In the memory of my dearest…

There was a very little spider in the lower right corner of my kitchen window. It span his tiny net and caught smallest flies appearing from the pots with plants… Once a week, I dusted off his corner with a cloth very carefully, using only my index finger and only when I was sure that you, my darling, had time enough to hide yourself in the window frame.

We lived in harmony.

That was a prelude.

…left my key to my best neighbour when departing for my usual 2-weeks late-autumn sun-holiday and asked her to water my pot-plants. Which she certainly did. The woman is an angel.

Upon returning noticed that my windows were washed. Couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but eventually surrendered to the fact: my windows shone clean! Turned out that the woman liked to wash windows. Indisputably an angel and my appreciation has no limits.

…but my spider was gone.

Now the small flies are flying all over my flat and there’s no one to catch them… And – snow, rain, nearest road – the windows are dirty again.

I hope, my dearest, that your short life in my window corner was happy and plentiful. I miss you so much…

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I hope your spider is in webby heaven bouquet

I had one like that, but he was a monster. He not only ate flies, but also any other spiders which ventured his way. He killed everything in sight.
I was afraid he'd come looking for blood some night when i was sleeping laugh
.....crying ......

I love spiders too.....
To Molly:

It was a she...
They do spin effective organic flypaper sad flower

cswelcomeblogs tule.

Daughter was scared witless of 'em when she was young.

Kinda odd.
She loved all other beasties - 'saved' toads & snakes that fell into window wells; petted hornets (yes, really).
But spiders...hole
Go figure.

I knew a guy in Alabama who kept a pet tarantula.
He made a little harness for it & tethered it overnight on a countertop sprinkled with food bits.
No cockroaches there, you betcha sad flower

To Miclee:

I didn't keep it. I just let it be. On it's conditions. That's all.

That spider was a part of my surroundings. A very useful one. I really miss it.
Cute little read handshake

Hate spiders though uh oh
How do you know it´s dead? Maybe it went somewhere else because of the damp conditions that you createdscold
To itchywitch:


Signed: spider
To BeSpider:

Oh, darling, is it you?
Yes it´s me, I went to Spain because you left me!
Hi Tule.
I am with ItchyW on this one.
I used to evict them and destroyed their housing complexes on the weekends. But they kept coming back and built more houses and even hotels! I got tired finally. I can only hope that every single of them will emigrate from my house to yours. grin
To bBeau…

Well, my dearest sir, that’s the main meaning in being a Tulefell. We leave the rubbish behind.

Signed: your bBelle
Oh c’mon BNaughty, we all know the real reason you go to Spain! It has everything to do with the hot chicas there!! roll eyes
Tule, your spidey has crossed over the rainbow bridge sad flower
Hi, Kalpataru!

Every and one of you spiders are very welcome to my apartment.
To BcomingFat:

What's your size in condoms? While I'm ordering the stuff and all...
Tulefell, depends how aroused you can make meheart beating
To Boutthere:

Are you avoiding the question or what?
Tulefell, there's a touch of Birdman of Alcatraz here : I hope a new spider takes up residence soon, also hope your social life has become so hectic you don't even notice laugh

I don't mind spiders that remove themselves, don't much like the ones that stare me in the eye and won't budge.
Yes, I think I am
They found a tiny spider down south (NSW) the other week.
8 inches accross.
Funnel Web Spider, fangs apparently strong enough to go through a finger nail.
I presume you're referring to one of these critters, UT...

Lookit the size of that mofo!


Make little harnesses for them and tether them out where they'll control cockroaches.
Also stray animals & home intruders.


In the above roll eyes vid...are the people offering the spider a cat in the hopes it'll not kill them?


No Mic, this was a Funnel Web not Giant Huntsmen.
Think they named him Collosus not as big as the GH but big enough. Venom worse too.
I never kill spiders. They are some of the most useful creatures in nature. I do remove their webs sometimes but they normally replace it very quickly.
Get yourself a Chilean Rose Tarantula, they're quite cute and will keep the insects down....and your neighbours at bay too!

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