She's Dead.

Disclaimer: It's 6 am, I'm drunk, and it's difficult..

I've seen dead people before, and It sucks. Just now I saw another body. I had to pull over and try to deal with it. She was maybe twenty five years of age, dressed like she was coming home from a night out where she impressed. She lay on the road in front of me like she'd just decided to take a nap. No blood or obvious trauma, but her scooter was in a hundred different exploded parts around her while her long hair swept across the road like she was on a Vogue cover. Her long legs were grotesquely splayed and disjointed in a fashion and at angles that made you realize she was dead .Grotesquely dead She's dead.She was dead.

She is dead.

Right there! I could have,should have, leaned over and covered her, pushed her legs and body into a position that was more befitting of a young woman out on a Sunday night. But she was dead. She's dead.

Everyone just gawked and gandered and I screamed at them. There's no privacy in death is there?. How dare you take to your smartphone and record her death. She's dead. f*ck you.

She's so young and dead.

She's so young and dead.

She's dead.

Take me, I've lived enough.

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Coffee. Add a dram. Add sugar. Drink it.


Sorry you had to see that, that is very upsetting.

Do what Biff said, have a strong cup of tea or coffee with lots of sugar for the shock.

And take care of yourself. xxx
I have nothing. I am hollow.
I worked road construction for many yrs, and come across a number of similar situations, and it never get gets easier. It definitely numbs the mind and emotions. And it sure gives a person a different perspective towards life. My thoughts are with you there Bud. You take it easy.
Sorry you had to see that hug hug

Cant be easy for you.
Try to get some ur body probably needs it after that shocksad flower
I saw my first dead body at 13 he committed suicide by laying his head on the train tracks

Not a nice sight
But the memory fades
Time is a great healer

You couldn't have prevented it nor will the pain your feeling do anything to ease her passing

Let it go


I know the feeling...saw many when I was in Iraq, this blog just refreshed my memory, it's memories I'd rather not remember but they will always be there. Time heals, not totally though, would take a long time, they will never go away we just have to make our peace with it and learn to live with themsigh
comfort hug

sad flower

Such a sad out help if you need to...hope your okay...hug
Come here! I´ll hug you....
Listen Bro, let your mind take control of this situation now!
Protect yourself my friend....
I can imagine how you feel ...but try to jump out of the circle, please.
I just hope someone called an ambulance. I hope it was a medic who came up with the hypothesis that she was dead.

I did come across a bad motorcycle accident once. The motorcycle was flat. Maybe 3 inches high? It went right under an oncoming car and was flattened. We just couldn't find the driver of the motorcycle though as did the emergency personnel. Turns out he was pulped and stuck in a large tree above our heads all the time. Gruesome way to go.
Sorry you had to see that. Back in my uniform patrol days I saw such too often. When I became an investigator it was more frequent. Some stay with you a long time. It can be rough.

Never tamper with a death scene before the authorities arrive. Body position is an important part of reconstructing exactly what happened. In some places trying to make someone look more decent can lead to being arrested for tampering with evidence, depending on the mood of the cop or his supervisors a week later. If you can throw a blanket over the deceased without tampering with anything else, sometimes that is permissible.

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