Goodbye my friend

My friend passed away on Saturday night crying

I wished I could of said goodbye and tell you what a good friend you were to me sad flower
Will never forget you...may you rest in peace now
sad flower crying

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I'm so sorry to hear this Lil sad flower Good friends are treasures and when we lose that, we lose a piece of ourselves too. teddybear
I'm sorry , Lilithsad flower hug
Thank you Deb, he meant alot to me, was a shock to hear sad flower

@Crazy...thank you as well.
I didnt know what else to do, so wanted to post something here for him.
My heart is breaking right now..
sad flower
sad flower

Stay strong Lilith.hug comfort
hug hug comfort hug

sad flower sad flower sad flower

I know that most of the time we think that this blogland is just that but we can also post what we feel here and connect with other people who went or going through the same thing, it might not be that much but having others to share and talk about the one we love and lost can be healing, great memories of your best friend will also help you stay stronghug
@Usha....its really hard right now, sitting here alone sad flower

@Mimi..appreciate the hugs sad flower
@Crazy..its been a long time since I've lost someone close to me..crying
Thank you for all the kind words here....sad flower

Sorry for your is hard to say good bye to a loved are not alone...

My condolences...bouquet

People we knew, unfortunately, leave us sometimes. The best we can do to relieve the loss is to let that person live on in our heart. We have the memories and the smiles of good times we took advantage of. Too bad it couldn't last but in our hearts it does. That way we do not have to say goodbye.
blues I'm so sorry to hear that. Look after yourself, ok? hug
Sounds like you meant a lot to this person too, Lilith... sorry for your loss...sad flower
Losing someone dear to us is a painful experience, not being able to say goodbye is even more difficult to bear.

May he rest in peace and sorry for your lose Lillith.sad flower
Should have been loss. Sorry for the typo.
My friend Lilith,

I am truly sorry to hear of your friend's passing.
My most sincere and deepest condolences.

May your friend rest in peace.
Hello my dear sorry to hear that.sad flower comfort

Sending you all my love from the bottom of my heart.hug teddybear

And I'm sure he will hear you...whatever you forgot to tell him ...he will know..
Hi Lilith
Death is part of life and yet it shocks every time. It is probably due to the finality of it.

Mourn a little but be strong; that is what your friend would have wanted.sad flower
I'm sorry for your loss, Lilith.. sad flower
My condolences sad flower

May your friend rest in peace, you recover from your loss soon and cherish the good memories together.

sad flower hug
Lil, I am so sorry for your loss hug

A good friend is a blessing, and losing one is very sad and difficult.

Allow yourself to grieve, and remember the good times. You will come out the other side bouquet
Lilith,hug hug My thoughts and prayers are with you.sad flower Remember ,when someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure,hug
Lilith Sorry for your loss, stay strong and my prayers are with you. sad flower
So sorry for your loss Lil sad flower

Lilith .... hug I´m sorry.
Hope everything moves quick and in the best way for you and those who love your friend.
Here we are if we can help purple heart

I'm truly sorry for the loss of your friend!sigh

Stay strong and God bless you!

So sorry for your loss.
Hope you are taking care of yourself.

Take all the time you need.

sad flower hug
Lilith, I am so sorry for your love. Real friends are blessing. I hope you can one day look back without grief with happy memorieshug
Sorry! To Hear This..........sad flower
Im amazed at the support here, cant thank you all enough hug
This is truly one of the most painful losses I have had so am taking time out for now.
Please know I appreciate all responses on here, some new people I haven't met nice to see you hug

Memories are everything wave
Hugs Lilthhug Hoping your coping.hug
C.S. Loves you!group hug

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