Are You A c*nt?

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I'm more of a twat.
I can be if pushed grin
In the nineties it was a SNAG, Sensitive New Age Guy. I thought I was one of them but then discovered that I was more the Caring, Understanding, Nurturing, Type, so I guess that would be a yes, I am one. laugh rolling on the floor laughing
I’m a c*nt all the way....deep and warm, too innocent
Actually, I was surprised to learn that the word c*nt in Scottish English can have a rather benign meaning. It means "person". Of course, it is used in a derogatory way too and for that reason, it is rarely used to mean person any more.

It does happens though to hear something along the lines of:
Person 1: Have you ever seen that geezer over there?
Person 2: Aye, I know him. He's an awright c*nt he.

Hilarious if you ask me.
I have been one.
I have one.
Would like to think I am one.
Oh and I've been called onebanana
C---TS are useful.
If you where a Nam Vet you would call that a " HUSS".
Its those dirty c*nt you have to watch out for uh oh

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