Pick Up Line

Everyone needs to try pickup lines at least once.

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You've obviously got your sights set on the more sophisticated woman, Track.
Pick up lines are overrated. Guess who will be successful, Brad Pitt using the worst pick up line ever or me using the perfect pick up line
I have only used them with the intention of 100 % failure.Works every time when necessary.rolling on the floor laughing
Harbal rolling on the floor laughing It is very sophisticated.
Some day I'll explain the usage
(reverse psychology).
Can't wait to hear the explanation, ash.
Drop ur drawers

I'm all yours

Yeah mine suckslaugh
No lines for me thank you ....any brownies? laugh ....maybe wink
Ya wanna root?
Harbal,over on forums you said you are done being gay.You tried it.

rolling on the floor laughing
That was not the pick up line reverse psychology I was referring too.comfort
Try a video, track..

As Forest Gump would say,
I saw that singing man's buttocks.
It's a good thing that I have my library card. Why? Because I am totally checking you out!! kiss
No, don’t think anyone use pick up lines nowadays
I hate pick up lines and no I'm not gonna try them.
OnceKerry: "Are you my type?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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