working just as planned.
Yes, you and I will be alright if the s*** hits the fan, but we both worked out whole lives to get here. There are now more retirement plans available for individuals that are easy to enroll and maintain. I'm not talking about the BS all the Government unions promised, but private ones that anyone can enroll.

Given all the publicity about the demise of Social Security, I can't see anyone not wanting to at least look into one. If someone spends his or her whole life and does not plan for some retirement benefit then all I can see is bad times ahead for that person. I try to help people I know that are not as well off as I am, and yes, I know that it is now very UnAmerican to do this and try to share the wealth but I suspect it is because I' a socialist or worse yet a Commie Pinko menace.

I also know that the current trend is to blame the past administration for all the evils that exist today, but the truth is that both parties are equally guilty of the mess we are in and it goes way back after World War Two and while this was going on we all let it happen. Well, at least I covered my own a**.
I appreciate your thoughts, we really aren't all that far apart.
then trade shortfalls of billions a yr.setup by dem n rinos for usa to fail,we can only put a 2%tariff on countrys n they put 20%tariffs on us,we went on red alert v.china when trump hit em w/ 25%tariff on china.
Hi, A welfare State would be to acknowledge that there will always be people who for various reasons, perhaps not ill enough to be in psychiatric hospitals but not well enough to keep down jobs, work in lowly paid jobs and need a top -up in order to have a very basic standard of living, access to decent health care, and not to be marganalized by living in a Ghetto.
A proper Social housing in place for people who are under or just at poverty line, and those who are unable to work for myriad of reasons, to give them some money to live on, to have heat and clothing and the basics.

without that, you cannot say 'America is great'. A little over simplified but trying to keep it short.
The Tax payers money goes toward this. Also the govt. pays toward this .

If there are proper educations facilities and other things for those who do not want to go to school, like trades, and ways to keep kids off the streets, easy access to counselling, to personal growth groups, there would be less alcoholism, drug addiction, and these people could be in part time or full time work suitable to their needs.
Yes CC and wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a perfect world. In actual practice the welfare system creates dependency and destroys self esteem. For many it is more profitable to live off generous benefits than it is to get a job and work, or at least so they think. A good argument can be made that it has done far more damage to the vast majority of the people who receive it than it has actually helped. It's sort of like giving heroin to junkies. In the US you can get food stamps, free housing, free medical, free cell phone & land line, and free internet.
And if you get a job they expect you to start paying some of this stuff for yourself. It is also more profitable for the father to leave the family and the mother to draw welfare, as a single mother. It is also more profitable for women to have more babies no matter how many fathers. And fraud is rampant in the system. But yes some people are unable to take care of themselves and need help.

So are you in favor of a universal income for all, no matter what their contributions to the economy are? I think that is the goal of Cloward-Pivens, to crash the current system and hope something better arises from the the ashes. Seems risky to me.
Sorry goldengloss that reply was to to you thanks for responding, I've seen some of you posts elsewhere and think we generally agree on most things. wave
The Government can never run out lof money, because its all hypothetical anyway.
The Government will not cut welfare programs out either, because it cannot afford a Civil War

Everything will continue as always, each side making an attempt to take control of the public purse and write new policies, while they balance the books.

Only Capitalism will work, because communism and socialism fails without someone footing the bill, but in order to have order, you must divide to conquor, perpetual chaos


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