Mental image

Ok most if us have been here long enough to have read lots of blogs and comments by other bloggers and got an image / impression of them


How about their lifestyle and how/where they live ....

Let's have a game

Light hearted only

So if you want to join in
Just say yes and I will give you my impression of how I imagine you


and all in fun

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Comments (16)

I hope this is interesting
Lives alone with a house full of furry creatures
Reads to them by candel light your latest poetry
Then searches all night online for any and all info about Camelidae

Yes-lives alone/lots of creatures, minus one

So far so good
Do me! applause
Gypsy, love your wording laugh

But yup, Plav, if it's light-hearted only and you aren't going to destroy my self-confidence uh oh ... yes

Never escaped from the 80's
Regrets not being part of the love generation
Surrounded by healing crustals, herbs and dried animal parts ...

Organised chaos is your thing !
Wicked sense of fair play

White witch all the way
You have a love hate relationship with books
Plies of them everywhere. .
More still packed from your big move to Spain

I see them used to prop up the leg of a table...
And your old cat using them as a bed

Another one who finds comfort in cluster

I feel you have not yet stepped into the electronic age and still prefer printed photo's to that online nonsense
Even now your uncomfortable with cell phones
Can I participate in your game? I am here for a long time, reading blogs and knowing most of you, but very rarely comment what I read... What can you say about me, clairvoyant?
Hmmm ducklady

Your a clean freak and tidy almost to the point of being OCD

no animals in your life
And you shower twice a day ,carry a toothbrush in your bag ,and never never use public transport...handshake
Plav tip hat some truths, the truest about the cell phone. Uncomfortable with it? I hate the damned thing laugh

(I de-cluttered to move, and brought only 9 cases of books*, but 5 bookshelves, so the cat has had to sleep on the bed instead. He's philosophical about it rolling on the floor laughing )

*1 case of kitchen stuff and 2 cases of clothes, one winter, one summer. My priorities are perfectly adjusted snooty

thumbs up
Pretty good, Plav! Not stuck in the 80’s. I’m actually all over the place, decade-wise laugh

The only dried animal parts I have is diatomaceous earth. grin
Okay, plavitrol, if you get me right I'll put a naked from the waist down photo of myself on my profile, go for it.
Hairball that's a reet joka
Tha grows white roses
Goes darn pub 5 nights a week plays dominoes
Wears a flat cap an as a ferret down tha pants

Lives in a bedsit with tha nan and goes out at neit nikin coal

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Sorry, plav, you got the dialect right but nothing else. Looks like there's gonna be a lot of disappointed guys on CS tonight.
Well you have your story
I have mine
And the truth.....
Who cares about that


GT HE said guys
He don't swing your way

rolling on the floor laughing banana rolling on the floor laughing
only1life: "Scenario"(meet us in the blogs)

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