Pride and shame among women.

How to know ....

A strong woman stands proud in all the splendid ways in which she was created cheering

A weak woman only stands to try tare her down because she's ashamed of being a woman.

So much for IWD doh

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I’m completely non-sexist when it comes to calling out bs. Support need not look like blind loyalty. Sometimes it looks like tough love. Women are angry and not very sane as a collective. I totally agree that this competitive one upmanship is past its expiration date. I would love to see women embracing 100% of who they really are
Cute song Mr String wine

Not ignoring your comment Tramp I'll be back to you in a few.
Noone works harder to keep women down than other women.

Never see the good men being nasty to each other always the women.
the confident woman stands tall shoulders high and head up is a good way to live keeps all in sink
Henceforth, I resolve never to forget what you are worth, itchy. But I'll also make a note of it just in case.
I have heard it many times that the most attractive thing a woman can put on is her own self-confidence.
Tramp, are you on then for calling BS as we each see it?

Swing, who are you telling wine
like another comment you wrote elsewhere.
Don't shoot me.I heard it somewhere online that we women can sometimes be our own worst enemy.dunno wave
I must live in a dystopian mind set because i don’t expect much from either sex.
thanks for that JJ wine
ps, stock up on the bread I heard a storm their calling pest from the west is about to hit dunno

Love that one Mr String wave
Harb, I don't care about you forgetting about my worth or not....
but I'm not too impressed with you forgetting about our child... crying
kinda like that Grouch wine

and why would I do that Bear, just because we had a disagreement once doesn't mean I'm gunning for you hug Besides, I think you've been shot enough already today.
Palm, going on what you said... dare I say it you live in the land of reality.
The greatest enemy of the women are their own kind, women. And as long as women compare themselves to their kind, there will always be disagreement. And this usually also leads to disagreement in their relationship with their husbands.dunno
Best to pool male and females in the same tank. Either way, it’s catch and release
Itchy you said this a few moments ago and why would I do that Bear, just because we had a disagreement once doesn't mean I'm gunning for you hug Besides, I think you've been shot enough already today.

itchywich we didn't actually have a disagreement you just made something clear with me and you said your goodnight to me.

Today my bear claws came out big time when two bloggers had made assumptions about something I had found humorous and nothing to with the two men who had called out and of course someone had to be the right fighter as usual.giggle
Well I really messed what I had just posted big time.I'm multitasking and keeping my eyes on some brownies and don't wish for them to burn.laugh
we'll clear this again Bear but again I must say good night but not just to you but to all .. sorry got to go, But I've a little man upstairs that needs my attention.
Ger, what it leads to is either becoming a better person or destroying ones good self.

A good day to you there wine
I don't really know. Most women I see want to be men this day n age. I bet they pray night and day for a bit of a ck. Gone are the days when women were women. Awful predicament if you ask me. Such a turn off. sigh
Ah Onesie... my favourite little pest hug lol

sorry but I've an even smaller pest to deal with at the moment, so what else to say but I'll deal with you again wink

Till then, be good comfort

Hi itchy, Life can really beat up on you sometimes and you can loose your on self respect, but as long as we have breath we can come back to all that glory.

I know your blog said women, but I think the same can be said about us men also.

Speaking for myself here. wine
Right you are Wen, same can also be said about men handshake

I shan't go in to the glory thing too much because I don't fully understand your reason/meaning for saying it .. nevertheless I agree wine
Hiya Itchy wave I agree. I think that a really strong woman is not afraid of living from the heart.
That means, saying what she really feels inside [within reason ] and not having to belong to any pack or group or a need to call herself a 'feminist' .
She is not afraid to stand out , stand up for what she truly believes in , even if that makes her hated and despised and insulted.
IF she is feminine , gentle, soft, she is vulnerable and strong.
If she is more at home in jeans climbing mountains and eschews lipstick and make up, she does that.
It is a sad fact though, that women are their own worst enemies, constantly trying to stop ageing, get thinner, have better hair and many are taken in by Advertising and Media~ so much for liberation !confused

I do think men suffer this too. Many are very gentle by nature but can be the butt of jokes if they are,
Ditto those men who suffer great Depression, and who end up committing more suicides than women because they are afraid to say 'I need help' . good blog Itchy.thumbs up
Hi Itchy.

