“I find a dolphin a lot more sexy than that thing was,” said Malcolm Brenner & sh*it

Well, everybody is looking for something but 48 hours is more than enough. You could never said I didn´t follow "the procedure".
Let´s get the party started and my best wishes CS ..... I suppose we can´t deny who we are, right? excellent, I can´t either, let´s do it!

Meanwhile....what about having sex with a dolphin? yeah! unbelievable right? read!

"He doesn’t think anyone is necessarily born with these particular s*xual proclivities. That runs counter to the dogma of a number of other zoophiles. In the documentary, Brenner explains that he believes his zoophilia is the result of the “very intense physical and s*xual abuse” he claims to have suffered in early childhood at the hands of psychologist Albert Duvall, a student of the controversial psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. “I think I found animals to be a safe and secure repository for my s*xual desires,” he says in the movie."

Have a nice Sunday folks ....I have to help a friend with some paperwork wave
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Bottlenose dolphins have over 80 cone shaped razor sharp teeth, can dive 1000 ft and swim over 25 miles an hour.

My point is, if you manage to catch a dolphin, you DESERVE to have sex with it. You've earned it laugh
He certainly did pick a challenging animal to abuse

Amazing he prefers animals over humans but sees no correlation between the abuse he suffered and what he’s doing to those animals.
I love dolphins! love Same as I love horses! love But I can´t imagine having sex with neither of them! doh

I also love your pic Chuchi.. thumbs up I used to dress like that when I was a little girl - yeah... an indian squaw ... that´s me!
But I still do sometimes for beach ceremonies. dancing
@Still_notaDoctor from a realistic and practical perspective I suppose you are right LOL ....I wonder if a kinky experience like this would be in any "Cosmopolitan" wild sex test?
@Gypsytramp, those were exactly my thoughts....abuse from an abused, but let´s blame his trauma and call it love, sounds better and tabloids will love it....I must check what PETA says about this ....
Yeah, I don't think I will be trying that
@Daniela ...ok don´t bring horses now here please, we are not innocent people rolling on the floor laughing
Yeah I get what you mean ....twisted people, right?

Oh Thanks for your commpliments to my pic, it´s kind of avatar today grin
What happened to yours? don´t tell me mods took them down again? moping
@Track ....you see...those connections up there are still working out grin
My Pic??? yeah... very good questions, hey? dunno confused help

They don´t like my dark or unclear photos so they just take the liberty of deleting them and putting another one in its place. roll eyes

They also wrote me several times about them. I suppose they don't want a 70 year old woman - who is not looking for a date - but who is a regular blogger - to look all ragged and wrinkled on CS. do they? innocent flirty rolling on the floor laughing

I´ve now deleted them all in PROTEST! YES, I´m celebrating WOMEN´S DAY, TODAY! peace dancing
Dolphins are said to be very intelligent. There's a thread on the forum called "Sapiosexual", perhaps this has got something to do with the same thing. Although I have to say, it would have to be an incredibly smart dolphin to initiate any erotic feelings in me.
@Daniela...this pic thing is so strange...may I ask when was the last time did mods change your pic? when did they take down the one you had ....yesterday?
Thanks...I´m just curious...sorry this happens to you ....you have mentioned a couple of times...it seems you are a target wave
Harbal... I´m the one who wrote a blog about SAPIOSEXUALS (inspired by Crunia) and someone decided to write about it on the forums, only to make fun of it!

Maybe you could check it out?
@Habal ...Hi ...yeah I saw that thread ...it´s a recurrent topic from that forumner, it´s seems there is a genuine interest from him behind his writings. I would say, not that I know.
Yeah...I´m aware of that intelligence in Dolphins, did read somewhere...what ever makes you happy Sir. You got my blessings grin (not that you need it but ...I´m playing the polite CS member role today)
Crunia... they took it down some time mid morning after I had made it my primary pic as I was going to write a blog.

As you said, I seem to be targeted, for some reason???????????? confused

Why on earth should I want a beautiful photo of myself (probably photoshopped) when I have NO intention of attracting any dude whatsoever?
I made it clear in my profile that I´m only here for the blogs!!!!!!

On top of that, when I put some beautiful, but blurred pics, I keep receiving emails every day from some weirdos who "want to know me?"

If I put some really nice ones of myself when I was, say 15 years younger, I would be inundated with emails all day! doh
Maybe I should, hey? wink
Crunia... they took it down some time mid morning after I had made it my primary pic as I was going to write a blog.

Thank you Daniela.
Yeap ....who knows what they want dunno I remember our Red lady now ...."What I want it´s what matters" ...welcome to the files of Anarchy Daniela grin
Maybe because it´s the fact that it IS a FREE site, after all, we should keep our mouth shut and do as they say?

Maybe we should be grateful instead and practise GRATITUDE every day for having the privilege of being one of their members. smitten
To that person that just messaged me ( who shall remain nameless).

No I'm not really attracted to dolphins snowed in Have to retract every second thing I say these days. I hate the internet.
@Still_notaDoctor ...tell me about it Doc!
So another decent human being in CS? handshake
Awww thank you Crunia. You're a rose among thorns tip hat
Looking at the profiles of some womEn here I can see how a dolphin would be more appealing. ..

But honestly people !!!
A blog about animal sex ???

Is it still considered beastiiality man versus mammal

rolling on the floor laughing banana rolling on the floor laughing
@Track ....thanks for the clip ...I did a cake with dolphins once...should find the pic to honor this blog lol!
@Still_notaDoctor blushing those are the things a woman wants to read. Thank you.
Well, everybody is looking for something but 48 hours is more than enough. You could never said I didn´t follow "the procedure".

I hate it when I miss important developments on CS, er, what does this mean? confused

Hi Wednesday laugh
someone seems to always want to blame an event for something they want to justify. I guess it is easier than doing the years of work it takes to heal.
Sorry I´m late Biff, kind of busy yesterday. Errrrr what was your question again please? lol! Have a nice day Biff. Let´s enjoy our sunny days around bouquet
Hello marlindap joy glad to have you in my blog
I think like you ....and I´m not sure I have a formal opinion about that but it´s something we read frecuently ....as long as there is something/someone to blame for our actions everything seems to be justified, and I ask myself: what about improvement, growing up, healing, change....I don´t know, I´m empahetic but there are some things I do not understand, it doesn´t make any sense.
niah9: "CHOICES IN LIFE."(meet us in the poems)

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