With sexism

Hey friends. ..what you think about Internet live sex ? Is it really give us satisfaction. ....as physical s*xual activities. ..? Or it's just a time pass for fun? Do you have any experience? I don't know what is right or what is wrong. ..whatever you need to aware of this thing an should be control by yourself. ..I do not know right answer. ...plz share with me your opinion. ..

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No, it’s no good and the Almighty is watching from above scold scold scold
Mercedes rolling on the floor laughing

I can even hear you from here!!!
I've woken up all of Australia rolling on the floor laughing
If my sister and her husband are grumpy and grouchy tomorrow, I’d know why! wink
Have you any ideas? An experienced?
I'm not into that shit so there's my opinion.
Am too.....not like that but too many respected people sending a lots of vulgar msg as well as site pictures which really hurt to me...that's why I'm asking with all Internet users that's why we site on net...? Only for Internet sex an begs money with them? We don't have others work on net ?
Stay off the net
You don't have any other options?
It's just having a bit of a jack off innit pal? Definitely not the dog's b0ll0cks but still better than nothing innit? moping
Any mode of transport that gets you to your destination is worth the ticket. conversing

Get your freak on dude thumbs up
They really say , is the change that make the noise yes .

You know you could have a discussion on the streets in your very own country about this .
dibash, I don't pretend to know what "internet live sex" is, but it sounds wonderful. If you get the opportunity to try it, you should grasp it with at least one hand.
Dear Harbal an others friends . ..thanks for nice talking
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