I did a thread on this months ago asking why women hate on other women.
Alot of the answers came back seemed to be that jealousy is a factor
Im not too sure on that myself but in some cases that maybe right.

What i do find is that if you speak your own truth and feelings here...if you call people out on their BS....if you stand up for others u are shamed....mostly by women....i find that the most baffling.
itchy, when I said glory, I meant when someone can walk with their head held up high and feel self worth bouquet

@ Golden thumbs up
Wenever ~ That makes perfect sense, 'with their head held high' dignity and happy being just who they are , warts and all. hug
@Golden thumbs up hug
Deedee ~ I missed that Blog. It is true. I will get stoned to death but I find my men friends and only 2 women friends who I trust 100% with secrets and intimate stuff.
Jealousy is bred in to women via the advertising industry, just watch the adverts for cosmetics and you see the women staring jealously at the beautiful woman who wears a certain type of cream /shampoo.
It is an insult to us women who actually do like other 'real' women, as in , women who don't look on other women as competition.
Jealousy is something I have encountered, in my work because of promotion, and years ago, best friends. I did feel jealous of one of my boyfriends xs because they were still friends.... fear ? Why not do a similar blog again? thumbs up
Hi Golden.wave

It was on the forums that i posted the thread.
I got a bit of backlash on that so im wary of doing it again laugh
Plus Itchys blog here says it all really.

Yes i do find Jealousy is bred into too.

I would find a twinge of jealousy truth being told if i found my ex was a good friend of his ex....but if i felt the relationship bwteen them waa purely platonic then i wouldnt really mind then...we all have exs at our ages.

But.its why i like to blogs more than the forums...the forums can bring out the worst in people rather than here...thats just my opinion..maybe others feel different.
Deedee, Sorry you came in for hassle, but I guess you touched a nerve for many and when you do, people lash out. It is hard to admit to jealousy, I was jealous of this woman because I guess she was absolutely gorgeous, thankfully age should get rid of that, and I now realise jealousy is alot about fear. Some men ARE very jealous and become controlling and you are afraid to look at another man.... usually fear again, of losing you. Take care DDwine
My personal theory is that arse-jealousy is the main factor.

My personal observation, if a woman describes herself as strong and independent (like a profile etc), she's usually an irritating know-it-all loudmouth blaming the opposite gender for her own mediocrity.
Patnips.laugh You could just be right. Did you ever read a profile that said, I have no patience, no empathy, I can't cook. I dont have o*gasm, I look awful in the morning, I eat crisps in bed, no it's I am very attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, I have no emotional problems. laugh Noo baggage. I'm intelligent, Fit, why not a couch potato who watches soaps or lives in a trailer park? honesty is the best policy.
Dont forget- Walking on the beach... I can see the beach from my house, and lets just say the figures dont add up.
Patnips I presume that's the pot bellied men as well as the dashing damsels. So lucky to be able to see the beach .laugh cool
GG, anything I could of would of or should of mentioned, you have said it all for me... but thank you for saying it much better than I ever could .. handshake

You're blessed with such patience when it comes to explaining, I'm not ... could be why I'm so often misunderstood giggle wave
Right you are Wen, I'm with you now conversing Totally agree wine
All comments confirm what I said above, that most women are their own enemy. Jalousie, wanting to meet the general expectations, and shunning all mischief on the opposition "men", too high expectations without their own contribution, and then amazed that they are deceived and neglected. It is also known that most men admit that there are a lot of idlers and a**hole of men walking around, where most women are going to speak up or apologize to the same behavior when it becomes their own genders.

And especially the excuse of deceit, women cheating because they miss something in their relationship, they say "attention, etc ..." but in the end she just has sex to get that lost attention back from the person she cheated with.
Where men usually cheat because they only have the lack of sex in the relationship "and there is no emotional reason" where their partner refuses to comply, to win back his attention.dunno

This is all pretty simplistic of course, and there are so many more excuses and answers ... but I would have to run a huge blog for that.
Ultimately, it comes down to lack of openness, honesty, which usually occurs by pressing the partner directly into the defense, without wanting to listen. Apparently open talking about sex and fantasies in many relationships is still taboo, with the necessary consequences afterwards.dunno

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